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Tuesday, March 23, 2021
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Friday, March 19, 2021

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1 lawn fertilizer; manure; soil; sweetener, namely low calorie sweetener
2 paint and stain
3 laundry detergent; bath products, namely hand soap, bath soap, bath gel, bath splash and bath beads; beauty aids, namely shampoo, conditioner, facial spray and beauty lotion; dishwashing liquid; fabric softener; baby wipes
4 fire logs; candles; motor oil
5 pharmaceuticals, namely vitamins; saline solution; diapers; feminine hygiene products namely, sanitary napkins
9 video cassettes
16 two-ply garbage bags; bathroom tissue; serviettes and wipes; wrapping paper and boxes, namely Christmas and gift wrapping kits; photo albums; Biodegradable garbage bags; plastic wrap; coffee filters; facial tissue; electric coffee makers
17 garden hoses
19 landscaping supplies, namely decorative stone
21 dishware, namely china dinnerware and plastic dinnerware, bowls, mugs, and liquor glasses; aluminum foil; kitchen utensils, namely measuring cups, colanders and nut/lobster crackers; non-electric coffee makers; rubber gloves; bird feeders; lunch bags not made of paper
24 place mats of textile
25 stockings and panty hose; clothing, namely sweatshirts and T-shirts
29 Jams and jellies; spreads, namely peanut butter, almond, paté, and mousse; cooking oil; nuts; fresh and prepared seafood; prepared poultry; prepared meats; frozen and canned vegetables; potato chips; frozen and canned fruit; bacon; fresh duck; frozen geese; fresh mushrooms; potato based dumplings; chip dip; fruit based pie filling; margarine; poultry and poultry parts; prepared meats; GARLIC; FISH; SHELLFISH; ESCARGOT, namely, SNAILS; SMOKED MEATS; FROZEN PREPARED DINNER ENTREES WITH A MEAT BASE; RAISINS; EDIBLE OILS; DRIED SOUP MIXES
30 Sauces, namely salsa, barbecue, spaghetti, hollandaise, tartar, seafood, louisiana, bernaise, steak, bombay, green peppercorn, beurre blanc, Szechuan peanut, sparerib, and horseradish; candy toppings; cookies and crackers; mustard; salad dressings; desserts, namely prepared fruit pies, prepared cream pies, prepared sweet pies, cakes, sorbet, puddings, crisps; coffee; chocolate drink mixes, breakfast cereals; tarts; spices; prepared meals, namely prepared quiche, lasagna, casserole dishes; granola bars; desserts, namely, cakes, pound cake, Christmas rings, and shortbread; bread; tea; popcorn; sausages; fresh poultry; fresh and prepared beef; fresh and prepared pork; vinegar; ketchup; processed olives; coffee whitener; honey; Whipped dressing; tortilla chips; confections, sugar confections, sugarless confections and medicated confections; waffles; rice cakes; rice; pizza; pasta; dessert pudding; pancake mix; muffins; perogies; mayonnaise; sugar; baking soda; croutons; table syrup; candy toppings, namely butterscotch sauce and chocolate sauce; taco shells; and pie shells; confectionery chips for baking; tortillas; pretzels; frozen spring rolls; frozen egg rolls; ice cream; buns; MINT SAUCE; BISCUITS; WAFERS; PASTRIES; FROZEN PREPARED DINNER ENTREES WITH A PASTA BASE
31 dog food; fresh vegetables; fresh fruit; bird food; mulch; cat food; lawn seed; cat litter; landscaping supplies, namely decorative pine bark, flower bulbs, flowering plants; fresh olives
32 Carbonated beverages; fruit and vegetable juice; mineral water; natural spring water; wine, namely, dealcoholized white wine; Bottled water
The mark consists of The mark consists of PRESIDENT'S CHOICE Stylized.

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Mar 23, 2021
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