Trademark: 90617903
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Monday, April 5, 2021
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Thursday, April 1, 2021

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27 Floor coverings and artificial ground coverings; Wall and ceiling coverings; Disposable absorbent floor pads; Anti-slip floor coverings for use on staircases; Non-slip underlays; Linoleum; Linoleum for use on floors; Cork tiles; Hard surface coverings for floors; Padded coverings for existing floors; Padded linings for existing floors; Floor tiles made of cork; Floor coverings having insulating properties; Fencing pistes; Protective floor coverings; Decorative slip-resistant floor coverings in sheet form; Paper floor mats; Vinyl floor coverings; Tiles made of linoleum for fixing to existing floors; Tiles made of linoleum; Floors coverings of rubber; Floor coverings; Paper bath mats; Anti-slip material for use under floor coverings; Anti-slip material for use under carpets; Carpets, rugs and mats; Artificial ground coverings; Carpets; Vinyl floor coverings for existing floors; Wall coverings of paper; Wall coverings of cork; Wallcoverings; Mural hangings; Wall hangings, not of textile; Decorative wall hangings, not of textile; Wall paper of vinyl; Textile wallpaper; Wallpaper borders; Insulating wallpaper; Wallpaper with a textile covering; Non-textile wallpaper; Wallpaper of cork; Wallpaper in the nature of roomsize decorative adhesive wall coverings; Wallpaper; Plastic wall coverings; Plastic wallpaper; Hand made woollen carpets; Handcrafted non-textile wall hangings; Padded linings for existing walls; Padded coverings for existing ceilings; Friezes; Ceiling coverings made of paper; Tiles made of linoleum for fixing to existing walls; Non-textile wall coverings; Vinyl wall coverings; Textile wallcoverings; Imitation turf for use in covering surfaces for games; Imitation turf for use in covering surfaces for recreational purposes; Imitation turf for use in covering surfaces for athletics; Imitation turf for use in covering surfaces for sports purposes; Artificial turf; Vehicle mats and carpets; Anti-slip material for use under rugs; Mats of woven rope for ski slopes; Cork mats; Goza rush mats; Mats; Runners; Plastic bath mats; Rugs for animals; Japanese rice straw mats (tatami mats); Interlocking floor runners; Rubber mats; Rubber bath mats; Non-slip mats; Prayer rugs; Door mats of india rubber; Door mats; Rugs (Floor -); Horse stall floor mats; Floor mats, fire-resistant, for fireplaces and barbecues; Showermats; Floor coverings for use in sporting activities; Floor coverings being sheet materials for use in sporting activities; Bath mats; Carpets for automobiles; Fur rugs; Carpeting; Carpet runners; Chair mats; Straw mats; Beach mats; Play mats; Personal sitting mats; Rush mats with floral patterns (hana-mushiro); Reed mats; Foam mats for use on play area surfaces; Carpet backing; Carpet tile backing; Non-slip mats for showers; Non-slip floor mats for use under apparatus; Non-slip mats for baths; Wrestling mats; Puzzle mats; Oriental non-woven rugs (mosen); Mushiro straw mats; Moquettes; Matting; Pet feeding mats; Matting; Gymnasium exercise mats; Yoga mats; Door mats of textile; Wooden door mats; Gymnastic mats; Carpets; Textile floor mats for use in the home; Textile bath mats; Carpet underlay; Primary carpet backing; Bathroom tiles; Carpet tiles made of textiles; Carpet tiles made of plastics; Carpet tiles made of rubber; Carpet tiles for covering floors; Carpet tiles; Carpet inlays; Floor mats for automobiles; Mats for vehicles; Heel protectors to prevent scuffing whilst driving the vehicle
The color(s) orange is/are claimed as a feature of the mark.
The mark consists of an orange colored circle in which the word "emoji" is depicted in white color. Thereunder is a white colored half circle with two orange colored bars.

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Apr 5, 2021
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