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Tuesday, December 29, 2020
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Friday, December 25, 2020

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2 Coating compositions in the nature of paint containing thermosetting resins and thermoplastic resins used to coat metal products, for industrial applications; Coating preparations having water repellent properties; Coatings in the nature of finishes for stainless steel sheet, strip, and plate, which provides a decorative appearance; Coatings in the nature of industrial sealants for waterproofing and surface hardening; Coatings in the nature of protective hard coat finishes that prevent scratches, water damage and stains; Coatings, namely, stains and clear finishes for exterior and interior use on a variety of substrates; Abrasion-resistant coating compositions for polymeric and other substrates; Anti-corrosive coatings; Anti-tarnishing preparations for coating metals; Architectural protective coatings; Clear coating protectant for aluminum surfaces; Clear coating protectant for vehicles; Clear protective coatings for vehicles; Concrete moisture barrier coating; Corrosion inhibitants in the nature of a coating; Exterior surface protective coatings; Fixatives in spray form for industrial use in the nature of an acrylic protective coating; Hard adherent refractory coatings for strength and corrosion resistance, namely, hard crystalline oxide coatings of aluminum oxide-magnesium with polytetrafluoroethylene for use on various aluminum alloys; Optical coatings; Polyurethane coatings for exterior and interior use on a variety of substrates; Polyurethane coatings for glass, metal, plastics and softgoods to prevent water damage, scratches and staining; Pre-treatment coatings for inorganic metal surfaces to improve adhesion and corrosion resistance; Protective coatings for display screens; Radiation curable coatings for concrete; Rust inhibiting preparations in the nature of a coating for use on vehicles; Rust preservatives in the nature of a coating; Rust preventatives in the nature of a coating; Sealer coatings for use in mobile devices, protective covers and cases, displays, circuit boards, softgoods and textiles; Vehicle corrosion inhibiting preparations in the nature of a coating

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Dec 29, 2020
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