Trademark: 90497747

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Saturday, May 1, 2021
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Friday, January 29, 2021

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9 Cases adapted for mobile phones; cases for telephones; cases for PDAs; cases for pocket calculators; cases adapted for CD players; cases adapted for DVD players; cases for digital media players; cases for camera lens; mechanical and luminous advertising display signs; cases adapted for photographic equipment; camcorder cases; camera casings; battery separators; spectacle cases; cases for children's eye glasses; cases for contact lenses; protective and safety equipment including fire-resistant flying suits; respirators for filtering air other than for artificial respirations; clothing for protection against fire, including, fireproof automobile racing suits for safety purposes; fire blankets; filters for non-medical respiratory masks; safety nets; footwear for protection against fire; racing safety apparel, namely, flame-retardant balaclavas; boots for protection against fire; clothing for protection against accidents, irradiation and fire; helmets for motorcyclists; cases fitted with dissecting instruments for scientific or research purposes; cases fitted with dissecting instruments not for medical use; laboratory filters; fire resistant gloves; magnetic wire for use as insulation; garments for protecting against fire
10 Breast shields; incontinence bed pads; medical drapes of non-woven textile materials; hemostats; surgical mesh; medical furniture and bedding, equipment for moving patients, namely, patient moving device in the nature of a low friction pad for sliding patients to or from a stretcher and bed; blankets for medical purposes; incontinence sheets for use with babies; incontinence sheets for use with infants; air cushions for medical purposes; air pillows for orthopedic use; air pillows for therapeutic use; soporific pillows filled with down; medical table sheets for medical use; incontinence mattress protectors in the nature of mattress covers; incontinence sheets; medical clothing, namely, surgical scrub suits; disposable protective gloves for medical purposes; gloves for medical purposes; gloves for use in hospitals; medical compression stockings; surgical mesh comprised primarily of artificial materials; medical hosiery, namely, elastic hose knee supports for medical use
12 Fitted liners for the cargo area of vehicles; brake linings for vehicles; upholstery for vehicles; protective interiors for vehicles, namely, automotive interior paneling; roof linings for vehicles, namely, vehicle hoods; car safety seats for children; children's safety seats for use in vehicles; child carrying safety seats for use in vehicles; pet safety seats for use in vehicles; safety seats for infants and children for use in vehicles; car seat canopies, namely, fitted car seat covers; car tidies and boot tidies, namely, car interior organizer bags specially adapted for fitting in vehicles; fitted car seat covers that are shaped for use in automobiles; motor car seats; children's car seats; seat cushions for the seats of vehicles; sun shields and visors for motor cars
16 Crepe paper; filtering materials of paper, namely, filter paper; paper filters for coffee makers; printed packaging containers of paper; containers of paper for packaging purposes; bags made of paper for packaging; decorative paper bows for wrapping; decorative wrapping paper; humidity control sheets of paper or plastic for foodstuff packaging; sheets of reclaimed cellulose for wrapping; paper gift tags; gift wrap paper; cardboard packaging; plastic film for packaging; paper impregnated with oil for wrapping purposes; cartons of cardboard for packaging; plastic films used as packaging for food; paper for wrapping and packaging; paper sacks; bags made of paper for packaging; bows for decorating packaging; bags made of paper for packaging; bags and articles for packaging, wrapping and storage of paper, cardboard or plastics, namely, paper for wrapping, containers made of paper for packaging and storage, and adhesive plastic film for wrapping or packaging; industrial packaging containers of paper; cardboard containers for packaging; packaging containers of regenerated cellulose; bags, envelopes, and pouches of paper or plastics, for merchandise packaging; plastic films for wrapping foodstuffs; packing cardboard; cartons of cardboard for packaging; fiberboard boxes; plastic materials, namely, film roll stock, for packaging, not included in other classes; wrapping materials made of paper, namely, wrapping paper; packaging materials made of cardboard, namely, cardboard boxes; packaging materials made of recycled paper; packaging material made of starches, namely, cardboard boxes; packaging materials, namely, cardboard boxes and wrapping paper; cartons of cardboard for packaging for industrial packaging; viscose sheets for wrapping; paper identification tags; writing tablets; notebooks; labels of paper; pencil boxes; cases, namely, paper boxes for stationery; ball pens; small blackboards; adhesive packaging tape dispensers for household or stationery use; printed matter, namely, stickers; stickers, namely, decalcomanias; printed advertising boards of paper; printed advertising boards of cardboard; advertising pamphlets; flags of paper; printed brochures in the field of science; printed calendars; printed promotional material, namely, paper banners; printed