Trademark: 90582842
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Friday, March 19, 2021
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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

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23 Chenille yarn; Coir thread and yarn; Cotton thread and yarn; Darning thread and yarn; Elastic thread and yarn for textile use; Embroidery thread and yarn; Hemp thread and yarn; Jute thread and yarn; Linen thread and yarn; Rayon thread and yarn; Sewing thread and yarn; Silk thread and yarn; Spun cotton; Spun silk; Spun thread and yarn; Spun wool; Thread; Woollen thread and yarn; Yarn
24 Baby buntings; Banners of textile or plastic; Bath linen, except clothing; Bath mitts; Bed blankets; Bed covers; Bed linen; Bedspreads; Billiard cloth; Blankets for household pets; Brocades; Bunting of textile or plastic; Calico; Canvas for tapestry or embroidery; Cheese cloth; Chenille fabric; Cheviot fabric; Cloths for removing make-up; Coasters of textile; Cot bumpers; Cotton fabrics; Coverlets; Covers for cushions; Crepe cloth; Crib bumpers; Curtains of textile or plastic; Damask; Diaper changing cloths for babies; Drugget fabric; Esparto fabric; Fabric for footwear; Face towels of textile; Felts; Flannel; Glass cloths being towels; Handkerchiefs of textile; Household linen; Jersey material; Jute fabric; Knitted fabric; Linen cloth; Lingerie fabric; Lining fabric for footwear; Mattress covers; Picnic blankets; Pillow shams; Pillowcases; Place mats of textile; Printers' blankets of textile; Quilts; Ramie fabric; Rayon fabric; Silk cloth; Silk fabrics for printing patterns; Sleeping bags for babies; Tablecloths, not of paper; Tablemats of textile; Tapestries of textile; Towels; Wall hangings of textile; Woollen cloth; Woollen fabric
The mark consists of stylized wording "about strings" inside the design of strings.

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Mar 19, 2021
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