Trademark: 90424392
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Friday, January 1, 2021
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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

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1 chemicals; ion-exchange resins (chemical preparation); ion-exchange resin membranes (chemical preparation); activated carbon; reducing agents; flocculants; catalytic agents; water purifying agents; chemicals for treating water; cellulose; cellulose derivatives; thickeners; soil stabilizing agents; ungluing preparations; dispersing agents; hemicellulose; xylan; cellulose nanofiber; polylactic acid; lignin; glue and adhesives for industrial purposes; plant growth regulating preparations; fertilizers; ceramic glazings; priming putty; higher fatty acids; nonferrous metals; non-metallic minerals; chemical compositions for developing, printing and enlarging photographs; reagent paper (not for medical purposes); artificial sweeteners; flour and starch for industrial purposes; corn starch for industrial purposes; raw plastics; polyethylene resins; pulp; fiber reinforce materials
16 pastes and other adhesives for stationery or household purposes; lids of paper; containers of paper, for packaging; shock-absorbing buffers of paper; cardboard cartons; bags of plastics, for packaging; food wrapping plastic film for household purposes; kitchen paper; garbage bags of paper; garbage bags of plastic; paper patterns; tailors' chalk; hygienic hand towels of paper; towels of paper; table napkins of paper; handkerchiefs of paper; hand towels of paper; wet tissue papers; paper hygienic pre-moist wipes body wipes, made of paper and body wipes, made of cellulose; non-woven wet tissue papers; wet tissue papers for pets; baggage tags; toilet seat sheets, made of paper; simple shopping bags, made of paper or plastic; paper covers for tissue paper boxes; paper tablecloths; paper and cardboard; printing paper; wrapping paper; paper board; white paperboard; linerboard for corrugated cardboard; corrugated cardboard and corrugated fibreboard; heat sensitive paper; tissue paper; toilet paper; gummed paper; waterproof paper; anti-rust paper; cellulose sheets for wrapping; stationery; labels made of paper or cellulose; envelopes; seals (stationery); self-adhesive tapes for stationery or household purposes; printed matter
17 electrical insulating materials; chemical fiber, not for textile use; rock wool; slag wool; asbestos; shock-absorbing buffers of plastic; plastic sheeting for agricultural purposes; condenser paper; vulcanized fiber; asbestos paper; cellulose sheets, not for wrapping; plastic semi-worked products; plastic film, other than for wrapping; plastic semi-worked products; conductive films; fiber-reinforced plastic boards; rubber (raw or semi-worked); soundproofing materials of rock wool, not for building purposes; glass fibres for insulation
19 building materials (non-metallic); plastic building materials; synthetic building materials; asphalt, and asphalt building or construction materials; rubber building or construction materials; plaster for building purposes; lime building or construction materials; building or construction materials of plaster; rockslide retention nets of textiles (construction materials); plastic waterproofing materials for construction; coating film waterproofing materials for construction; erosion control mats integrating plants seeds; building timber; wood pulp board for building; veneer wood; floors, not of metal paper flooring; non-metal roofing; moulds for concrete, not of metal; building glass; nonmetallic mineral materials (unworked or partly worked)
31 vegetables, fresh; fresh fruit; animal foodstuffs; seeds and bulbs; trees; grasses (plants); turf, natural; seedlings; saplings; flowers (natural); pasture grass; potted dwarfed trees (bonsai); wood chips for the manufacture of wood pulp; glycyrrhiza plant, raw; Forest industry products, raw; raw tinber
The mark consists of the stylized letter "O".

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Jan 1, 2021
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