publications, namely, annual law reports; calendars; paper banners; posters; postcards; printed prospectuses in the field of business; Christmas cards; promotional publications; promotional publications, namely, brochures in the field of business; signboards of paper or cardboard; printed advertisement boards of cardboard; book covers; crepe paper for domestic use; paper for use in the manufacture of wallpaper; tissue paper for use as material of stencil paper and ganpishi; paper for use in the manufacture of tea bags; tissues of paper for removing make-up; coarse tissue for toiletry use; paper coffee filters; disposable paper wipes not impregnated with chemicals or compounds; facial tissues of paper; absorbent sheets of paper or plastic for foodstuff packaging; paper tissues; tissue paper; hygienic paper; paper tissues for cosmetic use; cellulose wipes; printed periodicals in the field of business; legal pads; textile wine gift bags
17 Glass fibers for insulating purposes; quilted blankets for insulating hot water heaters; regenerated fiber thread not for textile use; chemical fiber thread not for textile use; insulation and barrier articles and materials, namely, insulating fabrics; insulating fabrics made of mixed synthetic and natural fibers for use as insulation; insulating fabrics of carbon fiber for use as insulation; insulating fabrics of chemically produced fibers for use as insulation; insulating fabrics of organic fibers for use as insulation; fiberglass fabrics for insulation; Glass fibers impregnated with synthetic resins for insulation; insulating materials in the nature of fleeces of crude fibers of carbon for insulation; insulating materials in the nature of insulating paper; insulation material for use in the aircraft industry; insulating materials produced from plastics; insulating materials in the nature of insulating sheets; Insulating materials in the nature of paper impregnated with oil for insulating; pipe insulation; insulating materials in the nature of pre-formed insulation components; insulating materials in the nature of treated papers for insulating; insulating materials in the nature of thermal insulation articles and materials; insulating materials in the nature of heat resistant fabrics for use in insulation; insulation jackets for industrial pipes; insulating materials in the nature of synthetic material for the thermic protection of pipes; insulating materials in the nature of insulations with sealing functions for heat protection; thermal insulation jackets for industrial plant; thermal insulating materials; insulating materials in the nature of electrical insulation articles and materials; electrical insulating tape; insulating materials in the nature of insulation for electric conductors; paper for electrical capacitors; insulating materials in the nature of substrates for electrical insulation; acoustic insulation articles and materials, namely, acoustic insulators; acoustical tiles; acoustical insulation barrier panels; acoustical insulation for buildings; insulating materials in the nature of structures, non-metallic, for noise abatement; metal foils of cellulose, other than for wrapping or packaging, for insulation; metal foil of regenerated cellulose, other than for packing, for insulation; foam rubber; carbon fiber, not for textile use; regenerated cellulose film for use in manufacture; viscose sheets for cushioning; carbon fibers for use in industry, not for textile use; raw fibers of carbon, other than for textile use; insulating materials in the nature of resin impregnated carbon fiber fabrics; insulating materials in the nature of yarns of carbon fibers, other than for use in textiles; molded foam insulated container packing for commercial transportation; adhesive packaging tapes for industrial or commercial use, other than for household or stationery use; plastic fibers for use in the manufacture of tire cord; flame retardant fabrics, namely, asbestos; insulating materials in the nature of fire resistant insulated panels; insulating refractory materials; insulating felt for industrial or commercial use; semi-worked synthetic plastic and synthetic resins as semi-finished products in form of pellets, rods, foils, foams, fibers, films and sheets; semi-processed plastics in the nature of filtering materials in form of foams or films of plastic in water filtering in commercial or industrial manufacturing
20 Beds; bedding, namely, mattresses, pillows and cushions; bedding for cots, other than bed linen, namely, mattresses, pillows and cushions; inflatable pillows; bath pillows; bedding, except linen, namely, mattresses, pillows and cushions; children's beds made of cloth in the form of a bag; futon mattresses, other than childbirth mattresses; head supporting pillows; maternity pillows; mattress toppers; mattresses, other than child birth mattresses; nap mats for cushions or mattresses; neck-supporting pillows; nursing pillows; pet cushions; pillows; scented pillows; sleeping mats for camping; soft furnishings, namely, cushions; stuffed pillows; support pillows for use in baby car safety seats; support pillows for use in baby seating; animal housing and beds, namely, pet pillows; beds for household pets IC 021. US 002 013 023 029 030 033 040 050. G and S: Anti-static dusting cloths for household use; dusters; eyeglass cleaning cloths; towel rings; chopstick cases; applicators for cosmetics, namely, applicator wands for applying eye make-up; oven mitts; cleaning rags
