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Saturday, February 20, 2021
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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

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9 Scientific, controlling, measuring, signalling, counting, recording, monitoring, checking, switching and regulating equipment and similar apparatus and instruments; Apparatus, instruments and equipment for telecommunications; Optical image viewers with three-dimensional graphic representation; Apparatus for receiving, recording, transmission, processing, transforming, output and reproduction of data, speech, text, signals, sound and images, including multimedia apparatus; Electronic entertainment goods, namely radio and television receivers, sound and/or image recording and reproduction apparatus, including such goods in portable form and for digital image-sound signals; Electronic apparatus for interactive television; Apparatus for receiving and transforming encoded signals (decoders); Apparatus, including multimedia apparatus, for connecting and controlling audio, video and telecommunications apparatus and computers and printers, including such apparatus with electronic program management and control for interactive television viewing and/or pay TV; Electronic program guides (software); Operating software and other software for the aforesaid apparatus, instruments and equipment; Data processing apparatus and computers; Buffer memories, computer chips, disks, cables, drives, terminals, printers, keyboards, monitors and other peripherals for computers; Games software; Computer game equipment consisting of disk memories; Accessories for computers, video and computer games, namely adapters, modules for expanding functions and extending memory capacity; Voice synthesisers, light pens, electronic 3D spectacles, programmed and non-programmed cassettes, floppy disks, disks and games modules; Boxes for storing cassettes, floppy disks and recording discs; Program recorders, numerical keyboards, floppy disk stations principally comprising floppy disk drives, microprocessors and control electronics; Electronic data processing apparatus, including monitors, input apparatus, output apparatus, printers, terminals and memories, including such apparatus being additional apparatus for a main piece of apparatus; Computer programs on data carriers of all kinds; Computer programs being downloadable software; Downloadable software applications; Electronic data carriers; Video games (computer games) in the form of computer programs recorded on data carriers; Computer and video game cassettes, floppy disks, cartridges, disks and tapes and other programs and databases recorded on machine-readable data carriers, included in class 9; Recorded and unrecorded sound carriers, in particular recording discs, compact discs, sound tapes and sound cassettes (compact cassettes); Downloadable music files; Recorded and unrecorded image carriers (included in class 9), in particular video cassettes and DVDs; Exposed film; Photo CDs; Photographic, cinematographic, optical and teaching apparatus and instruments; Pre-recorded magnetic, magnetic optical and optical carriers for sound and/or images; Coded telephone cards; Optical apparatus and instruments, included in class 9, in particular spectacles, glasses and spectacle frames; Spectacle cases; Video cassette cases; Headphones; Head guards for sports; Loudspeakers; Speaker enclosures; Bags adapted for laptops; Sleeves for laptops; Mouth guards for sports; Pedometers; Selfie sticks being hand-held monopods; Smartwatches; Wearable activity trackers; USB flash drives; Parts of the aforesaid goods, included in class 9
16 Paper, cardboard and goods made from these materials, namely towels of paper, table napkins, filter paper, handkerchiefs of paper, paper decorations, writing paper, packaging containers and bags, wrapping paper; Printed matter, namely newspapers, periodicals, comics, magazines, pamplets, leaflets, prospectuses, programmes, press folders, books, book sleeves, posters; Transparencies, Tickets, Partipant tickets, Invitation cards, Passes; Stationery, including writing and drawing implements; Office requisites, Namely stamps, Ink pads, Stamp ink, Letter-openers, Paper knives (cutters), Desk trays, Document files being stationery, Writing tablets, perforators, Binders, Paper clips and staples, Stickers (statonery), Also self-adhesive; Unencoded telephone cards; Instructional and teaching material (except apparatus) in the form of printed matter, wall boards and writing implements for wall boards; Photographs, pictures (prints and paintings); Calendars; Transfers (decalcomanias) (including transfers of vinyl), Paper and vinyl stickers, Stickers (stationery); Empty fitted cases for audio and image carriers (stationery); Cut-out figures and decorations of cardboard; Postcards and greeting cards, trading cards, name signs of paper or cardboard, note books, notice boards, address books, folders, file covers and binders, film hole-punch reinforcements, calendars, scrapbooks, paperweights, rulers, rubber erasers, bookmarks and bookmarkers; Dressmaking patterns and stencils for drawing; Rub-on pictures, giftwrap, gift tags of paper and cardboard; Sleeves and bags of paper and plastic for packaging; Blackboards, adhesives for stationery; Writing implements, in particular ball-point pens and fountain pens, pencil cases, pencil tins, pencil holders, pencil extenders, pencil sharpeners, writing pads, cases and containers for writing implements, note holders and containers, drawing, painting and modelling materials and equipment, paint brushes; Artists' materials, namely crayons, chalk, palettes and canvasses; Typewriters and office requisites (except furniture), dispensing apparatus for adhesive tapes, printers' type, printing blocks; Ink; Painted works of art of paper and cardboard; Paper party decorations; Drawing sets; Wrapping paper of paper or plastic, All the aforesaid goods included in class 16; Car accessories, namely decorative strips of stickers (decorative strips); Flags, pennants (made of paper); Flyers; Passport covers; Desk pads; Paper decorations
