Trademark: 90618174
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Monday, April 5, 2021
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Thursday, April 1, 2021

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16 Bags and articles for packaging, wrapping and storage of paper, cardboard or plastics; Stationery and educational supplies; Paper and cardboard; Works of art and figurines of paper and cardboard, and architects' models; Gums for stationery or household purposes; Filtering materials of paper; Printed matter; Decoration and art materials and media; Cellulose wipes; Disposable absorbent underpads for pets; Absorbent paper; Napkins made of paper for household use; Napkins of cellulose for household purposes; Napkin paper; Tissue paper; Paper tissues; Table decorations of paper; Table runners of paper; Tablecloths of paper; Table linen of paper; Toilet paper; Toilet rolls; Paper toilet seat covers; Drying towels of paper; Drip mats of paper; Paper tissues for cosmetic use; Napkins of cellulose for cosmetic purposes; Drip mats of cardboard; Tablemats of paper; Mats of paper for beer glasses; Mats of paper for drinking glasses; Cocktail mats of paper; Coasters of cardboard; Paper toilet bowl liners; Disposable absorbent training pads for pets; Paper washcloths; Absorbent sheets of paper or plastic for foodstuff packaging; Dinner mats of cardboard; Place cards; Table place setting mats of card; Placards of cardboard; Placards of paper; Placards of paper or cardboard; Parchment paper; Drawer liners of paper, perfumed or not; Scented paper drawer liners; Decorations of cardboard for foodstuffs; Paper pennants; Table napkins of paper; Paper lace; Handkerchiefs of paper; Facial tissues of paper; Paper doilies; Face towels of paper; Paper handtowels; Flower-pot covers of paper; Paper pet crate mats; Paper pads for changing diapers; Decorative paper centerpieces; Paper wipes; Paper for medical examination tables; Coin mats; Refuse bags of paper; Make-up pads of paper for removing make-up; Bibs of paper; Kitchen rolls; Bags for microwave cooking; Till rolls; Coasters of paper; Paper coffee filters; Hygienic hand towels of paper; Coarse tissue; Face cloths made of paper; Garbage bags of paper; Scoops made of card for the disposal of pet excrement; Tissues of paper for removing make-up; Paper baby bibs; Banners of paper; Mats for beer glasses; Paper cocktail parasols; Shelf paper; Flags of paper; Humidity control sheets of paper or plastic for foodstuff packaging; Bunting of paper; Office machines; Printing and bookbinding equipment; Photo albums and collectors' albums; Correcting and erasing implements; Educational equipment; Writing and stamping implements; Filing containers; Pen trays; Removable self-stick notes; Address plates; Display binders; Stickers; Copybooks; Announcement cards; Paper identification tags; Moisteners; Proofing paper; Index files; Document files; Folders for papers; File sorters; File covers; Address labels; Ribbons for handheld label printers; Letter openers of precious metal; Paper knives; Letter trays; Letter holders; Letter paper; Notepaper; Paperweights; Pigeon holes; Cash receipt books; Pads; Pencil sharpeners; Pencil tins; Mechanical pencil sharpeners; Automatic adhesive dispensers for office use; Plastic baseball card holders; Printed flip charts; Adhesive printed labels; Cabinets for stationery; Lettering stencils; Pouches for writing instruments; Cardboard picture mounts; Marking ink containing biologics for use in authentication of objects; Blank cards; Pencil trays; File pockets for stationery use; Document folders in the form of wallets; Paper file jackets; Document holders; Desktop document stands; Desktop document racks; Graph paper; Decorative pencil-top ornaments; Flip books; Date indicators; Spiral-bound notebooks; CD shredders for home or office use; Office paper stationery; Clips for offices; Letter files; Writing paper; Letter racks; Manila envelopes; Office requisites, except furniture; Leather book covers; Paper letters and numbers; Book rests; Cardboard badges; Paper clip holders; Albums; Erasing products; Postage stamps; Sealing stamps; Stamp pads; Marking pens; Note books; Stencils; Files; Booklets; Greeting cards; Postcards; Conical paper bags; Pencil boxes; Writing cases; Bags of paper or plastics, for packaging; Passport holders; Bookbinding material; Books; Bookbindings; Rubber erasers; Erasing shields; Newspapers; Periodicals; Graphic prints; Drawing pads; Wrapping paper; Prospectuses; Transparencies; Fiberboard boxes; Self-adhesive tapes for stationery or household purposes; Writing instruments; Writing or drawing books; Document portfolios; Writing materials; Paper emblems; Paper signboards; Signboards of paper or cardboard; Shields; Musical greeting cards; Luminous paper; Catalogues; Calendars; Envelopes; Manuals; Elastic bands for offices; Gummed tape; Graphic representations; Graphic reproductions; Correcting fluids; Flyers; Plastic sheets for packaging; Forms, printed; Photographs; Paintings, framed or unframed; Figurines of papier mâché; Papier mâché; Bottle wrappers of paper or cardboard; Filter paper; Color prints; Covers; Comic books; Money holders; Address stamps; Tracing paper; Writing tablets; Note pads; School supplies; Printed tickets; Colorboard; 3D wall art made of card; 3D wall art made of paper; Works of art made of paper; Printed publications

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Apr 5, 2021
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