21 Anti-static dusting cloths for household use; dusters; eyeglass cleaning cloths; towel rings; chopstick cases; applicators for cosmetics, namely, applicator wands for applying eye make-up; oven mitts; cleaning rags
22 Raw textile fibers and substitutes, namely, liber; raw cotton; treated fleece wool; chemical fibers for textile use; fibers being partly prepared synthetic materials for textile use; fibers being raw synthetic materials for textile use; silk flock for stuffing; yarn fibers; raw fibrous textile; scoured fleece wool; semi-synthetic fibers for textile use; natural fibers, namely, true hemp fiber, raw; rabbit hair; jute; jute fiber, raw; Kashmir hair, namely, combed wool; linters; raw fibrous textile treated with flame retardants; polyester stuffing fibers; polyester filament for use in the manufacture of fabrics, textiles, yarns, and carpets; polyester plastic netting for packaging goods; synthetic vitreous silica fibers for textile use; raffia fibers; ramie fiber; raw textile fibers; raw synthetic fibers of plastics for textile use; Raw linen or flax; raw silk; raw wool; raw silk waste; shorn wool; silk fibers; silk polyester monofilaments, namely, textile filaments; carded wool; synthetic textile filaments; textile fibers; non-woven textile fibers; synthetic fibers for use in the manufacture of carpets and carpet tiles; viscose silica textile fibers; Textile bags for merchandise packaging; disposable bulk container liners; commercial nets; plant hangers of rope; non-metal slings for loading; non-metal bands for wrapping or binding; hammocks; storage bags for holding a body prior to cremation, namely, body bags; mesh bags for washing lingerie; mesh bags for storage; packaging bags of textile material for bulk transportation; packaging bags of textile material for bulk storage; Bivouac sacks; Bivouac sacks made of textile materials; sacks for transporting waste in bulk; sacks for the transport of materials in bulk; sacks for the storage of materials in bulk; sacks and bags not included in other classes, namely, sacks for the storage of materials in bulk; sacks for the transport and storage of materials in bulk; non-textile bags for the transportation of materials in bulk; non-textile bags for the bulk storage of animal foodstuffs; non-textile bags for the bulk storage of materials; shoe bags for storage; sail bags; protection pouches made of fabric for storing purses when not in use; envelopes and pouches, namely, bags of textile, for packaging; polyester plastic netting for packaging and transporting fruits and vegetables; envelopes and pouches, namely, textile bags for merchandise packaging; tarpaulins, awnings of textile, tents, and unfitted vehicle covers; tents for use in angling; tents for camping; unfitted covers for boats and marine vehicles; tents for vehicles; tents for caravans; tents made of textile materials; tents for mountaineering or camping; sails; material for making sails, namely, sail cloth and sail thread; ropes and strings; twine made of polypropylene; twine made of sisal; non-metallic twines; strings for tying purposes; packaging string; macrame rope; cordage; ropes and synthetic ropes; rope for use in toys for pets; synthetic ropes; ropes, not of metal; baling twine; packing rope; elastic netting for meat products; hemp nettings; Cotton netting, not of metal or asbestos; cotton netting for windbreak purposes; chemical fiber nettings; rock fall prevention nets of textile; commercial fishing nets; commercial nets; cotton netting for use with floating structures; twine for nets; net pens for fish farming; cotton netting for shading; silk netting; fitted cotton netting; padding and stuffing materials, namely, down feathers and feathers for stuffing upholstery; wadding for filtering; Stuffing not of rubber, plastics, paper or cardboard, namely, fillings of synthetic fibers, fillings for upholstered pillows, fillings of synthetic foam, fillings for duvets, fillings for pillows, fillings for quilts; wood shavings; kapok; loose feathers for stuffing; materials for padding, namely, padding materials, other than of rubber, paper or plastic for pillows; padding materials, other than of rubber, paper or plastic for sleeping bags; padding materials made of fibrous material, not of rubber, paper or plastic; padding materials made of non woven fabrics, not of rubber, paper or plastic; padding materials, other than of rubber, paper or plastic for beds; polyester batting; sawdust; sisal; sisal fibers; industrial packaging containers of textile; Fleece wool for the upholstery industry; wadding not of rubber, paper or plastic for padding and stuffing upholstery; wadding fibers for textile use; Carbon fibers for textile use, other than for insulation; threads, namely, textile filaments; flocked textile fibers
