Trademark: 90249171
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Thursday, October 15, 2020
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Monday, October 12, 2020

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14 Bracelets; Jewelry; Bracelets of precious metal; Dress watches; Jewelry chains; Jewelry charms; Jewelry for the head; Jewelry hatpins; Jewelry watches; Jewelry, namely, arm cuffs; Jewelry, namely, crosses; Jewelry, namely, stone pendants; Necklace and earring combinations that can be worn separately or as one piece; Necklaces; Necklaces made of leather, metals, beads, ribbon, sterling silver, gold, diamonds, precious stones, shells; Tie clips; Tie clips of precious metal; Ankle bracelets; Bangle bracelets; Bead bracelets; Body jewelry; Bracelets; Broaches being jewelry; Charity bracelets; Charm bracelets; Charms for bracelets; Charms for jewelry; Children's jewelry; Choker necklaces; Clasps for jewelry; Costume jewelry; Cuff bracelets; Cuff links and tie clips; Diamond jewelry; Gold jewelry; Hair jewelry in the nature of jewelry for use in the hair; Jewelry, namely, bracelets, wristbands and necklaces that also provides notification to the wearer of a pending medical related task; Jewelry, namely, magnetic necklaces; Key chains for use as jewelry; Leather jewelry and accessory boxes; Plastic bracelets in the nature of jewelry; Rings; Rubber or silicone wristbands in the nature of a bracelet; Scarf clips being jewelry; Snap jewelry; Stainless steel jewelry bracelets; Watch bracelets
16 Calendars; Book-cover paper; Book covers; Book binding materials; Book bindings; Book jackets; Book markers; Book marks; Address books; Blank journals; Blank writing journals; Bookbinding materials for creating hardcover books, namely, book covers, crack-and-peel binding paper, reinforcement strips, peel-and-stick labels, stapler and staples; Check book covers; Check book holders; Children's books; Composition books; Cook books; Copy books; Data books; Date books; Desk calendars; Exercise-book covers; Gift bags; Leather book covers; Note books; Personalized writing journals; Pocket calendars; Prayer books; Printed calendars; Protective covers for books; Protective covers for sheets of paper and pages of books and the like; Religious books; Wall calendars
21 Mugs; Mugs of precious metal; Coffee mugs; Coffee cups, tea cups and mugs; Cups and mugs; Earthenware mugs; Glass mugs; Insulated mugs; Porcelain mugs; Travel mugs
25 Dresses; Gloves; Hats; Pants; Shorts; Skirts; Socks; Caps with visors; Dress straps; Dress suits; Dresses for women, and girls; Hats for infants, babies, toddlers and children; Pants for women, men and children; Skirt suits; A-shirts; Ankle socks; Anklets; Babies' pants; Baseball caps; Bridesmaid dresses; Capri pants; Cocktail dresses; Crop pants; Denim skirts; Denims; Dress pants; Dress shirts; Evening dresses; Golf pants, shirts and skirts; Hooded sweat shirts; Jeggings, namely, pants that are partially jeans and partially leggings; Jumper dresses; Knit dresses; Knit skirts; Maternity clothing, namely, women; Nurse dresses; Panties, shorts and briefs; Pinafore dresses; Pleated skirts; Short-sleeve shirts; Short-sleeved shirts; Skirts and dresses; Sleep pants; Slipper socks; Sweat pants; Sweat shirts; T-shirts for women, men and children; Tee shirts; Tennis dresses; Thermal socks; Trouser socks; Tube dresses; Wedding dresses; Women's clothing, namely, shirts, dresses, skirts, blouses; Woven dresses
41 Book and review publishing; Book publishing; Interactive online web journals featuring self and online followers on website; Multimedia publishing of books, magazines, journals, software, games, music, and electronic publications; On-line journals, namely, blogs featuring self and online followers of website; On-line video journals, namely, vlogs featuring nondownloadable videos in the field of self and online followers of website; Publication of calendars; Publication of journals; Publication of books, magazines, almanacs and journals; Publication of books, of magazines, of journals, of newspapers, of periodicals, of catalogs, of brochures; Publication of texts, books, journals; Publishing of books, e-books, audio books, music and illustrations; Writing of articles for journals other than for advertising or publicity; Writing of articles for professional journals other than for advertising or publicity

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Oct 15, 2020
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