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Thursday, May 13, 2021
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Friday, November 13, 2020

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1 Chemicals, namely, industrial chemicals, catalysts for use in the manufacture of industrial chemicals, chemical additives used in the manufacture of cosmetics, chromatography chemicals, petroleum-based and organic chemicals all for industrial use, organic chemicals for electronic industrial use, inorganic industrial chemicals for refractories, inorganic industrial chemicals for plastic fillers, and inorganic chemicals for industrial use; chemical preparations for general industrial manufacturing; adhesives for industrial use; plastics, unprocessed; unprocessed synthetic resins; artificial graphite for industrial purposes; natural graphite for industrial purposes; electrolyte solutions for batteries, namely, battery electrolytes; silicon carbide substrates for use as a raw material in the manufacture of electronic devices
3 Abrasive preparations, namely, abrasive powder made of ceramics for use in polishing a wide variety of goods, particles of ceramic in powder, grain and pellet form for surface treating of metal, glass, plastic, wood, crystal, quartz, semiconductor, stone objects, sapphire substrates and silicon carbide substrates; abrasive cloth; abrasive sand; cleaning preparations for personal use and non-personal use; cosmetics; neutralizers, namely, hair lotions and hair cream for permanent waving; waving preparations for hair
6 Alloys of common metal; aluminum and its alloys; aluminum foil; common metals, unwrought or semi-wrought; castings, foils, powder, and rolled, drawn or extruded semi-finished articles of aluminum or its alloys; aluminum alloy in the form of plates for magnetic discs
9 Hard disks, namely, blank hard disks for computers; magnetic recording media, namely, blank electronic storage media, blank digital storage media, and blank magnetic storage media; structural parts of computer printers for printing documents, namely, aluminum cylinders for photosensitive drums for printers; graphite electrodes for electric steel making furnaces; capacitors; semiconductor chips for use with LEDs; compound semiconductor epitaxial wafers for LEDs; silicon carbide epitaxial wafers for integrated circuits; anodes; cathodes; structural parts of video cassette recorders, namely, cylinders; high-performance liquid chromatography columns for laboratory use; solid-phase extraction cartridges for liquid chromatography for laboratory use; differential refractometer detectors for liquid chromatography laboratory use; electric conductivity detectors for laboratory and industrial use; eluent degassing instruments for high performance liquid chromatography for laboratory use; heat sinks for semiconductors, being electronic components; heat sinks for transistors, being electronic components; heat sinks for use in electronic components, namely, for integrated circuits
17 Raw and semi-worked rubber; synthetic plastic as semi- finished products in the form of foils, plates, rods, profiles, hoses, tubes, blocks; plastics in the form of sheets, films, blocks, rods, bars and tubes for use in manufacturing; carbon fibers not for textile use
19 Refractory bricks, not of metal; refractory castable mixes, not of metal; construction materials, not of metal, namely, extruded cement panels and fiber reinforced cement sidings; cement; mortar for building; drain pipes not of metal, made of cement; linoleum, plastic, synthetic and rubber wall claddings for building; floors of bricks, ceramic, linoleum, plastic, synthetic, asphalt, rubber, lime, cement, mortar, stone and glass
The colors blue, navy blue and passion orange are claimed as a feature of the mark.
The mark consists of the stylized wording "SHOWA DENKO" with "SHOWA" appearing above and slightly to the left of "DENKO". Blue is used in the letters "SHOWA" while navy blue is used in the letters "DENKO"; passion orange is used in a small triangle where the letters "S" and "D" are overlapping. The color white represents background, and/or transparent areas and is not part of the mark.
The English translation of the Japanese word "Showa" in the mark is the name of the era of one of the emperors of Japan. The English translation of the Japanese word "Denko" is an abbreviation of "denki kogyo" which in English means "electrical industry".

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