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Monday, April 5, 2021
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Thursday, April 1, 2021

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9 Apparatus for sending, recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images; data processing apparatus; computers; touch screens; software; software packages; software for electronic touch tablets; application software enabling the transmission of videos, data, sounds, images via mobile terminals; telecommunications apparatus; message transmission equipment; terminals allowing access to several media; mobile applications; software provided from the Internet; electronic publications (downloadable) provided on-line from databases or the Internet; software and telecommunications apparatus (including modems) to enable connection to databases, local networks and the Internet; computer software for teleconferencing, videoconferencing and videophone services; software for searching and retrieving data; software for accessing databases, telecommunications services, computer networks and electronic bulletin boards; software and digital platforms; communications software for connecting users of a network; telecommunications and broadcasting satellites; radiotelephone beacons and telephone poles; telephones, mobile telephones and telephone handsets; personal digital assistants (PDAs); electronic notebooks; electronic diaries; electronic tablets; telematic and telephone terminals, in particular for access to global telecommunications networks (Internet) or to private networks (Intranet); connectors to a computer or telephone network; computers (smartphones)
38 Telecommunication services; telephone communications services; transmission of information by data transmission or by satellite; data transmission services, in particular high speed transmission (by packet); electronic mail, electronic messaging services; electronic display services (telecommunications); transmission and dissemination of data, sound and images, computer aided and non-computer aided; mobile radiotelephone communications services; secure data transmission services, in particular with access code; multimedia data transmission services; communications by computer terminals; provision of access to a radiotelephone network including a subscription or package; services for providing access to a digital platform; information services relating to telecommunications; rental of access time to a database server center, in particular for global telecommunication networks (Internet) or with private access (Intranet); leasing of access time to global computer networks; transmission of information contained in data banks and image banks; dissemination (transmission) of information by electronic means, in particular via global communication networks (such as the Internet) or with private or restricted access; providing access to a global computer network; connection by telecommunications to a global computer network; connection services to the Internet or to local networks; access services to the internal network or to local networks; telephone communication services as well as by all electronic means, by interactive videography, and in particular by terminals or peripherals of computers or electronic and / or digital equipment, by videophone, videophone; transmission and reception of data, signals and information processed by computers or by telecommunications apparatus and instruments; provision of access to national and international server centers; broadcasting (transmission) of audio and video content via terminals connected to the Internet and intended for the end user; communications by optical fiber network; broadcasting (transmission) and provision (transmission) of multimedia content over electronic communications networks; video messaging services; provision of access time to telephone, radiotelephone and telematics networks, to a database server center, in particular for global communication networks (of the Internet type) or with private or reserved access (of the Intranet type); technical assistance services (advice, information) in the field of telecommunications; provision of access and rental of access time to computer databases, discussion forums, portals, Internet discussion sites, search engines, electronic applications; providing access to computer databases in the field of a social network; communication via blogs; electronic bulletin board services; transmission and reception of database information; transmission of messages, coded images, music and sounds; multimedia data transmission services; correspondence exchange services (data transmission); information transmission services by communicating information system, namely: Internet, Extranet, Intranet networks; wired technology and wireless technology peripheral interconnection services and wifi; technical consultancy and technical research relating to telecommunications; videoconferencing services; teleconferencing and videoconferencing services; provision of videoconferencing services; provision of facilities and equipment for videoconferences
41 Arranging and conducting of colloquiums, competitions, games (education or entertainment), conferences and congresses; conducting of seminars; preparation, coordination and organization of online seminars; education and training services, arranging and conducting of meetings, seminars, symposiums, tutorials, courses, conventions and exhibitions; interactive and distance learning or training courses and sessions provided on-line via a telecommunications link or a computer network, or by other means
42 Technical assistance services (advice, information) for the operation and supervision of telecommunications networks; technical assistance services (advice, information) in the field of telecommunications; scientific and industrial research (technical research) relating to new information technologies, computer and communication networks, communication and virtual and interactive images; engineering ; technical consultancy and advice in the field of telecommunications and information technology; design (development) of computer systems and telecommunications systems; computer technical consultancy services; provision of access to computer networks, supervision services (control, surveillance) of computer and telecommunications networks; computer platform creation services for others; outsourcing of strategies and information systems; hosting services for computer platforms, Internet sites, secure messaging services; monitoring of data, signals, images and information processed by computers or by telecommunications apparatus and instruments; integration of computer systems and networks; computer services, namely, remote database management, remote computer network systems management; consultancy, research, in the field of information technology, computers, software design, and updating of computer databases; computer services providing secure access and communications with an integrated computer system and / or for user eligibility and identification; services of a research laboratory; management and conduct of research, design and development projects; research, design and development of products and services, research and innovation services for the design (development) of telecommunications networks and systems, for remote data and information transmission ; research and innovation services

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