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Saturday, January 9, 2021
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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

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7 Radiators for vehicles; motorcycle carburetors; pistons for engines; piston rings; engine parts, namely, contact points; spark plugs; internal combustion engines land vehicle parts, namely, distributor rotors; ignition parts for internal combustion engines, namely, condensers; motorcycle alternators and parts therefor; distributors for vehicles; electric generators; ignition coils for automotive engines; ignition magnetos for engines; stators being parts of machines; oil filters; fuel filters; air filters for motorcycle motors and engines; oil pumps for land vehicles and parts for oil pumps; metal engine gaskets for vehicles; o-rings for use with motorcycles; mechanical and hydraulic lifts; motorcycle engine parts, namely, air cleaners; engine exhaust systems comprised of pipes, collector and muffler; motor mufflers; motorcycle exhaust pipes; engine exhaust tips; engine bearings; cylinders for motors and engines
9 Audio equipment for vehicles, namely, loud speakers for automotive audio systems; antennas; motorcycle helmets; sunglasses; safety goggles; tire pressure gauges; GPS navigation device; electric sockets; battery chargers; remote controls for operating vehicle alarms; signal mirrors; batteries for vehicles; circuit breakers; electrical switches; rectifiers; electric wire harnesses for automobiles; oil pressure gauges; tachometers; automotive measuring instruments, namely, water temperature gauges; cables for speedometers; motorcycle speedometers; electric switch housings
11 Motorcycle lights; LED light bulbs; headlights for vehicles; vehicle turn-signal light bulbs; tail lights for vehicles; vehicle reflectors; LED light strips for decorative purposes
12 Motorcycle frames; motorcycle kits comprising external structural parts of motorcycles; aero-dynamic fairings for vehicles; metal parts for vehicles, namely, automotive exterior and interior metal decorative and protective trim; luggage racks for motorcycles; motorcycle floorboards; motorcycle foot pegs; motorcycle engine guards; motorcycle bags, namely, tank bags, saddle bags, sissy bar bags and tail bags; motorcycle saddlebag guards; backrests adapted for vehicles; rear view mirrors; side view mirrors for vehicles; vehicle side view mirror covers; land vehicle parts, namely, windshields; trailer hitches; trailers; cup holders for vehicles; brake pads for vehicles; parts of motorcycles, namely, oil seals, mudguards, headlight mounts, gas tanks, radiator shrouds, air cleaners, air cleaner covers, air pumps, air scoops, license plate covers, headlamp trim rings, tires, tire valves, inner tubes, axles, shock absorbers, handle bars, handle bar grips, handle bar dampers, handle bar control levers, sissy bars, front dash panels, clutches and parts therefor, clutch master cylinder assemblies, clutch cables, clutch discs, brakes and brake parts, brake levers, brake calipers, brake cables, brake rotors, handle bar throttles, brackets for mounting saddlebags, mud flap brackets, chains, front dash panels, fitted dashboard covers, tail light grills, drag pipes, front forks, fuel lines, gas caps, hub caps, wheel hubs, hub assemblies, wheel spokes, kicker pedal kits, kickstands and parts therefor, side stands, shift levers, kickstart kits, master cylinders, engine mounts, engines, belt pulleys, belt pulley covers, sprockets, fenders, wheel rims, and transmissions and replacement parts thereof; motorcycle seats; vehicle seats; vehicle bumpers; anti-theft alarms for vehicles; fitted covers for vehicles; connecting rods for land vehicles other than parts of motors and engines; land vehicle engine rebuild kits, sold as a unit; gear shifts; gear shift covers; electric cigarette lighters for land vehicles; horns for vehicles
24 Flags of textile or plastic; unfitted fabric covers for vehicle seats; travelling blankets
The mark consists of a design of a motorcycle under which is the wording "WINGSTAR" in stylized form followed to the right by a wing design.

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Jan 9, 2021
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