35 Advertising and marketing; Information in the field of marketing and advertising in oral and written form, including by means of print media and electronic media; Organisational consultancy in the field of marketing and advertising; Statistical evaluations of marketing data; Marketing studies; Market analysis; Advertising research; Opinion polling; Distribution of catalogues, mailing lists and goods for advertising purposes; Radio, television and cinema advertising; Public Relations (Public Relations), Sales promotion (for others), Arranging and concluding commercial transactions for others; Computerized file management; Organisation of trade fairs and exhibitions for commercial or advertising purposes; Marketing and rental of advertising time on television; Business and organization consultancy; Advertising, in particular radio, television, cinema, print, videotext and teletext advertising; Advertising marketing, in particular in the aforesaid media and via the aforesaid media; Publication of prospectuses for advertising purposes; Production of promotional films; Rental of advertising films; Telephone order placement for teleshopping; Arranging advertising time in all relevant media; Business management; Business administration; Office functions; Business organisation consulting; Typing; Secretarial services; Business consultancy and advisory services; Professional business consulting; Management of business interests, for others; Development of advertising concepts, in particular for marketing goods and services via worldwide electronic networks, in particular the Internet and other electronic communications media; Negotiating contracts for the purchase and/or sale of goods and/or providing of services; Electronic commerce provider services, namely order placement and order delivery service as well as invoice management for electronic ordering systems; Dissemination of advertising on an online electronic communications network; Auctioneering on the Internet; Professional business and organisational consultancy for franchising concepts for providing commercial and organisational know-how; Arranging electronic markets on the Internet, including arranging and conducting exchange markets by arranging contracts online, for others, both for the purchasing of goods and the providing of services; Call centre services, namely order acceptance and placement; Telephone answering for unavailable subscribers; Planning services for advertising; Creating and updating of advertising material for advertising space on the Internet, and rental of advertising space on the Internet; Advertising on the Internet (banner exchange); Talent promotion through organisational consultancy; Compilation of information into computer databases; Professional business consultancy with regard to television advertising; Production of television and radio advertisements; Obtaining fees data (word processing); Updating data in computer databases; Layout services for Internet advertising; Services of a sports association, namely commercial lobbying for the promotion of professional sport; Gathering and supplying market research data; Gathering and updating of data; Providing business information via a website; Business management of sports people; Sponsorship search; Rental of advertising space; Rental of advertising time on communication media; Production of teleshopping programmes
38 Radio and television broadcasts/programmes via wireless and cable networks; Transmitting of film, television, radio, teletext and videotext programmes or broadcasts; Telecommunications; Press agency services, namely transmitting messages, press reports and market research data (including using electronic means and/or by computer); Sound, image and data transmission by cable, satellite, computer (networks), telephone and other lines, and any other transmission media; Electronic television broadcasting within the framework of subscription television services (Pay TV), including video-on-demand, including for others, being a digital platform; Providing access to an information database; Transmission of information via wireless or cable networks; On-line services and transmissions, namely transfer of information and messages including e-mail; Providing telecommunication channels for teleshopping services; Broadcasting of teleshopping programmes; Providing of access to communications networks with the aid of digital multimedia technology, in particular for internet access, teleshopping and telebanking, including for use with television screens; Arranging and allocating of user passwords for users of various communication networks; Electronic transmission of data and computer programs on electronic networks, in particular on the Internet and other electronic communications media providing information of all kinds, in particular from the fields of politics, economics, finance, law, social issues, sport, culture, religion, technology, computers, the Internet; Transmission of sound, speech, images and/or data; Telephone communications and services, Communications by cellular phones; E-mail data services, fax services, SMS services; Providing access to information stored on databases, including in particular by means of interactive computer systems; Telephone services by means of information, complaints and emergency hotlines; Providing access to, and transmission of, information, texts, drawings and images; Providing access to information and entertainment programs on the Internet; Production of web-TV programmes, interactive programmes and Internet TV programmes; Electronic transmission of information, including sound, image and data; Electronic transmission of fee data; Providing access to data via the internet; Data transmission services between networked computer systems; Providing access to networks for the transmission of messages, images, text, speech, signals and data; Leasing of access time to online games on the Internet and other electronic media; Supplying data; Streaming of data; Video-on-demand transmission; Rental of decoders
