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Monday, January 11, 2021
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Thursday, January 7, 2021

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7 Full line of mechanical parts for aircraft, namely, aircraft engines, air turbines, aircraft auxiliary power units for supplying electrical power, aircraft ignition systems, aircraft engine starters, aircraft compressed air pumps, aircraft hydraulic lifts, thrust reversers for aircraft engines; hydraulic valve actuators and hydraulic linear actuators for airplanes; hydraulic control systems for engines, other than for vehicles; hydraulic engines and motors for airplanes; hydraulic turbines for machines and engines other than land vehicles; hydraulic circuits for aircraft; pneumatic controls for machines, motors and engines; cowlings as parts of drive cooling machinery systems, other than for land vehicles; parts of machines, namely, cowlings, guards, and hoods; cowlings, namely, metal cover specially adapted for airplane engines; structural parts of aircraft, namely, nacelles comprised of an inlet cowl, fan cowls, pylon/strut, exhaust nozzle, and exhaust cone; exhaust ejector units for aircraft engines; firewalls for aircrafts; oil coolers for engines
9 Full line of aircraft electrical components, safety devices and computers; electronic aviation instrument systems and components, namely, aircraft engine and system monitor displays, aircraft instrument displays, and aircraft status indicators; flight control devices, namely, electronic controllers for aircraft; avionic equipment, namely, navigation, monitoring and communications systems, aircraft flight control systems, collision-avoidance systems; avionic sensor systems, namely, navigation systems; simulators for the steering and control of vehicles; aerospace hardware; aircraft fuel cells; ground handling equipment for aircraft; electric cables; power cables; gyros and amplifiers
12 Full line of structural parts for aircraft; aircraft pneumatic components, namely, pneumatic breaks, door openers, pumps, alternators, starters, valves, filters, and moisture separators; aircraft parts, namely, pneumatic deicers for aircraft; hoses in the nature of fuel line hoses, hydraulic hoses of rubber and plastic and air hoses all specifically adapted for use in aircraft; full line of non-metal aircraft interior components in the nature of panels, partitions and the like; doors for aircraft; skid tubes for aircraft; tow bars for aircraft; windows for aircraft; structural parts for helicopters
20 Full line of furniture for use in aircraft
35 Sales services for others, namely, sales of aerospace parts; sales services for a variety of goods, enabling customers to conveniently view goods from an Internet website and purchase the goods; distribution services in the field of wholesale aerospace supplies and accessories; online retail services promoting the sale of aerospace parts; online retail services featuring the sale of aerospace parts; providing inventory management services to the aerospace manufacturing, maintenance and repair of aircraft and aircraft components parts markets
37 Repair, maintenance, and modification of aircraft; aircraft maintenance and repair services; maintenance and repair services for aerospace parts
The mark consists of A stylized letter "A" contained within an incomplete circle with an opening at the top of the circle, allowing the point of the stylized letter "A" to extrude.

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Jan 11, 2021
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