23 Yarns and threads for textile use; angora yarn; spools of thread; spools of yarn for textile use; spun cotton; cotton yarn; chenille yarn; douppioni silk yarn; elastic thread and yarn for textile use; elastic strips of synthetic fiber thread and yarn for textile use; threads made of spun cotton; thread for textile use; yarn; yarns made of angora for textile use; waste cotton yarn; polyester pre-oriented yarns; yarns made of carbon fibers for textile use; yarn of synthetic or mixed fibers for use in textiles; wild silk yarn; knitting yarns; yarns for domestic use; yarns for textile applications; inorganic fiber base mixed thread and yarn; cotton base mixed thread and yarn; chemical fiber base mixed thread and yarn; chemical-fiber threads and yarns for textile use; degreased waste threads and yarns; hemp base mixed thread and yarn; regenerated fiber thread and yarn for textile use; silk base mixed thread and yarn; synthetic fiber thread and yarn; wool base mixed thread and yarn; yarns and threads for textile use; Kits consisting of yarns; twisted cotton thread and yarn; twisted threads and yarns; twisted hemp thread and yarn; twisted silk thread and yarn; twisted wool thread and yarn; Combed yarns made of natural fibers; twisted mixed thread and yarn; worsted yarn; spun silk yarn; chemically semi-synthetic natural fiber thread and yarn chemically treated for textile use; hand knitting wools; true hemp thread and yarn; heat-stable yarns and threads; jute thread and yarn; camel hair yarn; carded threads in flax for textile use; carded yarns of hemp for textile use; carded threads in natural fibers for textile use; carded yarns made of wool; carded threads in wool for textile use; cashmere yarns; ceramic fiber yarns for textile use; coir thread and yarn; rayon thread and yarn; linen thread and yarn; metal fiber thread for textile use; sewing thread for textile use; sewing thread and yarn; natural yarns; non-metallic yarns for textile use; spun polyester fiber for textile use; silica threads for textile use; ramie thread and yarn; raw silk yarn; spun silk; silk yarn; embroidery thread and yarn; knitting yarns; knitting yarns made of acrylic materials; knitting yarns made of nylon; knitting yarns made of wool; polyester textured yarns; yarns made of synthetic material for textile use; synthetic threads; carpet yarns; textile yarns; textile yarns made of man-made fibers; textile yarns made of natural fibers; covered rubber thread and yarn for textile use; mixed spun threads and yarns; waxed thread; waxed yarn; weaving fibers for industrial use, namely, spun thread and yarn; worsted wool yarn; wool yarn; synthetic fiber thread, other than for textile use; binding thread, not of metal, for agricultural purposes; thread, not of metal, for wrapping or binding; yarns for use in tire cord construction
24 Flocked fabrics and fabrics being textile piece goods for use in tapestry, namely, fabrics for textile use; tick linen fabric; knitted elastic fabrics for ladies underwear; knitted elastic fabrics for bodices; knitted elastic fabrics for sportswear; knitted elastic fabrics for gymnastic dresses; mixed fiber fabrics for use in the manufacture of articles of clothing; mixed fiber fabrics for the manufacture of the exterior coverings of furniture; mixed fiber fabrics for use in the manufacture of linings of shoes; mixed fiber fabrics for use in the manufacture of linings of bags; felt; felt for use by papermakers; felt cloth; flame retardant fabrics other than asbestos for the manufacture of bedding and upholstered furniture; flannel fabric; towels of textile; textile used as lining for clothing; inlay materials of non-woven fabrics, namely, non-woven textile fabrics; chemical fiber fabrics; fabrics for textile use; knitted lace fabrics; knitted fabric; gummed waterproof cloth; jersey material fabric; jersey fabric for clothing; Mixed fiber fabrics made from artificial fibers other than for insulation; upholstery fabrics; furnishing and upholstery fabrics including woven furnishing and upholstery fabrics in the piece; non-woven felts; silk fabrics for furniture; semi-synthetic fiber fabrics; knitted fabrics of chemically produced fiber yarn, other than for insulation; organic mixed fiber fabrics, other than for insulation; regenerated fiber yarn fabrics; textile fabrics for use in making jerseys; knitted fabric; knitted fabrics of cotton yarn; knitted fabrics of chemical-fiber yarn; knitted fabrics of wool yarn; Mixed fiber fabrics made of mixed synthetic and natural fibers, other than for insulation; textile fabrics for use in the manufacture of beds; textile fabrics for making into linens; textile fabrics for use in the manufacture of bedding; textile fabrics for making into blankets; textile fabrics for use in the manufacture of furniture; textile fabrics for use in the manufacture of sheets; textile fabrics for use in the manufacture of towels; textile fabrics for use in the manufacture of pillowcases; textile fabric piece goods for making bedding covers; textile fabric piece goods for making-up into towels; Table cloth of textile; tissues being textile piece goods, namely, handkerchiefs of textiles; Non-woven fabrics, namely, velour's for furniture; non-woven fabrics; non-woven textile fabrics; non-woven textile fabrics for use as interlinings; non-woven fabrics of natural fibers; non-woven fabrics of synthetic fibers; non-woven fabrics in the form of sheeting for use in manufacture; woven fabrics for furniture; textile goods, and substitutes for textile goods, namely, nightdress cases of textile; printers' blankets of textile; disposable wash cloths; linen lining fabric for shoes; wall textile fabrics; household textile fabrics for use in making household furnishings made from non-woven materials; Unfitted fabric furniture covers; mosquito nets; non-woven textile fabrics; Textile goods, namely, dust sheets; textile handkerchiefs; textiles, namely, flannel; non-woven textile fabrics; interlining fabric made of non-woven fabrics for clothing; coverings for furniture in the nature of unfitted fabric furniture covers, namely, loose covers made of textile materials for furniture; Thick drop curtains, namely, draperies; curtains; markers, namely, labels