Trademark: 90317575
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Tuesday, November 17, 2020
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Friday, November 13, 2020

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5 Protein Bars in the nature of nutritional supplement energy bars; Nutritional supplement energy bars
29 Dried Fruit; Dehydrated fruit snacks; Fruit-based snack bars; Dried fruit-based snack bars; Cold-pressed fruit-based food bars; Fruit-based food bars; Fruit-based food bars also containing seeds; Seed-based snack bars also containing fruit; Nut-based snack bars; Seed based snack bars; Coconut-based snack bars; Cut fruit and seed mixtures; Prepackaged meals consisting primarily of fruit and seeds; Fruit-based snacks also containing seeds; Seed-based snacks also containing fruit; Fruit and vegetable purees containing seeds; Seed purees containing fruits and vegetables; Organic cut fruit and seed mixtures; Organic fruit and vegetable purees containing seeds; Organic seed purees containing fruits and vegetables; Frozen fruits
30 Frozen confections; Frozen confections, namely, freezer pops; Fruit ice bars; Grain-based food bars also containing dried fruits; Cereal-based snack bars; Oatmeal-based snack bars; Puddings; Frozen puddings; Frozen puddings sold in bowls; Chia pudding; Frozen chia pudding; Chia pudding sold in bowls; Plant-based pudding; Organic puddings; Fruit sauces; Frozen fruit sauces
31 Fresh fruit
32 Smoothies; Frozen smoothies; Frozen smoothie bowls; Organic smoothies; Smoothie sold in bowls; Fruit- and seed-based smoothies sold in bowls; Smoothie kits
The mark consists of a circle where the bottom half is a flower with a heart-shaped strawberry in the center, and the top is a half-circle with rays emanating from the flower.

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Nov 17, 2020
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