Trademark: 90454217
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Monday, January 11, 2021
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Thursday, January 7, 2021

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14 Earrings; Jewelry; Bracelets; Jewelry boxes; Jewelry cases; Jewelry chains; Jewelry charms; Bead bracelets; Bracelets; Bronze jewelry; Gemstone jewelry; Necklace and earring combinations that can be worn separately or as one piece; Pierced earrings; Presentation boxes for jewelry; Rings; Women's jewelry; Wooden bead bracelets
The mark consists of the words "OM LOVE LOVE" with a solid filled heart between the words OM and LOVE and a solid filled heart between the words LOVE and LOVE. Centered slightly above the words "OM LOVE LOVE" is the design that includes two hearts. The first is a solid filled heart shape in the center. The solid filled heart sits inside of a larger heart approximately twice the size. This larger heart is created from negative space made from fortyeight straight lines extending outward at three different lengths. There are twelve short length lines at approximately half the distance to the outer edge. There are twentyfour medium length lines at approximately twothirds the distance to the outer edge. There are twelve long length lines that terminate at the outer edge. The lines are in the pattern of one short line one medium line one long line and one medium line. The outside edge of the design appears to form a circle from the ends of the longest of the lines. Varying sizes of small stars dots circles and some organic shapes fit between all the outward extending lines and do not overlap them also leaving some negative space. The largest of the shapes is no more than ten percent the size of the solid heart in the center of the design. The varying shapes are between all the lines extending to the outer edge of the longest lines reinforcing the appearance of an outer circle edge.

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Jan 11, 2021
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