of cloth for textile fabrics; wall hangings of textile; bed linen; towels; towels of textile; kitchen and table linens; towels of textile; hand towels of textile; tea cloths, namely, tea towels; dish towels for drying; hand towels of textile; place mats of textile, not of paper; textile table linen; plastic table covers; tablecloths not made of paper; tablemats of textile; plastic table covers of non-woven textile fabrics; textile napkins; table linen, not of paper; table napkins of textile; table linen; washing gloves; receiving blankets; bed pads; duvet covers; comforters; bed blankets made of cotton; bed blankets made of man-made fibers; bed covers of paper; silk bed blankets; woolen blankets; bed sheets; bed skirts; bed throws; fabric bed valances; bed linen made of non-woven textile material; infants' bed linen; covers for eiderdown and duvets; blankets for household pets; quilts; blankets for outdoor use; disposable bedding of textile, namely, bed linen; Down coverlets, namely, eiderdowns; Terry bed linen; futon quilts; sheeting, namely, sleeping bags; impregnated bed linen; cot bed blankets; cot bed sheets; children's blankets; shams; lap rugs; contoured mattress covers; pillowcases; ticks, namely, mattress and pillow covers; quilts filled with down; Lap robes, namely, travelling rugs; sleeping bag liners; silk blankets; contour bed sheets; bedding mats, namely, quilts; quilts of towel; quilts of textile; quilts filled with feathers; quilts filled with half down; quilts filled with stuffing materials; quilts filled with synthetic stuffing materials; quilts; quilt covers; textile goods for use as bedding, namely, bed sheets; bed throws; balanced bed sheets; bed skirts; woolen blankets; bath linen; bath sheets; bath towels; bath linen, except clothing; disposable wash cloths; toweling coverlets; face cloths of toweling; Turkish towel; Textile towels adapted for use in dispensers; hand towels; children's towels; household linen, namely, face towels; make-up removal textile cloths, other than impregnated with cosmetics; make-up removal textile cloths, other than impregnated with toilet preparations; Wash cloths of woven textile material for washing the body other than for medical use; wash cloths of non-woven textile material for washing the body other than for medical use; bath mitts; bath mitts made of non-woven fabric for washing the body; wash cloths; wash cloths for washing the body other than for medical use; filtering materials of textile, namely, filter cloths; Replacement fitted fabric seat covers for furniture; unfitted seat covers of textile for furniture; fabrics made from synthetic fibers for insulation, namely, synthetic fiber fabrics; woven fabrics, namely, mohair; sleeping bags for babies (clothing)
25 Headwear; swimming caps; bandanas and neckerchiefs; baseball caps; berets; bobble hats; millinery, namely, fascinators; shower caps; fascinator hats; fedoras; fezzes; bucket caps; golf caps; yashmaghs; bonnets; tams; hats; hat frames; skull caps; water polo caps; hoods; small hats; knot caps; chefs' hats; sports headwear; children's headwear; head scarves; miters, namely, fashion hats; caps; cap peaks; sun visors being headwear; nightcaps; paper hats for use as clothing items, including paper hats for wear by chefs; paper hats for wear by nurses; party fashion hats; fur muffs; fur hats; rain hats; knitted caps; flat caps; garrison caps; sedge hats; sleep masks; veils; wimples; tam o'shanters, namely, tams; tennis sweatbands; ski hats; sun hats; sports caps and hats; sports caps; headbands; head sweatbands; beach hats; knitted caps; balaclavas; thermal headwear; toques; woolly hats; top hats; clothing and evening wear, namely, evening coats; detachable neckpieces for kimonos in the nature of haneri; detachable collars; parts of clothing, namely, underarm gussets; aikido suits, namely, uniforms; albs; American football bibs; parkas; suits; evening suits; women's suits; bowties; dress pants; jumper suits; blouses; work clothes, namely, coveralls; blouses; sleeveless jerseys; mantles; clothing, namely, arm warmers; gowns for doctors; warm-up pants; clothing made of fur, namely, driving gloves; clothing layettes; baby bodysuits; baby doll pajamas; babies' pants; plastic baby bibs; baby tops; babies' pants; baby bottoms; layettes; pram suits; swimming costumes; bathing costumes for women; bathing suits for men; fitted swimming costumes with bra cups; swim wear for gentlemen and ladies including bathing drawers as clothing; bathrobes; swim shorts; swimming trunks; bath wraps, namely, robes; ballet suits; ball gowns; bandeaux; baseball uniforms; base layer bottoms; base layer tops; crop tops; printed t-shirts; leg warmers; cashmere clothing, clothing of imitations of leather, woolen clothing, motorists' clothing, baby clothes, bridesmaids wear, figure skating clothing, namely, tops and bottoms; christening robes; clothing for wear in judo practices, children's wear, infant wear, girls' clothing, motorcyclists' clothing of leather, leather clothing, linen clothing, paper clothing, plush clothing, silk clothing, clothing for martial arts, clothing for horse-riding, other than riding hats, articles of clothing for theatrical use, clothing for fishermen, boys' clothing, clothing for wear in wrestling games, maternity clothing, namely, tops and bottoms; lounge pants; Bermuda shorts; bed jackets; bed socks; maillots; blazers; blousons; necklets, namely, boas; leotards; body stockings; underclothing, namely, teddies; boleros; bolo