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Thursday, November 19, 2020
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Monday, November 16, 2020

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2 Toner and ink jet cartridges; ink for printers
3 Disposable wipes impregnated with cleansing compounds for use on computer monitor screens, desks, phones, electronic equipment; cleaning spray, namely, canned pressurized air for cleaning and dusting purposes; cleaner for use on computer monitor screens, floors, desks, electronic equipment, glass; ink jet printer cartridge heads, laser jet cleaner sheets
8 Scissors, single edge razor blades, disposable tableware, namely, knives, forks and spoons
16 Adhesives for stationery purposes, binders, mechanical binder sets comprising book rings, loose leaf binders, clip boards, correction fluid for documents, correction tape for type, desktop organizers, organizers for stationery use, paper expanding files, hanging file folders, pencil holders, paper clip holders, wall files being document file racks, note pad holders, memo clips, wire memo spindles, namely, memo sorters, easels, easel pads, envelopes, facsimile transmission paper, file boxes for storage of business and personal record, flags, namely, document markers, index divider sheets, tags for index cards, paper hole punches, paper labels, push pins, thumbtacks, paper clips, magnetic clips for holding paper clips, memo books, memo pads, paper name badges, paper, paper fasteners, paper rolls for calculating machines, pens, pencils, pen ink refills, pencil lead refills, writing paper holders, book holders, paper expanding files, and desktop revolving rotary card files, document portfolios, note pads, circular stickers for reinforcing holes punched in paper, paper report covers, rubber bands, scratch pads, adhesive note pads, protective covers for sheets or paper and pages of books, cardboard boxes, cardboard cartons, adhesive backed plastic envelopes for attaching packing lists to shipping containers, plastic bubble packs and bags for packaging, biodegradable packing cardboard in a peanut shape, general purpose plastic bags, cardboard mailing tubes, paper for wrapping shipping packages, newsprint paper, tissue paper, adhesive packaging tape for stationery use, paper carton sealing tape, adhesive tape dispensers, rubber document stamps, date stamps, stamp ink refills and refill kits comprised of stamp pad ink and stamps pads, stamp pads, stenographer's notebooks, reporter's notebooks, legal pads, writing pads, drawing pads, calendars, plastic transparencies, desk pads, memorandum boards, general business printed paper signs, letter openers, glue for the office, glue sticks for stationery or household use, glue pens for stationery or household use, index cards, transparent adhesive tape for stationery purposes, desktop adhesive tape dispensers, binding combs, namely, binding materials for books and papers, composition books, electric staplers for offices, unsensitized photo paper, printer paper, namely, copy paper, desk calendar refills, card reels, namely, desktop revolving rotary card files, adhesive labels, poster board
17 Laminating supplies, namely, plastic film for use in laminating paper; poly-olefin film with a rubber adhesive used to protect surfaces; shipping supplies, namely, packing foam in sheet form, duct tape, strapping tape, masking tape; reusable nonpermanent adhesive putty
20 Non-metal holders for signs and desk name signs; plate display racks; magazine and brochure display racks, outdoor literature display racks; clear plastic holders for badges
27 Chair mats, floor mats
35 Retail store services and online retail store services featuring furniture, computer hardware, computer software, electronics, paper goods, computer peripherals, office supplies, and office machines; Retail mail order services and online catalog ordering services featuring furniture, computer hardware, computer software, electronics, paper goods, computer peripherals, office supplies, and office machines; photocopying services; distributorship services in the field of computers and related products, namely, computer peripherals and consumer electronics; providing a buy-back and trade-in program for used mobile phones and used wireless and electronic devices
36 Rental of offices and office space for co-working
37 Installation, maintenance and repair services for computers, computer hardware, computer peripherals, electronic hardware products, wireless electronic devices, computer systems and computer networking hardware networks; Installation and repair of office and commercial furniture; Technology support services for computers and handheld wireless devices, namely, troubleshooting in the nature of repair of computer hardware and handheld wireless devices; consultation about the repair of computer hardware and wireless electronic devices
39 Storage of goods for others; Shipping and parcel delivery services, namely, pickup, transportation, and delivery of packages and letters by various modes of transportation
40 Printing services; Assembly of office and commercial furniture
42 Installation, maintenance and repair services for computer software; information technology services, namely, installation, maintenance and repair services for computer software, information technology services, namely, computer consulting services for computer systems design, hardware and software procurement, integration, development, testing, computer systems networks management, server management, and desktop management; computer technology support services, namely, providing help desk services via on-site and remote centers and technical support services, namely, monitoring of network systems for others; remote monitoring of computer networks and servers for quality assurance, testing and determination of efficiency of operations; computer software development and customization services for others; data center services, namely, design of computer databases; information technology consulting services; Technology support services for computers and handheld wireless devices, namely, troubleshooting in the nature of diagnosing problems with computers, computer software and handheld wireless devices; computer software consultation, professional computer services, namely, network analysis, LAN/WAN design, wireless engineering, virtualization and computer project management; software development, design, configuration and programming services for others; computer security consulting services for maintaining the security and integrity of databases; monitoring, assessing and managing computer systems and computer networks for security purposes to protect data and information from unauthorized access; computer security consultancy

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Nov 19, 2020
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