Trademark: 90522306
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Monday, February 15, 2021
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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

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3 Hand cleaner
4 Industrial lubricants; industrial food grade lubricants
6 Metal hooks; metal S hooks; metal snap hooks; metal spring hooks; metal grab hooks; metal slip hooks; metal hoist hooks; metal chain connectors; metal rigging chains; metal shackles for lifting; metal shackles for rigging; metal chains; steel chains; tension links of metal; metal binders; metal binder chains; metal wire rope; metal wire rope clips; metal clips for general use; metal cable wire; metal hammerlocks; metal pear links; metal lap links; metal masterlinks; metal connecting links; cable clamps of metal; metal cable clips; metal hardware, namely, double-end swivels; metal hardware, namely, single-end swivels; wire rope fittings of metal, namely, buttons; wire rope fittings of metal, namely, sockets; wire rope fitting of metal, namely, threaded studs; links of metal; cable junction sleeves of metal; metal hinges; metal rollers; metal hardware, namely, springs; metal hardware, namely, door springs; bearings, as parts of a door; bearing plates, as parts of a door; metal brackets; metal locks; metal locks for doors; door handles of metal; angle irons of metal; steel angles for use in building construction; metal hardware, namely, metal drums for doors; metal hardware, namely, forks for doors; metal hardware, namely, sheaves for doors; metal hardware, namely, struts for doors; metal rope clips; metal beam clamps; metal eyebolts; metal hardware, namely, pulleys; metal hardware, namely, sheaves; metal hooks for lifting; metal hooks for rigging; wire rope sling; metal turnbuckles; slings of metal for handling loads; bolt snaps of metal; pulley blocks; metal snaps; threaded fasteners of metal; metal fastening anchors; bolts of metal; metal j-bolts; metal earth anchors; metal eye lags; metal lags; metal j-lags; metal nuts; metal open lags; metal rivets; metal screws; staples for construction; staples for industrial use; metal trim nails; metal nails; metal washers; metal tool boxes; metal eyebolts; metal mooring chains; metal swage fitting; metal split rings; metal cables; metal quick links; rope thimbles of metal; bars for metal railings; metal railings; metal hardware for railings, namely, cables, tubing, screws, spacers; wedges, swivels, compression jaws and lag studs; metal hardware for garage doors, namely, rollers, hinges, lift handles, brackets, lock hardware, lift springs, pulleys, drums, cables
7 Chain hoists; wire hoist; hoists; cables for lifts; winches; drill bits; power drill bits; pulley blocks
8 Hand tools, namely, angle cutters; hand tools, namely, cable cutters; hand tools, namely, chain cutters; hand tools, namely, bolt cutters; hand tools, namely, angle shears; hand tools, namely, cable meter; claw hammers; hex keys; utility knives; pocket knives; non-electric screw driver; non-electric nut driver; hand tools, namely, crimper; hand tools, namely, wire stripper; hand tools, namely, wire cutters; hand tools, namely, cable puller; pliers
18 Tool carriers; tool bags
20 Rollers made of nylon; pulley
22 Non-metal slings for loading
26 Snap fasteners

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Feb 15, 2021
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