Trademark: 90532947
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Saturday, February 20, 2021
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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

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28 Abdomen protectors for Taekwondo; Appliances for gymnastics; Aquatic canine treadmill; Archery sets; Arrowheads; Baby swings; Baseball and softball bat racks; Baseball bat racks; Baseball glove bags; Baseballs; Board games; Bowling ball covers; Bowling ball returns; Bowling deflectors; Bowling pit mats; Boxing bag swivel mechanisms; Boxing bags; Boxing swivels; Caps for toy pistols; Cases for action figures; Cases for toy vehicles; Catchers' mitts; Checker sets; Checkers games; Checkers pieces; Chess sets; Christmas tree ornaments of bronze; Climbers' harnesses; Climbing skins for use with touring skis; Conical paper party hats; Craps game playing equipment; Curling brooms; Discuses; Doll cases; Doll clothing; Doll costumes; Dolls and accessories therefor; Dolls and playsets therefor; Dumbbell sets; Dumbbells; Electronic dart games; Elliptical exercise machines; Equipment for playing a vertical hoop target game; Equipment sold as a unit for playing craps games; Exercise and gymnastic banners; Exercise bars; Exercise benches; Exercise doorway gym bars; Exercise equipment, namely, shoulder stretcher using a cable; Exercise equipment, namely, shoulder stretcher using resistance cables; Exercise machines; Exercise tables; Exercise trampolines; Exercise treadmills; Exercise weight cuffs; Exercise weights; Fencing gloves; Fencing masks; Field hockey balls; Fish attractants; Fishing hooks; Fishing rod blanks; Fishing safety harness; Fishing tackle boxes; Fishing tackle containers; Fitted protective covers for swing sets; Flies for use in fishing; Floating recreational lounge chairs; Flutter boards; Foot balls; Footbags; Football body protectors; Football girdles; Football shoulder pads; Goalkeepers' gloves; Golf bag covers; Golf bag tags; Golf bag trolleys; Hamster exercise balls; Hunting equipment, namely, scent dispenser for attracting or repelling animals; Infant swings; Infant toys; Kite boards; Model toy vehicles; Nuts and bolts for skateboards; Paper airplanes; Paper dolls; Party favor hats; Pool cue clamps; Protective paddings for Taekwondo; Punching bags; Puppets; Removable table tops for craps tables; Roller skis; Skateboard decks; Skateboard grip tapes; Skateboard rails; Skateboard riser pads; Softball bat racks; Spearfishing guns for scuba diving; Sports equipment, namely, inline roller skating wheels at the end of a crutch-like frame; Sports equipment, namely, lower body alignment apparatus; Squash rackets; Table tennis nets; Table tops for craps tables; Terminal tackle; Toy aircraft; Toy pirate hats; Toy tiaras; Trampolines; Vibrating apparatus used in fitness and exercise programs to stimulate muscles and increase strength and physical performance; Work-out gloves; Yoga blankets; Yoga bolsters; Yoga cushions

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Feb 20, 2021
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