Trademark: 90452876
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Monday, January 11, 2021
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Thursday, January 7, 2021

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11 Refrigerator shelving, drawers, bins and trays
21 Cookware for use in microwave ovens; Cookware, namely, pots and pans; Cookware, namely, steamers; Cookware, namely, roasting pans; Frying pans; Household utensils, namely, pot and pan scrapers, rolling pins, spatulas, turners, whisks, strainers, kitchen tongs, sieves, grill presses, graters, wire baskets to organize cooking utensils or to hold fruit; salad spinners; Insulated food bags for salads and sandwiches; Coolers for wine; Stainless steel cups; Stainless steel bowls; Stainless steel serving trays; pouring and straining spouts, skimmers, batter dispenser, basting spoons; Nonelectric griddles; Kitchen utensil crocks; Compostable and biodegradable plates, cups and trays; Dishes and plates; Potholders; Tea pots; Coffee pots; Pot lids; Pot cleaning brushes; Mugs; Cups and mugs; Waste bins for household use; Drinking glasses; Drinking straw dispensers; jugs; Carving boards; Cutting boards; Silicone baking cups; Silicone muffin baking liners; Reusable stainless steel water bottles sold empty; Reusable plastic water bottles sold empty; Dish drying racks; Dishwashing brushes; Plastic storage containers for domestic use; Carafes; Marshmallow cooking forks; Cooking utensils, namely, grills; Utensils for barbecues, namely, forks, tongs, turners; Cleaning brushes for barbecue grills; ice cube mold; Salt and pepper shakers; Dishers; Dishers for ice cream; Kitchen containers; Kitchen grinders, nonelectric; Rotating holders for kitchen utensils; Lunch boxes; Food storage containers; Reusable self-sealing lids for household use for bowls, cups, containers and the storage of food; Colanders; Cake domes, Cheese domes; cookery molds; Ice cubes molds; Nonelectric ice cream makers; Plastic egg holders for domestic use
The mark consists of the stylized words "ATLANTIC KITCHEN" where the word "ATLANTIC" appears above the word "KITCHEN." There are horizontal lines before and after the word "KITCHEN".

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Jan 11, 2021
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