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Monday, January 11, 2021
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Thursday, January 7, 2021

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7 electric garage door openers, electric door openers; vacuums; smart vacuums
9 Smart home display monitors; thermostats; heating, ventilation, and air conditioning controllers; temperature sensors; lighting switches; lighting controllers; electronic sprinkler controllers; landscaping controllers being controllers for sprinkler systems; environmental controllers being controllers for temperature; televisions; media display equipment, namely, display monitors; smart-home electronic controllers; wireless communications equipment being devices for data transmission; network routers; network communications equipment, namely, wireless routers; motion electronic door remote controllers; motion sensors; security display monitors; electronic digital door locks; security keypads; electronic doorbells; smart dimmers; smart plugs; smart light switches; smart netcams; smart lights; contact sensors; communication hubs; alarms, namely, burglar and anti-intrusion alarm alerts; alarm alert systems for monitoring homes and other buildings, comprised of security cameras and motion sensors; smart light bulbs; devices for expansion of internet connectivity; WiFi routers; smart door locks; smart home locks; computer hardware; digital audio and video players; media players; entertainment systems, namely, apparatus and instruments for transferring, receiving and storing sound, images and data in digital form on a home computer network; voice command and recognition software, speech to text conversion software; personal assistant software; home automation and home device integration software; wireless communication software for voice, audio, video, and data transmission; computer software used for controlling stand-alone voice controlled information and personal assistant devices; computer software for use to connect and control internet of things (IoT) electronic devices; computer software for connecting, operating, integrating, controlling, and managing networked consumer electronic devices, home climate devices and lighting products via wireless networks; computer software for others to use for the development of software to manage, connect, and operate internet of things (IoT) electronic devices; computer software to assist a user in operating a computerized handheld device; computer software for voice recognition and processing voice commands; computer software for personal information management; computer application software for handheld wireless devices, namely, software for controlling, integrating, operating, connecting, and managing voice controlled information devices, namely, cloud-connected and voice-controlled smart consumer electronic devices and electronic personal assistant devices; none of the aforesaid for professional photographic and cinematographic cameras including professional photographic and cinematographic specific accessories therefor and professional photographic and cinematographic software
11 microwave ovens for cooking; electric small kitchen appliances for domestic and commercial use, namely, electric coffee makers; electric air fryers; apparatus, namely, light bulbs; lighting fixtures; ceiling fans

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Jan 11, 2021
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