ties; bomber jackets; boxer shorts; wedding dresses; burnouses, namely, hooded tops; brassieres; bustiers; pea coats; capes; pedal pushers; car coats; cargo pants; chaps chasubles; chemisettes; cheongsams in the nature of Chinese gowns; choir robes; corduroy trousers; cover-ups; ladies' clothing, namely, lingerie; gowns; women's' outer clothing, namely, knickers; ladies' underwear; down jackets; down vests; denim jeans; topcoats; donkey jackets; three piece suits; duffel coats; pocket squares; one-piece suits; jumper suits; one-piece playsuits; disposable underwear; skating outfits; athletic tights; woolen tights; pleated skirts for formal kimonos in the nature of hakama; masquerade costumes; women's ceremonial dresses; moisture-wicking sports bras; moisture-wicking sports shirts; moisture-wicking sports pants; fishing shirts; fishing vests; fleeces, namely, fleece vests; bowties; flying suits; formal evening wear and formalwear, namely, dresses; foulards; morning coats; leisure suits; casual wear, namely, casual shirts; slacks; tap pants; barber smocks; robes; replica football kits comprising football jerseys; soccer bibs; foot muffs, not electrically heated; gabardines; goloshes; gaiters; morning coats; padded pants for athletic use; padded shirts for athletic use; padded shorts for athletic use; knitwear clothing, namely, knitted gloves; knit jackets; knitted underwear; guernseys; woven clothing, namely, woven shirts; gilets; polo shirts; golf trousers; golf pants, shirts and skirts; golf skirts; unitards; clothing for gymnastics, namely, tops and bottoms; ankle socks; Halloween costumes; neckbands; neckwear; scarves; clothing, namely, neck tubes; wrist warmers; gloves; gloves for cyclists; gloves with conductive fingertips that may be worn while using handheld electronic touch screen devices; gloves including those made of skin, hide or fur; clothing, namely, hand warmers; loungewear, namely, tops and bottoms; button-front aloha shirts; shirt yokes; shirts; shirts for suits; collared shirts; open-necked shirts; button down shirts; nighties; slips; shirt-jacs; shirt fronts; men's suits; menswear and outer clothing for men, namely, tops and bottoms; men's socks; men's underwear; waistcoats; wedding dresses; lumber jackets; hooded pullovers; knickers; trousers; trousers of leather; trousers for children; trousers for children; nurse pants; sweatpants; snowboard trousers; pantsuits; culotte skirts; knee-high stockings; braces for clothing; suspender belts for men; girdles; jackets; jackets being sports clothing; fleece jackets; fishermen's jackets; sleeved jackets; sleeveless jackets; snowboard jackets; rainproof jackets; men's and women's jackets, coats, trousers, vests; jacket liners; hunting pants; hunting jackets; hunting vests; hunting shirts; kimonos; denims; denim jeans; denim jackets; jumpers; jodhpurs; shell suits; jogging sets comprising tops and bottoms; sweatpants; jogging tops; sweatpants; heavy jackets; stuff jackets; judo uniforms; caftans; bodices (lingerie); martial arts uniforms; combative sports uniforms; hooded sweatshirts; karate uniforms; cashmere scarves; kendo outfits; khakis; kilts; gowns; pinafores; gowns; nurse dresses; ready-made linings being parts of clothing; pockets for clothing; leisurewear, namely, bloomers; walking breeches; trouser socks; knee warmers; short sets; ready-to-wear clothing, namely, tops and bottoms; upper garment of Korean traditional clothes in the nature of jeogori, Korean traditional women's waistcoats in the nature of baeja, and Korean topcoats in the nature of durumagi, namely, tops and bottoms; body warmer clothing, namely, knee warmers; corselets; camisoles; corsets; swimming costumes; skirt suits; costumes for use in children's dress up play; costumes for use in role-playing games; shoulder wraps; detachable collars; collars for dresses; neckties; ascots; crinolines; cummerbunds; short-sleeved or long-sleeved t-shirts; short-sleeve shirts; short trousers; sweatpants; short petticoats; short overcoat for kimono in the nature of haori; clothing, namely, cowls; laboratory coats; long sleeve pullovers; long sleeved vests; long jackets; Japanese sleeping robes in the nature of nemaki; full-length kimonos in the nature of nagagi; long johns; bibs, not of paper; bib overalls for hunting; running suits; running vests; leather suits; leather clothing, namely, leather jackets; casual trousers; leggings; underwear; sweat-absorbent underwear; light-reflecting jackets; liveries; bathing suit cover-ups; outer clothing for girls, namely, coats; maniples; athletic uniforms; cuffs; pelisses; cotton coats; coats of denim; coats for women; coats for men; mantillas; sailor suits; corselets; foundation garments; miniskirts; monokinis; lounging robes; motorcycle riding suits; motorcycle gloves; motorcycle jackets; muumuus; nighties; nightwear; wet suits; negligees; pop socks; women's' outer clothing, namely, coats; dress shirts; uppers of woven rattan for Japanese style sandals; chemise tops; cycling tops; hooded tops; halter tops; ear bands; ear muffs; combinations; nurse overalls; over shirts; beach clothing wraps; parkas; pelerines; furs being clothing; fur coats and jackets; fur cloaks; petticoats; petti-pants; polo shirts; pirate pants; plastic aprons; pantaloons; polo shirts; polo knit tops; turtleneck sweaters; polo sweaters; ponchos; sweaters; crew neck sweaters; mock turtleneck sweaters; v-neck sweaters; slipovers; bloomers; pajamas; pajama bottoms; cyclists' clothing, namely, cycling