Trademark: 90531416
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Saturday, February 20, 2021
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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

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9 Identification labels; Headwear for sporting activities for protection against injury; Downloadable mobile applications; Computer application software for anti-counterfeiting of goods and web based program for anti-counterfeiting of goods; software for verifying authenticity of the sports good, sports gloves, gym accessories, sports accessories, protective gears, leather goods, textiles, riding goods products; Knee-pads for workers; protective clothing and accessories; combat sports headguard; Mobile phone covers; laptop covers and sleeves; tablet covers and sleeves; Labels with machine-readable codes; Mouth guards for sports use; Riding helmets; Recorded content; Face-protection shields; Riding hats; Label readers; Identification labels; Bar code labels, encoded; Mouth guards for boxing; Identification labels; Mixed martial arts headguard; Reflective safety vests; Sports helmets; Mouth protectors; boxing headguard
18 Harness; Saddlery, whips and apparel for animals; Bags for sports; Bags; Riding whips; Leather and imitations of leather; All-purpose carrying bags; Gym bags; All-purpose leather straps; Whips; Rucksacks; Backpacks; Athletic bags; Knapsacks; All-purpose athletic bags; Riding crops; Leather straps; Kit bags; Bags made of leather; Leads for animals; Holdalls; Credit-card holders; Wallets including card holders; travelling bags; Purses; luggage tags; luggage straps; suitcases; All purpose sport bags; Bags made of imitation leather; Pouches; hides; Sports bags; Bum bags; Bags for sports clothing; horse tack; Leather shoulder belts; Riding saddles; Wallets; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods
25 Clothing, footwear and headgear all in relation to Taekwondo, Judo, gym, boxing, martial arts and mixed martial arts
28 Games and playthings; Gymnastic and sporting articles; Back supports for weightlifters; Lifting grips for weight lifting; Shin guards; barbell pads; Shin pads; Arm guards for sports use; grappling gloves; Martial arts training equipment; Weight lifting gloves; Shin pads; tension resistance cords; training dummies; sporting articles (padding) for protective purposes for use in relation to boxing, martial arts, MMA (Mixed martial arts) and Taekwondo; maize balls; Ankle and wrist weights for exercise; Chest protectors adapted for playing the sport of taekwondo; aerobic fitness belts; Protective paddings for Taekwondo; sporting hand guards; Gloves for sports; Taekwondo mitts; speed balls; elbow pads; Arm pads adapted for use in sporting activities; boxing hand guards; Sparring gloves; hand protecting wraps; Medicine balls; hand tapes and wraps for boxing, martial arts, MMA (Mixed martial arts) and Taekwondo; Wrist and ankle weights for exercise; Pads for use in sports; grip developers; Abdomen protectors for Taekwondo; Chest protectors for sports use; Chest protectors for athletic use; Karate target pads; Weight lifting belts; Shin guards; Karate shin pads; shields for use in Boxing, MMA (Mixed martial arts), martial arts and Taekwondo; punch mitts and gloves; supporters, protectors, guards and pads for sports, athletics and fitness; punching bags, punching balls, boxing pads; apparatus, articles and equipment for use in relation to boxing, martial arts, MMA (Mixed martial arts), Taekwondo, bodybuilding, weight-training, exercise, fitness and Combat sports; Exercise bands; Skipping ropes; Gym balls; Knuckle guards; punch and kick boards; Body protectors for sports use; Groin protectors; Abdominal protectors; Rib protectors; boxing pads; weightlifting gloves; Body training apparatus; martial arts hand guards; Hand grip strengthener rings; gloves for use in boxing and MMA (mixed martial arts); free weights; exercise equipment; striking bags; weight benches; strike shields; target paddles; sporting equipment and apparatus; Kick boards; Abdomen protectors for athletic use; Boxing gloves; body shields; weight lifting equipment; hammers for throws; elastic exercise bands; chest weights; Dumb-bells; kettle bells; spring exercisers; Starting blocks for sports; javelins; sport mats; striking-bag platforms; dumbbells; Aerobic equipment; training bags; shot puts; wrist weights; freestanding bags; Wrist guards for athletic use; parts, accessories and fittings for all the aforesaid goods
The mark consists of EMRAH BELIEVE IT, BE IT in a stylized font.

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Feb 20, 2021
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