41 Production, screening and rental of films, video films and other television programmes; Demonstration and rental of video and/or audio cassettes, tapes and discs and video games (computer games); Hire of televisions; Education; Entertainment, sporting and cultural activities; Provision of radio and television entertainment services; Organisation and presentation of sports events, shows, quizzes and musical events and organisation of competitions in the fields of entertainment and sports, also for recorded programmes or live broadcasts on radio or television; Organisation of competitions in the fields of training, teaching, entertainment and sports; Arranging and conducting of beauty contests; Talent promotion through the providing of training; Correspondence courses; Publication and edition of books, magazines and other printed matter and associated electronic media, other than for advertising purposes; Organisation of and conducting concert, theatre and entertainment events and sports competitions; Production of film, television, radio, teletext and videotext programmes or broadcasts; Production of films and video films and other image and sound programmes for educational, instructional and entertainment purposes, including for children and young people; Presentation and rental of sound and image recordings on video and/or audio cassettes, tapes and discs; Theatrical performances, music performances; Cultural, artistic, leisure and sporting activities, including the arranging thereof; Arranging and conducting of cultural, entertainment and sporting events and congresses, seminars, lectures and multimedia presentations (for cultural and entertainment purposes); Publishing (included in class 41); Production of web-TV programmes, interactive programmes and Internet TV programmes; Sports promotion through training; Advance ticket sales (entertainment); Ticket and seat reservations and advance sale of tickets for concerts, shows and other entertainment events and sporting events; Booking and reservation services for cultural and sporting events; Operating facilities for children, young people and adolescents for leisure purposes, in particular in the field of sports; Information on entertainment events and providing of sporting and leisure activities; Rental of sports equipment (included in class 41); Editing of written texts; Sports agency services, namely arranging of sporting activities; Production of radio and television broadcasts/programmes via wireless or cable networks; Arranging and conducting of cultural, entertainment and sporting events for charitable purposes; Production of prize game broadcasts; Gambling; Providing on-line electronic publications, not downloadable; Arranging and conducting of congresses and conferences; Gambling; Entertainment services, namely, providing on-line computer, electronic and video games accessible via video game machines, mobile phones, tablets and computers; Online entertainment in the nature of computer game tournaments; Providing a website featuring computer games and video games
42 Technical consultancy in the field of multimedia, interactive television and Pay TV (included in class 42); Software development; Computer programming, including video and computer games; Development of electronic television programme guides (software); Engineering services, in particular in the fields of multimedia, digital and/or interactive television and telecommunications; Administration of servers to provide electronic shopping systems on electronic networks, in particular on the Internet and other electronic communications media; Administration and rental of servers for providing an e-commerce platform on the internet and other electronic media; Administration of servers to provide an Internet forum for the exchange of information and ideas in all subjects; Administration of servers for providing a global virtual marketplace for interactive information exchange; Administration of servers to provide chat facilities, including within the framework of virtual communications platforms and bulletin board facilities; Computer search services for scientific and research purposes, for others; Establishing and maintenance of software for Internet access and dial-in nodes, and providing memory space on servers connected to the Internet; Rental of memory space on computer systems connected to the Internet; Design of web pages; Technical planning of telecommunications equipment; Graphic arts designing and designer services; Scientific and technological services and research and development relating thereto; Technical consultancy in the field of marketing and advertising; Administration of servers providing a platform for the supply and demand of goods/services; Establishing homepages, for others, on the Internet; Storage of information, audio, images and data for others, for a fee; Electronic archiving of data; Hosting computer sites
The color(s) red, black, white is/are claimed as a feature of the mark.
The mark consists of a red rectangle under which appears the black wording SPORTCAST; within the red rectangle appears a white crosshairs design at its center, with four angle brackets forming a screen-shaped rectangle around the crosshairs.

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