Trademark: 90617932
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Monday, April 5, 2021
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Thursday, April 1, 2021

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29 Meat extracts; Fruit, stewed; Preserves of game; Fruit, preserved; Preserved nuts; Dried fruit; Dried nuts; Dried okra; Vegetable puree; Vegetable salads; Vegetable chips; Fruit marmalade; Jellies, jams, compotes, fruit and vegetable spreads; Eggs; Milk; Milk products; Edible oils and fats; Broth; Broth concentrates; Butter; Caviar; Cheese; Fish-based foodstuffs; Crystallized fruits; Frozen fruits; Fruit chips; Margarine; Marmalade; Meat jellies; Meat, tinned; Mushrooms, preserved; Processed nuts; Liver pâté; Olive paste; Goose liver pate; Peanut butter; Peanuts, prepared; Peas, preserved; Fruit peel; Potato crisps; Potato fritters; Caesar salad; Fruit salads; Chicken salad; Sauerkraut; Sausages; Sesame oil for food; Preparations for making soup; Soups; Tofu; Vegetable soup preparations; Whipped cream; Yoghurt; Fish-based foodstuffs; Instant stew; Prepared vegetable dishes; Pre-cooked curry stew; Cooked meat dishes; Ready cooked meals consisting primarily of chicken; Instant soup; Instant mashed potato; Instant miso soup; Fish crackers; Potato chips; Vegetable-based chips; Potato crisps in the form of snack foods; Meat, preserved; Fish, not live; Game, not live; Bacon; Preparations for making bouillon; Cocoa butter for food; Charcuterie; Croquettes; Fish, tinned; Fruit jellies; Fruits, tinned; Maize oil for food; Olive oil for food; Raisins; Tomato purée; Vegetables, tinned; Fish, seafood and molluscs, not live; Seafood paste; Seafood extracts; Tinned seafood; Seafood spread; Processed seafood; Seafood preserves; Dried seafood; Seafood; Alginates for culinary purposes; Beans, preserved; Canned pork and beans; Soya beans, preserved, for food; Kimchi; Seeds, prepared; Tahini; Toasted laver; Whey; Aloe vera prepared for human consumption; Fish roe, prepared; Edible birds' nests; Game, not live; Fish, not live; Poultry; Meat
The color(s) orange is/are claimed as a feature of the mark.
The mark consists of an orange colored circle in which the word "emoji" is depicted in white color. Thereunder is a white colored half circle with two orange colored bars.

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Apr 5, 2021
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