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Tuesday, February 16, 2021
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Friday, February 12, 2021

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37 Street cleaning; exterior cleaning of buildings; interior cleaning of buildings; cleaning and repair of boilers; cleaning of articles of clothing; cleaning of vehicles; cleaning of windows; cleaning of petrol, oil and grease deposits; cleaning of cesspits; pipeline and sewer cleaning; gully cleaning; industrial cleaning; rental of cleaning machinery; chemical cleaning; construction of environmental facilities; repair work, namely, repairs on buildings, machinery, vehicles, electrical devices, air conditioning units and IT equipment; installation of environmental facilities; construction and repair of environmental facilities, namely, refuse disposal facilities, waste disposal, waste water treatment, purification, incineration and drainage facilities as well as glass reprocessing facilities; cleaning of portable toilet cabins, portable toilet blocks and containers as well as the disposal of waste containers; trash collection in the nature of refuse clean-up; waste disposal for others, namely, removal of domestic, trade and industrial waste materials and removal of industrial liquid waste; removal of excrement; removal of oils and oily materials; hazardous waste disposal services in the nature of removal of environmentally hazardous liquids and removal of environmentally hazardous solid materials; construction consultancy; construction planning; general building contractor services and/or general contractor services, namely, plumbing, heating and air conditioning, carpentry, drywall, painting, electrical, building and framing contractor services; construction planning for waste disposal and waste water treatment facilities; air duct cleaning
39 Transportation and storage of waste products, refuse and recyclable materials; refuse transportation and storage; delivery and distribution of electrical energy, gas or water; transport of water supplies; transportation, packaging and storage of goods; rental of storage, waste and refuse containers; transportation of portable toilet cabins, portable toilet blocks and containers as well as blocks and waste containers
40 Waste water reprocessing; recovery of valuable materials through treatment of recyclable materials; decontamination of hazardous materials; sorting of refuse and recyclable materials; refuse and waste recycling; disposal of waste materials, namely, the treatment of waste materials using chemical, biological, physical and thermal processes; disposal of portable toilet cabins, portable toilet blocks and containers as well as the disposal of waste containers by means of destruction and incineration; incineration and destruction of refuse and waste materials; air purification; material processing, namely, waste material; water treatment; waste water treatment; production of energy; sandblasting
42 Development of environmental protection processes and facilities in the field of environmental hygiene and energy supplies; detection of contaminants in soil, waste, air and/or water; monitoring of emissions of soil, waste, air and/or water for scientific research purposes; environmental impact assessments, namely, evaluating and testing the environmental qualities and impact of consumer products of others; technical consultancy in the field of environmental science; technical project planning, namely, architectural design and technical design; architect's services; construction drafting services; engineering services; biologist's, chemist's and physicist's services, namely, performing tests related to monitoring and detection of contaminations in soil, waste, air and/or water; technical planning for environmental facilities, namely, architectural and technical design; toxicology services; scientific and technical analysis and evaluation of soils, waters, gases and waste products; engineering in the nature of technical project planning specifically architectural and technical design of environmental facilities, namely, refuse disposal sites, purification, incineration and drainage facilities
45 Environmental protection compliance consultancy in the nature of reviewing standards and practices to assure compliance with environmental laws and regulations; advice and consultancy on environmental regulatory matters

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