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Tuesday, November 17, 2020
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Friday, November 13, 2020

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34 Tobacco and tobacco substitutes; Tobacco jars; Tobacco, cigars and cigarettes; Absorbent paper for tobacco pipes; Ashtrays for smokers; Ashtrays for smokers made of non-precious metals; Ashtrays, not of precious metal; Asian long tobacco pipe sheaths; Asian long tobacco pipes (kiseru); Chemical flavorings for the preparation of tobacco, namely, cigarette tobacco, chewing tobacco and snuff; Chewing tobacco; Cigar and cigarette boxes; Cigar and cigarette boxes not of precious metal; Cigar boxes; Cigar boxes not of precious metal; Cigar cases; Cigar cases of precious metal; Cigar clippers; Cigar cutters; Cigar holders; Cigar holders of precious metal; Cigar humidifiers; Cigar pouches; Cigar tubes; Cigar wraps; Cigarette tobacco; Cigarette boxes; Cigarette cases; Cigarette cases not of precious metal; Cigarette cutters; Cigarette holders; Cigarette holders not of precious metal; Cigarette lighter holders; Cigarette paper; Cigarette papers; Cigarette rolling machines; Cigarette rolling papers; Cigarette tubes; Cigarettes; Cigarettes and cigars; Cigarettes containing tobacco substitutes, not for medical purposes; Cigarillos; Cigars; Electric cigars; Electronic hookahs; Electronic smoking pipes; Filter tips; Filter-tipped cigarettes; Filtered cigars and cigarettes; Flavored tobacco; Hand-rolling tobacco; Hookah tobacco; Hookahs; Humidors; Leaf tobacco; Lighter flints; Lighters for smokers; Lighters for smokers; Liquefied gas cylinders for cigarette lighters; Match boxes not of precious metal; Match holders; Match holders not of precious metal; Matches; Menthol pipe tobacco; Mentholated tobacco; Mentholated pipes; Paraffin matches; Pipe cleaners for tobacco pipes; Pipe pouches; Pipe racks for tobacco pipes; Pipe tampers; Pipe tobacco; Pocket machines for rolling cigarettes; Roll your own tobacco; Rolling tobacco; Safety matches; Smokeless tobacco; Smokeless cigar vaporizer pipes; Smokeless cigarette vaporizer pipe; Smoker's articles, namely, filter tubes; Smokers' articles, namely, rehydration tubes; Smokers' clips for securing hand rolled cigarettes; Smokers' rolling trays; Smoking pipe cleaners; Smoking pipes; Smoking tobacco; Smoking urns; Snuff; Snuff boxes, not of precious metal; Snuff dispensers; Sulfur matches; Tobacco; Tobacco filters; Tobacco grinders; Tobacco pipe cleaners; Tobacco pipes; Tobacco pipes; Tobacco pouches; Tobacco powder, namely, snus; Tobacco tins

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Nov 17, 2020
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