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Wednesday, January 6, 2021
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Sunday, January 3, 2021

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40 Rectification of distilled spirits for others
The mark consists of a mirror image of a branch like decorative silhouette resembling a "handlebar" type mustache with leaf designs, and a small diamond shape immediately above the center of the image, where the nose of an individual would be. The handlebar type mustache silhouette is centered just above the words "WHISKY ON TAP" written in large stylized font, in all capitalized letters on a slight downward arch. The words "WHISKY ON TAP" are larger than the handlebar mustache image such that the handlebar mustache image curves and ends approximately above the letter "H" of the word "WHISKY" on one end, and the letter "T" of "TAP" on the other mirrored end. Just below the words "WHISKY ON TAP" is a second stylized decorative mirrored image resembling a blend between an "el bandito" and "imperial" type mustache, with chandelier style designs. This second stylized mustache is smaller in size than both the first mustache and the words "WHISKY ON TAP," such that the mustache ends below the letter "K" of the word "WHISKY" on one end, and between the letters "O" and "N" of the word "ON" on the other end. On each side of the second mustache, right above the curvature of the mustache and centered between the letters "K" and "Y" of the word "WHISKY" is a small round dot. This small round dot is mirrored on the curvature of the other side of the second mustache, centered below the letter "O" of "ON." When looked at from a distance the images of the logo overall, when taken in totality, resemble a silhouette of an individual with a mustache and goatee.

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Jan 6, 2021
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