Trademark: 90318924
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Tuesday, November 17, 2020
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Friday, November 13, 2020

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17 Acoustic insulation panels; Acoustical insulation barrier panels; Bark coverings for sound insulation; Insulating fabrics; Insulating materials; Insulating refractory materials; Insulation materials, namely, composite sheets and panels comprising a reinforced cement core mechanically bonded to steel sheets on both outer surfaces for use in barriers, doors, ducts and ceilings; Insulation materials, namely, fire-resistant doors comprised of reinforced cement and steel; Soundproofing materials; Soundproofing materials for buildings; Soundproofing materials for buildings and machinery; Soundproofing materials of rock wool; Acoustic insulating materials; Asbestos fabrics for use as cable insulation; Fiberglass fabrics for building insulation; Fibreglass fabrics for insulation; Packing and insulating material; Reflective insulating materials for use in manufactured housing, doors, and ducts; Sealing and insulating materials; Sheets of plastic fabric used as an insulating infiltration barrier in building construction
The mark consists of the wording "BUSYBEES" in a standard character format, without claim to any particular font style, size, or color, and a stylized bee disposed under the wording "BUSYBEES".

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Nov 17, 2020
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