Trademark: 90497726
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Tuesday, February 2, 2021
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Friday, January 29, 2021

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3 Baby wipes impregnated with a cleansing agent; wipes impregnated with lotions for personal care; wipes impregnated with lotions for household use; all purpose household cleaners; surface cleaners; toilet cleaners; glass cleaners; laundry detergent for household use; fabric softener for laundry use; dish detergent for household use; automatic dishwashing detergent; laundry bleach; bath and toilet soap; carpet cleaners
5 Disinfectants; disinfectants for household use; antibacterial preparations; antibacterial preparations for household use; sanitising preparations; sanitising preparations for household use; hand sanitizers; cloths, wipes, tissues and sponges impregnated with disinfectant; impregnated antiseptic wipes; sanitizing wipes; germicides; bactericides; deodorants, (other than for personal use); air freshening preparations; feminine hygiene products, namely tampons and sanitary napkins
16 Trash bags (paper and plastic), grocery bags; disposable diapers; facial tissues; toilet paper, paper towels; paper plates; paper napkins
21 Wipes impregnated with household cleaners
The mark consists of a leaf design.

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Feb 2, 2021
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