Trademark: 90532191
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Saturday, February 20, 2021
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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

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29 Packaged foods containing eggs, packaged foods containing processed eggs, egg-based snack food, egg white based snack food, egg protein based snack food, baked goods containing egg, baked goods containing egg white, baked goods containing egg protein, egg containing crisps, egg white containing crisps, egg protein containing crisps, egg containing sauces and dips, egg white containing sauces and dips, egg protein containing sauces and dips
30 Egg containing crackers, egg white containing crackers, egg protein containing crackers
32 Non-alcoholic beverages containing eggs, non-alcoholic beverages containing processed eggs, non-alcoholic beverages containing egg white, non-alcoholic beverages containing egg protein
40 Operation of a packaged food and beverage manufacturing and distribution business
The mark consists of the stylized words "Prairie Hill" centered above the stylized word "FARMS," both appearing below a stylized depiction of a farm, all appearing within two concentric ovals acting as the border of the trademark design. The depiction of the farm consists of stylized images of two trees, two silos, a barn, a windmill, a row of wheat, four flying birds, two clouds, a sun, and a curved line across the bottom depicting the ground. Appearing above the farm design near the top of the oval are the words "HONEST GOODNESS HONNÊTEMENT BON" in an arched form, and appearing below the word "FARMS" at the bottom center of the oval is a single stylized flower design.
The English translation of "HONNÊTEMENT BON" in the mark is "HONESTLY GOOD".

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Feb 20, 2021
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