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Wednesday, November 18, 2020
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Sunday, November 15, 2020

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5 Nutritional and dietary supplements formed and packaged as bars; Nutritional supplement energy bars; Nutritional supplement for eliminating toxins from the body; Nutritional supplement in the nature of a nutrient-dense, protein-based drink mix; Nutritional supplement meal replacement bars for boosting energy; Nutritional supplement shakes; Nutritional supplements; Nutritional supplements in the nature of nutritionally fortified soft chews; Nutritional supplements, namely, carbohydrates in powdered form; Nutritional supplements, namely, probiotic compositions; Nutritive substances for micro-organisms for medical use; Beverages containing chlorophyll for use as a nutritional supplement; Dietary and nutritional supplements; Dietary and nutritional supplements for endurance sports; Dietary and nutritional supplements used for weight loss; Ketogenic dietary and nutritional supplements; Ketogenic dietary and nutritional supplements used for weight loss; Liquid nutritional supplement; Mineral nutritional supplements; Powdered nutritional supplement concentrate; Powdered nutritional supplement drink mix; Powdered nutritional supplement drink mix and concentrate
9 Downloadable e-books in the field of nutrition
10 Medical braces for fitness
25 Hats; Leggings; Shirts; Bottoms as clothing; Leg shapers
28 Exercise weights; Fitness equipment, namely, a weighted bar to improve posture and overall fitness; Fitness equipment, namely, straps used for yoga and other fitness activities and for carrying a yoga mat; Fitness machines and equipment, namely, weights, treadmills, rowing machines, stair stepping machines, resistance machines, stationary cycles; Leg weights; Leg weights for exercising; Waist trimmer exercise belts; Sporting goods and equipment for speed training, namely, rings, cones, speed ladders, coaching sticks, training arches, ankle bands, resistance chutes, hurdles
32 Beauty beverages, namely, fruit juices and energy drinks containing nutritional supplements
35 Promoting awareness of the benefits of making health, wellness and nutritional changes in daily living to enable businesses to increase productivity and lower health care costs
41 Fitness boot camps; Personal fitness training services; Personal trainer services; Physical fitness consultation; Physical fitness studio services, namely, providing group exercise instruction, equipment, and facilities; Physical fitness training services; Providing fitness and exercise facilities; Providing education courses in the field of nutrition offered through online, non-downloadable videos and instructor assistance; Providing online non-downloadable e-books in the field of nutrition; Providing personal fitness training for nutrition; Publishing of books, e-books, audio books, music and illustrations
44 Nutrition counseling; Advisory services relating to nutrition; Counseling services in the fields of health, nutrition and lifestyle wellness; Dietary and nutritional guidance; Providing nutritional information about drinks; Providing nutritional information about food; Providing a web site featuring information on health and nutrition; Providing a web site that features information on children's nutrition; Providing a website featuring information about nutrition; Providing a website featuring information about health, wellness and nutrition; Providing healthy lifestyle and nutrition services, namely, personal assessments, personalized routines, maintenance schedules, and counseling; Providing information about dietary supplements and nutrition; Providing information in the field of nutrition; Providing information, news and commentary in the field of nutrition, health and wellness

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