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Tuesday, February 16, 2021
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Friday, February 12, 2021

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5 Dental abrasives; Dental adhesives; Dental alloys; Dental amalgams; Dental amalgams of gold; Dental bite registration materials; Dental blanks; Dental cement; Dental cements; Dental ceramics; Dental composite materials; Dental filling material of gutta-percha; Dental hemostatic paste; Dental impression materials; Dental lacquer; Dental mastics; Dental nitrous oxide; Dental polish; Dental porcelain materials; Dental preparations for disclosing plaque; Dental resin cement; Dental resin cements; Dental resin for temporary bridges, crowns and veneers; Dental restoration compounds; Dental restoration compounds, namely, dual core cement; Dental sealants; Dental tablets for disclosing plaque and tartar on the teeth; Dental varnish for use by dentists; Dental veneers; Dental veneers for use in dental restoration; Dental wax; Dental waxes; Adhesives for dental and dentistry use; Alloys of precious metals for dental purposes; Amalgam for dental purposes; Anti-cavity dental coating preparations containing fluoride; Bacteriostats for medicinal, dental and veterinary use; Bonding and primer materials for dental purposes; Ceramic materials for dental use for fillings; Composite materials for dental and dental technical purposes; Conductive lacquer for dental purposes; Fissure sealant for dental and dental technical purposes; Fixing materials for dental purposes; Gases for medical and dental use; Gold amalgam for dental purposes; Lining materials for dental purposes; Material for dental bridges; Material for dental crowns; Material for repairing teeth and for dental crowns and bridges; Material for stopping teeth, dental wax; Material for tooth crowns and tooth bridges for dental and dental technical purposes; Materials for dental fillings; Materials for dental fillings and for sealing purposes; Materials for dental sealing purposes; Materials for crowns and bridges for dental use and for oral prophylaxis; Materials for making dental impressions; Medicated dental floss; Medicated dental preparations for DENTAL, namely, DENTAL; Medicated dental rinses; Medicated anti-cavity dental rinses; Medicines for dental purposes; Metal primers for dental purposes; Modeling wax for dental purposes; Molding wax for dental use; Orthodontic alginate for dental impressions; Porcelain for dental prostheses; Pre-filled dental trays for applying dental compositions to teeth; Rubber for dental purposes; Sealing agents for dental purposes; Synthetic materials for dental use for fillings
10 Dental and medical drill bits for cutting teeth or bone; Dental apparatus, namely, apex locator; Dental apparatus, namely, intra-oral light systems; Dental articulators; Dental bite trays; Dental bridges; Dental broaches; Dental burrs; Dental burs; Dental caps; Dental chairs; Dental clips for securing pre-existing dentures; Dental crowns; Dental dams; Dental device that expands the mouth to improve the field of view inside the mouth, and extracts saliva from the work area inside the mouth; Dental devices for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea; Dental drill bits used in dental motors to enable dentists to cut or drill teeth; Dental drills; Dental examination chairs; Dental excavators; Dental fixtures, namely, prefabricated parts for crowns, bridges and pontics; Dental foundation supports; Dental gloves; Dental handpieces; Dental implants; Dental impression trays; Dental inlays; Dental instruments for use in DENTAL; Dental instruments, namely, dental root files used in root canal therapy procedures; Dental instruments, namely, crown and bridge removers; Dental instruments, namely, disposable prophy angles; Dental instruments, namely, hemostats that clamp blood vessels to diminish or halt blood flow; Dental instruments, namely, oral irrigators; Dental instruments, namely, prophy angles; Dental instruments, namely, reusable and recyclable prophy angles; Dental instruments, namely, root canal therapy instruments used to shave the inside of a root canal; Dental instruments, namely, DENTAL; Dental intra-oral cameras; Dental mirrors; Dental onlays; Dental operating lamps; Dental picks; Dental products, namely, plastic material for fabricating complete and partial denture liners/relines, and for fabricating gaskets for over dentures; Dental prostheses; Dental syringes; Armchairs for medical or dental purposes; Bibs for dental use; Bite trays; Ceramic alloy used in dental crowns; Cut-off and abrasive wheels for dental purposes; Cutting and grinding discs for dental applications; Digital sensor used for taking digital dental radiographs; Drilling jigs for surgical and dental applications; Drills for dental applications; Drills for dental use; Endodontic container for holding dental drill, dental burrs and dental files; Face masks for use by dental care providers; Face shields for dental use; Forceps for dental technical purposes; Human face protectors, namely, transparent face shields for use in the medical and dental fields; Implant abutments for dental purposes; Implant bridges for dental purposes; Intra-oral dental light system; Lasers for dental use; Medical and dental apparatus for dimensional measurement, namely, 3D scanner for human body; Milling apparatus for dental purposes; Organoleptic diagnostic testing apparatus for medical, dental or cosmetic use; Orthodontic machines and instruments; Personal protective equipment (PPE), namely, face shields for use in the medical and dental fields; Plastic material for producing, relining and repair of dental prostheses; Polymerisation apparatus for dental purposes; Powder jet devices for dental use; Programmable milling apparatus for dental purposes; Prosthetic instruments for dental purposes; Sanitary masks for dental use; Shade guides for dental use; Sprayers for cleaning gums and teeth used in dentists' offices during dental procedures; Surgical apparatus and instruments for medical, dental or veterinary use; Teeth protectors for dental purposes; Ultrasound apparatus for dental imaging; Ultrasound appliances for dental and medical use; X-ray apparatus for dental imaging; X-ray appliances for dental and medical use
11 Heated polymerization units for dental restoration compounds; Sterilization units for dental purposes; Sterilizers for dental instruments
21 Dental care kit comprising toothbrushes and floss; Dental floss; Dental floss dispensers; Dental floss picks; Dental flossers; Dental tape; Compacts containing dental floss and also including lip gloss; Finger brushes for dental care; Finger brushes for dental care of DENTAL; Floss for dental purposes; Home dental care product for babies and children's gums and teeth, namely, finger brushes; Home dental care products for dogs and cats, namely, toothbrush

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