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Saturday, February 20, 2021
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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

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9 Computer hardware and firmware; automated teller machines (ATM); electronic payment terminals; network connection interfaces (gateways); computer software and data processing software for enabling the electronic transmission of data and information; software for buying, selling, trading, paying, redeeming, storing and administering tokens; application software; application software for mobile devices, in particular mobile telephones, smartphones, tablet computers and laptop computers; downloadable application software for mobile devices, in particular mobile telephones, smartphones, tablet computers and laptop computers; all the aforementioned goods of Swiss origin
36 Financial affairs; financial advice; monetary affairs; exchanging money; stocks and bonds brokerage; electronic funds transfer and electronic payment services; payment processing services; processing of electronic payments; handling of cashless payment transactions; payment services provided via wireless telecommunications apparatus and devices; processing of payment transactions via the Internet; conducting cashless payment transactions; investment banking; consultancy services relating to corporate finance; providing information relating to foreign exchange transactions; foreign exchange trading; on-line brokerage for trading and transactions relating to currency and other financial products; conducting of financial transactions on-line; financial service for monitoring, analysing and evaluating transaction data in payment and capital transactions; deposits of valuables; real estate affairs; mutual funds; holding securities, funds and other assets in escrow; fund management; financial investment services in the fields of securities, mutual funds and portfolio management; Trading in funds, currencies, receivables, shares, bonds, securities, security rights, book-entry securities and derivatives; arranging of financial investments; all the aforementioned services of Swiss origin
42 Design, updating and rental of computer software; consultancy in the field of programming and development of e-business portals and mobile operating systems (mobile App); maintenance and consultancy services relating to software used in the field of e-commerce; consultancy services relating to the design, development and use of computer hardware and software; electronic data storage; design and development of data storage systems; computer programming services for electronic data security; computer security services for protection against illegal network access; all the aforementioned services of Swiss origin
The mark consists of the words ENERGY INFRASTRUCTURE PARTNERS, with ENERGY on top, then INFRASTRUCTURE in the middle and PARTNERS on the bottom. To the left of the words is a solid vertical line and to the left of the line is a seated female figure with a spear and shield.

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Feb 20, 2021
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