shorts; ramie shirts; rash guards; rainproof clothing, namely, rainwear; waterproof trousers; Mackintoshes; rain ponchos; riding gloves; riding jackets; skirts; turtlenecks; roll necks, namely, shirts; turtleneck shirts; turtleneck sweaters; rugby tops; rugby shorts; rugby tops; bush jackets, namely, jackets; saris; sarongs; sheepskin jackets; sheepskin coats; mufflers as neck scarves; shawls, from tricot only; shawls and headscarves; shawls and stoles; sashes for wear; sash bands for kimono in the nature of obi; referees uniforms; nightwear; nighties; tube tops; cravats; knickers; snow suits; snow pants; shoulder scarves; shoulder wraps; school uniforms; aprons; paper aprons; clothing, namely, maternity bands; maternity smocks; sweat-absorbent socks; sweat-absorbent stockings; sweatbands; sweat bands for the wrist; headbands; dress shields; anti-perspirant socks; head sweatbands; uniforms for nurses; swimming trunks; silk ties; silk scarves; adhesive bras; shampoo capes; shell jackets; shift dresses; mock turtleneck shirts; shirts and slips; short alls; shorts; fleece shorts; boy shorts; snow suits; ski suits for competition; ski gloves; ski trousers; ski jackets; clothing for skiing, namely, ski balaclavas; sliding shorts; briefs; cummerbunds; dinner jackets; dinner suits; snow boarding suits; snowboard gloves; Japanese style socks in the nature of tabi; socks and stockings; sock suspenders; bralettes; sundresses; sun suits; playsuits; cami-knickers, namely, shorts; gym suits; sports clothing, other than golf gloves, and sportswear, namely, sports bras; casual shirts; sports shirts with short sleeves; sports pants; sports jackets; sports socks; singlets; sports jerseys and breeches for sports; gym suits; athletics vests; dust coats; quilted jackets; quilted vests; cloth bibs; cloth bibs for adult diners; tightening-up strings for kimonos in the nature of datejime; rompers; snap crotch shirts for infants and toddlers; beachwear; beach robes; stretch pants; cardigans; thongs; garters; stockings; sweat-absorbent stockings; heelpieces for stockings; pantie-girdles, namely, girdles; tights; maillots in the nature of hosiery; footless tights; hosiery; footless socks; surf wear; jockstraps in the nature of underwear; sweaters; tracksuit bottoms; sweat jackets; sweat shirts; sweat shorts; taekwondo suits; waist cinchers; tank tops; dance clothing, namely, dance costumes; tabards; camouflage gloves; camouflage shirts; camouflage pants; camouflage jackets; camouflage vests; tennis wear; tennis shirts; tennis dresses; tennis pullovers; tennis skirts; tennis shorts; tennis socks; fabric belts; clothing, namely, thobes; theatrical costumes; thermal socks; thermal underwear; togas; tops; clothing, namely, folk costumes; Japanese traditional clothing, namely, tops and bottoms; bra straps; bib tights; pinafore dresses; strapless bras; tank tops; clothing for gymnastics, namely, tights; sweatpants; sweat shorts; tracksuit tops; trench coats; bib shorts; triathlon clothing, namely, triathlon tights; dry suits; tee-shirts; kerchiefs; neckerchiefs; tunics; turbans; clothing for gymnastics, namely, gym shorts; tutus; twin sets; Korean outer jackets worn over basic garment in the nature of Magoja; topcoats; over-trousers; neck scarves; cloaks; shawls; maternity clothing, namely, maternity sleepwear and maternity lingerie; uniforms; uniforms for commercial use; uniforms for nurses; referees uniforms; union suits; underwear; babies' undergarments; sweat-absorbent underwear; vest tops; undershirts for kimonos in the nature of juban; undershirts for kimonos in the nature of koshimaki; bottoms in the nature of clothing; pants; chemises; petticoats; bustles for obi-knots in the nature of obiage-shin; tracksuit bottoms; suit coats; volleyball jerseys; thermally insulated clothing; warm-up jackets; warm-up tops; weatherproof clothing, namely, waterproof suits for motorcyclists; waterproof capes; waterproof outer clothing; water socks; waterproof trousers; rainproof jackets; oilskins in the nature of clothing, namely, wetsuits for water-skiing; chefs' whites, namely, aprons; white coats for hospital use; caftans; sweat shirts; reversible jackets; waistcoats; leather waistcoats; cagoules; weatherproof clothing and sailing wet weather clothing, namely, tops and bottoms; puttees and gaiters; wrap belts for kimonos in the nature of datemaki; swaddling clothes; salopettes; windproof clothing, namely, wind suits; wind pants; wind shirts; wind vests; winter gloves; winter coats; hosiery; weather resistant outer clothing, namely, coats; woolen socks; yoga pants; yoga shirts; zoot suits; parts of clothing, namely, gussets for bathing suits, gussets for footlets, gussets for leotards, gussets for stockings, gussets for tights, and gussets for underwear; footwear; heels; heelpieces for footwear; booties in the nature of woolen baby shoes; bath slippers; footwear for women; insoles for footwear; espadrilles; heel inserts; flat shoes; embossed heels of rubber or of plastic materials; embossed soles of rubber or of plastic materials; non-slip soles for footwear; slippers; slipper socks; stiffener soles for shoes; inner socks for footwear; running shoes; infants' footwear; leather slippers; leather shoes; canvas shoes; deck shoes; uppers for Japanese style sandals; slippers; pumps as footwear; welts for footwear; rain boots; riding shoes; riding shoes; shoe straps; rugby boots; mules; slip-on shoes; shoes; athletic shoes; leisure shoes; shoes for foot volleyball; shoes with hook and pile fastening tapes; high-heeled shoes; mountaineering shoes; shoe inserts for primarily non-orthopedic purposes; shoe uppers; footwear soles; shoe uppers, other than for medical purposes; footwear uppers; snowboard shoes; slipper soles; soles for Japanese style sandals; dance shoes; ballroom dancing shoes; tennis shoes; training shoes; tips for footwear; waterproof boots for fishing; aqua shoes; winter boots; yoga shoes; zori; tongues for shoes and boots; ladies' underwear; wetsuit gloves; pajamas, from tricot only; intermediate shoe soles
