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Tuesday, February 16, 2021
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Friday, February 12, 2021

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9 Downloadable computer software applications for use in e-commerce and the retail industry, namely, software to allow users to search for, browse and purchase goods online; downloadable applications for mobile devices for use in e-commerce and the retail industry, namely, software to allow users to search for, browse and purchase goods online; Downloadable e-commerce software enabling users to carry out commercial transactions by electronic means via a global computer network; Downloadable e-commerce software for selling and purchasing goods online; spectacles; spectacle frames and holders; glass frames; sunglasses, sports eyewear, protective eyewear; spectacle cases; spectacle instruments namely, headbands, cords, chains, and ties for holding spectacles; spectacle lenses; eye piece protectors; protective spectacle; containers for contact lenses; magnifiers, namely, magnifiers lenses, magnifiers glasses ; contact lenses; bags, covers and cases for mobile telephones and telephone equipment; covers with lateral flap for smartphones; hard covers for smartphones; protective flap cases for tablet computers; cases adapted for small portable computers; carrying cases for digital music players; carrying cases for computers; leather protective cases specially adapted for personal electronic devices, namely for mobile telephones; cases for electronic agendas
14 Fine jewelry; jewelry; precious stones; bracelets; chains; medals; rings ; necklaces; brooches; earrings; sautoirs, namely, jewelry necklaces; precious metals and their alloys; watches; timepieces and chronometric instruments; springs and glasses for watches; cases or presentation cases for timepieces; costume jewelry; costume jewelry ornaments of precious metal; jewelry for the head; decorative jewelry pins, namely, tie pins, lapel pins, hat pins, pins being jewelry; jewelry charms; works of art of precious metal; jewelry cases; boxes of precious metal; watch cases being parts of watches, cases adapted for holding watches; key rings; statues or figurines of precious metals; watch straps and watch bands ; Body-piercing rings; Body-piercing studs; skin jewelry
16 Printing products; stationery; office requisites; writing instruments; pens; pencils; school supplies; boxes of paper or cardboard for packaging; signboards of paper or cardboard; labels, not of textile; pen cases; pen boxes; paper cutters; bookmarks; albums; writing or drawing books; indexes; notebooks; pads; envelopes; announcement cards; diaries; calendars; tear-off calendars and almanacs; sheets; files; folders for papers; bookends; desk mats; letter trays; paperweights; oddments tray; terrestrial globes; table linen of paper; photographs; books, catalogs, journals, magazines, periodicals, newspapers; printed matter, prospectuses; adhesive decorative elements, magnetic or electrostatic, namely magnets and stickers
18 Leather and imitations of leather; handbags, satchels, saddlebags, shoulder bags, leather briefcases, school bags, traveling bags, beach bags, rucksacks, sports bags, athletics mountaineer bags ; all-purpose carrying bags for use by campers, garment bags for travel; small clutch purses; all-purpose small carrying bags; small handbags; small bags for men; clutch bags; purses other than of precious metals; satchels; hipsacks; belt bags and waist bags; clutch bags; purses; drawstring purses; chain mesh purses; leather pouches; wrist purses; luggage, travel cases and suitcases; leather traveling bag sets; Vanity cases, not fitted, namely boxes intended for toiletry articles; coin purses not of precious metals, wallets, card cases, namely business card cases, name card cases and credit card cases); briefcases; key cases; handbag holders not of precious metal; bags of leather for packaging of leather, namely envelopes, pouches; umbrellas, parasols and walking sticks; whips, harness and saddlery; collars for animals; collars for pets containing medical information; clothing for animals; harnesses for animals; leashes for animals; feed bags for animals; bags for carrying animals; animal carriers; clothing suits for animals; clothing body warmers and blankets for animals; leggings for animals; bows to attach to pets hairs
25 Clothing, namely, tops as clothing, bottoms as clothing; clothing for babies, namely, tops as clothing, bottoms as clothing; clothing for children, namely, tops as clothing, bottoms as clothing; clothing for women, namely, tops as clothing, bottoms as clothing; clothing for men, namely, tops as clothing, bottoms as clothing; sports clothing, namely, short, t-shirt, legging, pants; clothing of leather or imitation of leather; sweaters; sweatshirts with and without hoods; pullovers; tee-shirts; shirts; tank tops with long and short sleeves; shorts; beach shorts; trousers; jeans; skirts, dresses; clothing for gymnastics, namely, leotard, legging, t-shirts, shorts; tracksuits; coats; rain slickers ; raincoats; jackets; parkas; blousons; bathing suits; beach swim trunks; underwear; lingerie ; pants; stockings; tights; socks; belts; suspenders; sashes for wear; gloves; scarves; shawls and stoles; neckties; hosiery; headgear; caps being headwear; hats, visors being headwear; footwear other than orthopedic footwear; footwear for men, women and children; beach shoes; sports shoes; boots; sandals; slippers; socks
26 Hair bands; hair barrettes; hair pins; hair curling pins; hair nets; plaited hair; hair curlers; hair coloring caps; decorative articles for the hair; false hair; tresses of hair; headbands; ribbons and braids; buttons; hooks and eyes; pins other than jewelry articles and needles; fastenings for clothing; ornamental novelty badges; clothing buckles; clothing broaches; zip fasteners; fastenings for clothing; slide locks for bags; lace and embroidery; artificial flowers

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