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Wednesday, February 17, 2021
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Sunday, February 14, 2021

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6 Metal industrial hardware and fasteners, namely, bolts, nuts, anchors, lock nuts, metal welding rods and metal threaded rods, metal brackets for general use, clamps, metal clamp-type fasteners, namely, adjustable diameter metal clamps for stationary binding of hoses, wires and tubes, door handles, snap catches and metal cabinet door catches, quarter turn screws that lock after a quarter turn, locks, latches, hinges; metal door and toolbox hardware, namely, hasps; metal hardware for use in vehicles, namely, grease fittings; structural fasteners, namely, insert fasteners for sandwich structures; metal self-tapping bushings, metal strain relief bushings for wire and cable; metal hardware, namely, grommets and washers; woodruff keys and machine keys, metal knobs, metal locking knob springs, nails; metal pins, namely, metal cotter pins, metal dowel pins, metal hitch pins, metal coiled spring pins, metal clevis pins and metal groove pins; metal plug buttons for screw holes, metal plugs; metal hardware, namely, snap rings; metal rivets, metal rivet caps for split and tubular rivets; metal screws, metal screw anchors; metal shims, metal spacer brackets; metal hardware, namely, springs; metal bolt snaps; metal hooks; wire rope fittings of metal, namely, metal threaded studs; metal fasteners, namely, stand-offs; metal upholstery tacks, snap hooks and buttons; metal threaded fasteners, namely, double-sided threaded bolts; cable thimbles of metal; metal washers for distributing fastener load, wire; cast materials, namely, continuous cast steel rounds; retractable metal folding individual steps for securement to a vertical surface. metal sealing, gasket and key rings, metal handles for doors and cabinets; metal marine hardware, namely, buckles, dock cleats, hooks, metal fastening rings, metal snap fasteners and press-studs having a pair of interlocking discs; metal upholstery and furniture hardware and supplies, namely, metal snap fasteners and press-studs having a pair of interlocking discs, metal fastening rings, metal upholstery tacks, drawer and chair glides, chair swivel plates, metal hooks; buckles of common metal; metal furniture parts, namely, drawer and chair slides; storage containers, namely, general purpose metal storage bins; truck and trailer refrigeration hardware, namely, metal refrigerator locks; metal hollow wall and solid wall fastening anchors
8 Hand tools, namely, pop riveters; hand tools, namely, nut and screw drivers and interchangeable nut and screw head bits therefor; pliers; hand operated cutting tools; hand tools, namely, hex key wrenches and hex key wrench sets comprising multiple hex key wrenches of different sizes; hand tools, namely, nut drivers; hand operated pry bars for removal of speed nuts; hand operated tools for the insertion of speed nuts; hand tools, namely, punches; hand operated retaining ring applicators; hand tools, namely, retaining ring pliers; hand operated clamping tools for joining banded material, such as metal strapping, together; clamping bushings; locking cable tie tools, namely, pliers and cutters; wiring terminal tools, namely, crimpers, wire cutters, pliers and wire strippers; hand operated tools for positioning weatherstripping materials within channels; hand operated grommet tools for inserting and connecting grommets into sheet materials of fabric, canvas and vinyl; hand tools, namely, grommet dies and hole punches; hand operated staple removers; chisels; hand tools, namely, hand tools for removing tacks; hand operated upholstery spring benders and webbing stretchers; shears; hand operated cutting tools, namely, wire cutters, sheet metal cutters and bolt cutters; scissors; hand tools, namely, awls; hand tools, namely, cushion clip pliers; hand tools, namely, hammers; split ring pliers; hand tools, namely, drills; hand tools, namely, tap and die sets; manually operated pneumatic grease gun accessories, namely, grease fittings; hand tools, namely, hex key wrenches and allen wrenches; hand tools, namely, gib-head wrenches for holding pulleys and gears tightly on a shaft
9 Magnets; electrical hardware, namely, electrical terminal blocks, electrical connectors, electrical connector housings; calipers, namely, pocket calipers and slide calipers for measuring; feeler gauges for measuring the thickness of gaps between industrial materials and thread pitch gauges for measuring the size of threads on industrial fasteners; and ring sizers
17 Adhesive tape for industrial and commercial use; rubber anti-vibration pads; plastic and rubber caps for industrial containers; sealing plugs made primarily from rubber; molded rubber bumpers used as non-skid friction devices which act as pads, cushions or shock absorbers for chair legs, doors and drawers; rubber grommets for insulation and shock absorption not for use with vehicles; rubber bottle stoppers; extruded semi-finished goods made of synthetic materials in the form of hoses and seals for industrial, construction and agricultural use; plastic, silicone and rubber weatherstripping for use in automobiles, air hoses, buildings and homes; non-metal seals, namely, o-rings for use with fluid power and industrial applications; rubber sealing plugs, namely, rubber plug bumpers for holes
20 Plastic caps and plastic dowel plugs for plugging holes; plastic storage containers, namely, storage cabinets, storage drawers, storage racks, and cabinets for holding first aid supplies; non-metal fasteners, namely, rivets; non-metal screws and plastic fastening screw anchors; non-metal shims; non-metal furniture parts, namely, drawer and chair glides; non-metal upholstery tacks; non-metal fastening anchors; plastic, silicone and rubber door trims, drawer trims and window trims; rubber tips for furniture and stool legs; plastic suction cups not for medical purposes; non-metal hollow wall and solid wall fastening anchors; plastic, silicone and rubber lawn and landscaping edging; plastic knobs

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