Trademark: 90426177
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Friday, January 1, 2021
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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

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2 Oil paints for use in art; Fireproof paints; Printing inks; Enamel paints; Acrylic paints; Thinners for paints; Thickeners for paints; Siccatives for use as a drying agent for coatings and inks; Fixatives in the nature of varnishes for protection of watercolor paintings; tempera paints; Oil paints; Watercolor paints; Paints in the form of pens; Spray paint
16 Fountain pens; Scrapbook albums; Notepads; Paper; Kraft paper; Modeling clay; Polymer modelling clay; Pencil leads; Pencil holders; graphic representations; Drawing instruments; Pencils; Automatic pencils; Charcoal pencils; Cardboard; Wood pulp paper; Paint brushes; Artists' brushes; Writing brushes; Molds for modelling clays; Modeling materials and compounds for use by children; Spray chalk; Chalk for lithography; Writing chalk; Tailors' chalk; Marking chalk; Easels; Maulsticks; Palettes for painters; Artists' pastels; Modeling paste; Pencil cases; Fountain pens; Drawing pens; Writing instruments; Ink for writing instruments; Stands for pens and pencils; Writing implements; Erasers; Marker pens; Office stationery; Pencil sharpeners, electric or non-electric; Moulds for modelling clays; Artists' watercolour saucers; Writing ink; Correcting ink; Inkwells;Permanent markers; Dry erase markers; Oil pastels; Canvas panels for artists; Art paper rolls; Canvas boards for painting; Art prints on canvas; Printing blocks; Drawing pads; Sketchbooks; Sketch pads; Mechanical pencils; Watercolor pencils; Crayons; Colored pencil storage cases; Display easels; Art easels; Painting palettes; Chalk pens; Chalk marker; Chalk pastel; Calligraphy ink; Ink for drawing; Airbrush paint; Paintings in the nature of gouaches; Printing cliches
The mark consists of the term "Art" in stylized font above the term "Whale" in stylized font, wherein three (3) circles are featured to the right of the term "Art" and above the term "Whale," all above a depiction of a whale.

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Jan 1, 2021
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