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Monday, April 5, 2021
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Thursday, April 1, 2021

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33 Alcoholic beverages (except beer); Preparations for making alcoholic beverages; Cider; Pre-mixed alcoholic beverages; Spirits and liquors; Wine; Alcoholic jellies; Alcoholic carbonated beverages, except beer; Aperitifs; Baijiu; Perry; Cocktails; Drinkable alcoholic beverages; Low alcoholic drinks; Bitters; Hydromel; Nira; Rice alcohol; Fruit extracts, alcoholic; Alcoholic essences; Alcoholic extracts; Alcopops; Alcoholic aperitif bitters; Alcoholic beverages of fruit; Alcoholic cocktail mixes; Alcoholic cocktails containing milk; Alcoholic cocktails in the form of chilled gelatins; Alcoholic energy drinks; Alcoholic fruit cocktail drinks; Alcoholic beverages containing fruit; Prepared wine cocktails; Wine coolers; Liquor-based aperitifs; Wine-based aperitifs; Alcoholic punches; Pre-mixed alcoholic beverages, other than beer-based; Alcoholic tea-based beverage; Alcoholic coffee-based beverage; Prepared alcoholic cocktails; Beverages containing wine; Sangria; Rum punch; Japanese sweet rice-based mixed liquor (shiro-zake); Rum-based beverages; Wine punch; Absinthe; Japanese liquor flavored with Japanese plum extracts; Japanese regenerated liquors (naoshi); Grappa; Ginseng liquor; Fermented spirit; Extracts of spiritous liquors; Distilled spirits of rice (awamori); Distilled beverages; Curacao; Chinese white liquor (baiganr); Chinese mixed liquor (wujiapie-jiou); Chinese brewed liquor (laojiou); Sorghum-based Chinese spirits; Chinese spirit of sorghum (gaolian-jiou); Calvados; Cachaca; Schnapps; Bourbon whiskey; Arrack; Flavored tonic liquors; Anisette; Anise; Alcoholic egg nog; Aguardiente; Spirits; Shochu (spirits); Blackcurrant liqueur; Scotch whisky with a base of liqueurs; Scotch whisky; Brandy; Sake; Cream liqueurs; Rum infused with vitamins; Rum; Peppermint liqueurs; Tonic liquor flavored with japanese plum extracts (umeshu); Tonic liquor flavored with pine needle extracts (matsuba-zake); Malt whisky; Hulless barley liquor; Coffee-based liqueurs; Liqueurs; Red ginseng liquor; Herb liqueurs; Korean distilled spirits (soju); Kirsch; Cherry brandy; Japanese liquor containing herb extracts; Japanese white liquor (shochu); Japanese liquor flavored with pine needle extracts; Vodka; Sugar cane juice rum; Whisky; Cooking brandy; Gin; Blended whisky; Digesters; Potable spirits; Tonic liquor containing mamushi-snake extracts (mamushi-zake); Tonic liquor containing herb extracts (homeishu); Wines of protected geographical indication; Cooking wine; Black raspberry wine (Bokbunjaju); Piquette; Grape wine; Sparkling grape wine; Korean traditional rice wine (makgeoli); Table wines; Sweet wines; Still wine; Red wine; Rose wines; Sparkling fruit wine; Natural sparkling wines; Japanese sweet grape wine containing extracts of ginseng and cinchona bark; Mulled wines; Yellow rice wine; Fruit wine; Aperitifs with a distilled alcoholic liquor base; Strawberry wine; Low-alcoholic wine; Acanthopanax wine (Ogapiju); Sparkling wines; Fortified wines; White wine; Wines of protected appellation of origin; Wine-based drinks
The color(s) orange is/are claimed as a feature of the mark.
The mark consists of an orange colored circle in which the word "emoji" is depicted in white color. Thereunder is a white colored half circle with two orange colored bars.

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Apr 5, 2021
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