Trademark: 90317713
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Tuesday, November 17, 2020
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Friday, November 13, 2020

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7 food preparation machines, electromechanical; kitchen machines, electric; coffee grinders, other than hand-operated; mills for household purposes, other than hand-operated; dishwashers; mixing machines; wringing machines for laundry; washing machines (laundry); steam condensers (parts of machines); hand-held tools, other than hand-operated; radiators for cooling automobile motor; radiators (cooling) for motors and engines; motors, electric, other than for land vehicles; motors, other than for land vehicles; engines, other than for land vehicles; dynamos; joints (parts of engines); sealing joints (parts of engines); automobile water pump; automobile oil pump; pressure regulating valve; hydraulic valve; pneumatic controls for machines, motors and engines; hydraulic controls for machines, motors and engines; compressors for refrigerators; compressed air pumps; compressed air machines; taps (parts of machines, engines or motors); steam traps; pressure valves (part of machines); pumps (machines) ; pumps (parts of machines, engines or motors); condensing installations; compressors (machines); clack valves (parts of machines); valves (parts of machines); aerocondensers; filters being parts of machines or engines; heat exchangers (parts of machines); water separators; pressure regulators (parts of machines); speed governors for machines, engines and motors; water heaters being parts of machines; steam/oil separators; liquid reservoir (parts of machines); filtering machines
9 computer software, recorded; integrated circuit cards (smart cards); computer programs (downloadable software); computer operating programs, recorded; couplers (data processing equipment); monitors (computer programs); downloadable cellular phone applications; flashing lights (luminous signals); vehicle breakdown warning triangles; aerials; electro-dynamic apparatus for the remote control of signals; Global Positioning System (GPS) apparatus; cabinets for loudspeakers; sound transmitting apparatus; counters; surveying apparatus and instruments; inductors (electricity); flowmeters; electric wire harnesses for automobiles; coils, electric; electromagnetic coils; condensers (capacitors); regulating apparatus, electric; control panels (electricity); couplings, electric; relays, electric; inverters (electricity); resistances, electric; wire connectors (electricity); remote control apparatus; variometers; integrated circuits; semi-conductors; chips (integrated circuits); thermostats; semiconductor apparatus; transducer; heat regulating apparatus; electric installations for the remote control of industrial operations; respirators for filtering air; batteries, electric, for vehicles; battery chargers; solenoid valve
11 lights for vehicles; heating and cooling apparatus for dispensing hot and cold beverages; kettles, electric; coffee machines, electric; roasting apparatus; cooking utensils, electric; automatic defrosters for refrigerators; refrigerating containers; refrigerating chambers; refrigerators; refrigerating appliances and installations; cooling installations for liquids; freezers; refrigerating cabinets; components for air conditioning and cooling systems, namely evaporative air coolers; gas condensers, other than parts of machines; ventilation (air-conditioning) installations for vehicles; ventilation (air-conditioning) installations and apparatus; drying apparatus and installations; air purifying apparatus and machines; drying apparatus; heaters for vehicles; air conditioners for vehicles; air-conditioning installations; filters for air conditioning; air cooling apparatus; evaporative cooler; thermostatic valves (parts of heating installations); heat pumps; heating plates; evaporators; heat exchangers, other than parts of machines; heating elements; heating apparatus; pipe joint for water heating equipment; four-way pipe joint for water heating equipment; radiators (heating); pressure water tanks; heating installations; water softening apparatus and installations; water purifying apparatus and machines; radiators, electric
17 synthetic rubber; stops of rubber; rubber sleeves for protecting parts of machines; gaskets; joint packings; pipe gaskets; joint packings for pipes; shock-absorbing buffers of rubber; clack valves of rubber; water-tight rings; stuffing rings; rings of rubber; plastic strip; plastic rod; plastic board; fittings, not of metal, for rigid pipes; fittings, not of metal, for flexible pipes; plastic substances, semi-processed; junctions, not of metal, for pipes; flexible hoses, not of metal; insulators; insulating materials; non-conducting materials for retaining heat; dielectrics (insulators); expansion joint fillers; padding materials of rubber or plastics; stuffing of rubber or plastics

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Nov 23, 2020
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Nov 23, 2020
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Nov 17, 2020
Teas Amendment Entered Before Attorney Assigned
Nov 17, 2020
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Nov 17, 2020
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