27 Adhesive wall decorations of paper, namely, wallpaper in the nature of room size decorative adhesive wall coverings; Carpets, rugs and floor mats; bath mats; textile bath mats; carpets and floor mats for vehicles; floor rugs ; door mats; floor mat runners; Oriental non-woven rugs; carpet tile backing; carpet backing; carpeting; carpet tiles; primary carpet backing; textile carpets; wallpaper; wall paper of vinyl; wall coverings of paper
35 Advertising, marketing and promotional services; bill-posting; banner advertising; product merchandising for others; public relations services; online advertisements, namely, providing a website featuring on-line classified advertisements; telemarketing services; sales promotion for others; advertising; display services for merchandise, namely, window display arrangement services; preparation and presentation of audiovisual presentations for advertising purposes; organization and conducting of product presentations; presentation of goods and services for promotional purposes, namely, sales demonstration of goods for others; demonstration of goods and services by electronic means, also for the benefit of the so-called teleshopping and home shopping services; organization of trade fairs and exhibitions for business, advertising and promotional purposes; conducting business shows, namely, fashion show exhibitions for commercial purposes; arranging of displays for commercial purposes, namely, organization of events for commercial and advertising purposes; organization of events, exhibitions, fairs and shows for commercial, promotional and advertising purposes; arranging of demonstrations for advertising purposes, namely, sales demonstrations for others; planning and conducting of trade fairs, exhibitions and product presentations for economic or advertising purposes; arranging of exhibitions for advertising purposes; rental of advertising space on-line; rental of advertising space; distribution of advertising, marketing and promotional material; distribution of promotional material; distribution of advertisements and commercial announcements; dissemination of advertising material; distribution of advertising material; dissemination of advertising and promotional materials; dissemination of advertising, marketing and publicity materials; dissemination of advertisements; dissemination of advertising for others; dissemination of advertising for others via the internet; distribution and dissemination of advertising materials including leaflets and samples; handbill distribution; distribution of samples for publicity purposes; distribution of prospectuses and samples; handbill distribution; distribution of products for advertising purposes; sample distribution; distribution of advertising announcements; distribution and dissemination of advertising materials including leaflets and samples; distribution of promotional materials; arranging the distribution of advertising literature material in response to telephone enquiries; arranging of product presentations for business purposes; providing office functions; business management; supply chain management services; business administration; conducting marketing studies
42 Science and technology services and advisory services relating to scientific research, namely, computer aided scientific research services; Genetic testing for scientific research services; compilation and provision of scientific research information in the field of genetic testing; computer site design services; scientific research relating to cosmetics; scientific research for medical purposes; medical laboratory services; scientific and industrial research in the field of cosmetics; scientific investigations for medical purposes; consultancy services relating to product engineering; engineering services for others in the field of energy efficiency; industrial engineering consultancy services; engineering testing on civil engineering; preparation of civil engineering reports; technical consulting in the field of environmental engineering; conducting of scientific feasibility studies; provision of scientific information services relating to the safety of chemicals used in horticulture; provision of scientific information services relating to the safety of chemicals used in agriculture; scientific research relating to chemistry; collection and provision of scientific information relating to hydrology; scientific research relating to ecology; textile testing; quality testing of products of others to determine conformity with certification purposes; providing information in the field of product development; product research and development; design of carpets; designing of packaging and wrapping materials; design of curtains
The mark consists of Asian characters.
The non-Latin characters in the mark transliterate to "Huan Sheng Xian" and this means "Ecovero" in English.

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