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Thursday, March 25, 2021
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Monday, March 22, 2021

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13 Firearms; ammunition and projectiles; explosives; cannons; Mortars; missiles; machine guns; vehicle-mounted weapons; projectile or device launching equipment; turrets provided with cannon, mortar, machine gun, missile, missile launcher; system for dispersing masking or decoy ammunition; system for protecting a terrestrial, naval or aerial platform and comprising one or several launching tubes allowing to ensure the firing of ammunition masking the platform in the visible, infrared or millimeter field or the firing of decoy ammunition; masking ammunition; decoy ammunition; propelling charges; training ammunition; cartridges with projectiles; training arrows; rifles; revolvers; pistols; guns; pyrotechnic devices for demining or destructing ammunition; medium-calibre weapons; gun carriages; remote-controlled or remote-operated gun carriages; naval turrets, namely pivoting platform mounted on a vessel and equipped with a missile or rocket launcher or a weapon; gun carriages for navy; remote-controlled or remote-operated naval turrets; airborne pods for a cannon or cannon turrets for aircrafts; cartridges; bombs; rockets; torpedoes; grenades; artillery shells; guided artillery shells; firing system without recoil for projectiles or rockets; safety and arming device for ammunition or explosive device; fuzes; squibs; detonators; igniters for pyrotechnic products; primers for explosives; priming relays for explosives; pyromechanisms, namely military or civil pyrotechnic articles; pyrotechnic gas generators; pyrotechnic components; pyrotechnic actuators; pyrotechnic cylinders
37 Repair, maintenance and upgrade services for military and civil hydraulic and mechanical equipment; retrofit of machine-tools; installation of hydraulic, mechanical or pyrotechnic equipment for military and civil systems and materials; installation of electrical or electronic equipment for military and civil systems and materials; repair, maintenance and upgrade services for pyrotechnic, computing, electrical and electronic equipment for military and civil systems and materials; monitoring, managing and obsolescence handling services for ammunition, components or electronic components for purposes of repairing and maintaining pyrotechnic equipment and weapons; ammunition monitoring services, namely ammunition repair and maintenance
42 Evaluations, estimates and researches in the scientific and technologic fields provided by engineers; engineering works for studying and designing pyrotechnic systems and products, and ammunition; engineering works for studying and designing systems and equipment including pyromechanisms; design, elaboration, development, and update for software; computer programming; computer consulting; technical and/or logistics documentary database elaboration; Engineering services relating to computers; documentary engineering services, namely services for creating and elaborating documentation and documentary systems; engineering works for studying and designing electrical, electronic or pyrotechnic systems; engineering works related to tools and repair; engineering works for studying and designing systems and equipment

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Apr 13, 2021
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Apr 13, 2021
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Mar 25, 2021
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