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Wednesday, February 24, 2021
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Saturday, February 20, 2021

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2 Colorants, direct dyes, food coloring, lacquers, staining preparations in the nature of staining agents for wood and leather, Metals in leaf form for painters, decorators, printers and artists, metals in powder form and metal foils for use in handicrafts, art and model building
6 Aluminum foil for use in handicrafts
8 Hand-operated tools, namely, scissors, wire cutters, wire crimping tools in the nature of crimping irons not for use with hair; hand-operated tools for processing of metal, stone, plastic or textiles, namely, chisels, clamps, drills, dies, files, hammers, saws, scapers, wire strippers and wrenches; hand tools, namely, saws, fret saws, saw blades for hand saws, saw frames; hand tools, namely, carving knives, carving chisels; screw clamps
11 Standing, portable, Chinese electric and candle lanterns and accessories therefor, namely, bulbs, light fixture lenses, socket extenders for electric lights, socket adapters for electric lights, lamp and lighting fixture shades, and mounting parts for installation of light fixtures sold as a unit
14 Gems; jewelry boxes
16 Paper, cardboard and goods made from these materials, namely, corrugated board and paper containers, decorative paper bows for wrapping; paper sheets in the nature of heat transfer papers, luminescent paper, parchment, moulds for modeling clays, carriers, namely, cardboard carriers for food and beverages, covers made of paper or cardboard, namely, paper report covers, paper tray covers, paper book covers, paper document covers, protective covers for books and notebooks, protective covers for sheets or paper, passbook covers and passport covers; containers and bags made of paper or cardboard; iron-on transfers and plastic transfers; scratch letters; patterns for making clothes, printed patterns, paper and plastic patterns for transferring graphic designs to other objects, embroidery patterns; printed matter, namely, printed invitations, printed greeting cards, printed paper labels, printed recipe cards; bookbinding articles, including hole punches; photographs; adhesive cements and glues for paper and stationery or for household use or use in model building, photograph adhesives, contact adhesive, adhesive sticks; printing letters; printing blocks; pictures in the nature of paintings, framed or unframed; canvas stretcher bars for artists; drawing, painting and modeling goods, namely, modeling clay, painting palettes; artists' tools, namely, paint applicators in the nature of non-electric spray cans; modeling wax, not for dental purposes; rubber bands; drawing pins, writing grips; drawing rulers; handicraft knives of paper, handicraft paper underlays; drawing and painting utensils, namely paint containers and pens for applying paint; packing foils made of synthetics; foils made out of synthetics for use in handicrafts
20 Embroidery frames, chests made of wood; all the aforesaid goods exclusively for hobby and craft purposes
21 Mosaics of glass, ceramic tiles not for building purposes
22 Twine, string; bast; sisal fiber; wood shavings and wood wool; wool twine
23 Embroidery silks, namely, silk yarn and silk thread, wool thread; weaving yarn, sewing cotton; chenille yarn, silk yarn, synthetic yarn; spun wool; spun silk
24 Woven fabrics and textile goods, namely, wall hangings of textile; textile tablecloths; lace and embroidery tablemats not made of paper; woven fabrics with imprinted embroidery patterns; felt
26 Lace and embroidery, ribbons and laces; artificial flowers
28 Games and playthings, namely, card games, board games, dice games, parlor games, party games, mah jong games, dart games, action skill games, backgammon games; puppet theatres, puppets; play balls, play balloons, play money, play cosmetics, play tents, play tunnels, play wands, play houses, play figures, play motor cars, kaleidoscopes; toy scale model vehicles; playing cards; toy construction sets; building elements for playing and model building purposes, also in the form of building sets and building boxes containing such building elements for constructing imitation models of land, water and air vehicles, spacecraft, space stations and other elements of large-scale technology and of figures; finished toy models as small-scale imitations of buildings, vehicles of large-scale technology and in the form of figures; toy dioramas comprising imitation figures of human beings, animals and buildings, namely, action figures and dolls; toy modeling dough
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