Trademark: 90419635
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Thursday, December 31, 2020
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Monday, December 28, 2020

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2 Finger paints
8 Scissors for children; Table knives, forks and spoons for babies
9 Decorative magnets in the shape of numbers, letters, animals; Magnifying glasses; Refrigerator magnets
11 Battery-operated night lights; Electric torches for lighting; Light projectors; Projection spotlights
12 Sun-blinds adapted for automobiles
16 Bookmarks; Calendars; Chalk; Crayons; Erasers; Pencils; Postcards; Prints; Scrapbooks; Stickers; Artists' watercolor saucers; Arts and craft paint kits; Children's activity books; Children's wall stickers and murals; Coloring books; Coloured pens; Drawing boards; Drawing instruments; Drawing pens; Drawing rulers; Gift bags; Glitter for stationery purposes; Glue for stationery or household use; Magnetic decals; Marker pens; Modeling clay for children; Oil pastels; Origami folding paper; Paint brushes; Painting sets for children; Pencil cases; Picture cards; Scratch cards; Scratch pads; Sketch pads; Temporary tattoo transfers
18 Purses; Umbrellas for children
20 Cabinets for display purposes; Display cases; Hand-held folding fans; Hand fans; High chairs for babies; Mats for infant playpens
21 Chopsticks; Cups; Dinnerware; Dishes; Coasters, not of paper or textile; Drinking cups for babies and children; Tea sets
25 Raincoats; Bibs, not of paper
28 Chessboards; Dice; Dominoes; Kaleidoscopes; Kites; Marionettes; Puppets; Puzzles; Swings; Yo-yos; Baby gyms; Baby multiple activity toys; Baby rattles; Balls for games; Board games; Bubble making wand and solution sets; Building games; Card games; Checkers games; Chess games; Children's educational toys for developing fine motor, cognitive, counting skills; Children's multiple activity toys; Children's toy bicycles other than for transport; Clockwork toys; Counters and marbles for games; Dart games; Disc toss toys; Drawing toys; Educational card games; Educational toys in the nature of an illustrated wall map; Infant toys; Inflatable toys for swimming pools; Magic tricks; Musical toys; Paper dolls; Parlor games; Play tents; Playground slides; Playhouses for children; Playing cards; Plush toys; Push toys; Remote-controlled toy vehicles; Rocking horses; Role playing toys in the nature of play sets for children to imitate real life occupations; Sand toys; Self-erasing toy drawing boards; Skipping ropes; Spinning tops; Stacking toys; Tabletop games; Toy boxes; Toy building blocks; Toy chemistry sets; Toy clocks and watches; Toy construction sets; Toy harmonicas; Toy insect cages; Toy jewelry; Toy masks; Toy model guitars; Toy models; Toy music boxes; Toy pianos; Toy putty; Toy sets of carpenters' tools; Toy telescopes; Toy weapons
35 On-line wholesale and retail store services featuring toys, art, games and education, mother and baby products
The mark consists of the stylized wording "mideer".
The wording "mideer" has no meaning in a foreign language.

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Dec 31, 2020
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