Trademark: 90245694
LV 1854
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Status Date
Tuesday, October 13, 2020
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Friday, October 9, 2020

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9 eyewear; sunglasses; spectacles; spectacle frames; spectacle lenses; spectacle chains; spectacle cords; spectacle cases; containers for contact lenses; sleeves for laptops; bags adapted for laptops; cases especially made for photographic apparatus and instruments; covers for smartphones; cases for smartphones; cell phone straps; protective films adapted for smartphones; hand grips, rings and stands adapted for smartphones; selfie sticks; protective face shields; protective masks; protective shin shields; mouse pads; binoculars; protective helmets for sports; sports whistles; directional compasses; apparatus and instruments for recording, transmitting, reproducing or processing sound or images; loudspeakers; headphones; earphones; hands-free kits for telephones; smartwatches; connected bracelets; computer software applications, downloadable; downloadable music files; digital or analogue recording and storage media; USB flash drives; smartphones; tablet computers; cameras; personal stereos; portable media players; compact disc players; cassette players; record players; microphones; phonograph records; sound recording discs; electronic devices charger; animated cartoons; computer game software, downloadable; electronic publications, downloadable; downloadable graphics for mobile phones; downloadable emoticons for mobile phones
14 jewellery; rings; earrings; cuff links; bracelets; bracelets made of embroidered textile; jewellery charms; brooches; chains; necklaces; pendants; lockets; amulets; presentation boxes for jewellery; pins; tie pins; tie clips; jewellery boxes; boxes of precious metal and their alloys; medals; pearls; semi-precious stones; precious stones; diamonds; bags charms; charms for key rings; key rings; statues of precious metal and their alloys; works of art of precious metal and their alloys; figurines and statuettes of precious metal; horological instruments; watches; wristwatches; watch straps; watch cases; dials; watch chains; chronometers; presentation boxes for watches; clocks; alarm clocks; chronometric instruments; movements for clocks and watches
18 bags; backpacks; handbags; travelling bags; valises; attaché cases; wheeled shopping bags; net bags for shopping; trunks; suitcases; travelling trunks; vanity cases, not fitted; travelling sets; garment and shoes bags for travel; hat boxes of leather; boxes of leather or leatherboard; pocket wallets; purses; card cases; business card cases; key cases; luggage tags; labels of leather; leather cord; leather or imitations of leather shoulder straps; leather or imitations of leather straps; girths of leather; leather and imitations of leather; bags to carry pets; collars for animals; leather leashes; clothing for pets; umbrellas; parasols; whips; walking sticks; saddlery; furniture coverings of leather
25 clothing; tee-shirts; shirts; short-sleeve shirts; overalls; waistcoats and vests; sweaters and pullovers; jerseys; knitwear; coats; jackets; parkas; raincot; overcoats; hoods; ponchos; suits; combinations; dresses; skirts; skorts; shorts; trousers; boxer shorts; leggings; underwear and underclothing; pajamas; nightshirt; dressing gowns; bath robes; swimsuits; bathing drawers; corsets; collars; detachable collars; ascots; cuffs and wristbands; kimonos; layettes; belts; money belts; scarves; shawls; stoles; bandanas; pocket squares; neckties; suspenders; gloves; fingerless gloves; mittens; muffs; ear muffs; neck tube scarves and neck gaiters; ornemental masks; headwear; hats; woolly hats; headbands; caps being headwear; cap peaks; socks; tights; stockings; sleep masks; footwear; shoes; sports shoes; boots; ankle boots; esparto shoes or sandals; sandals; gaiters; snow boot; slippers
The mark consists of a checker-board like pattern of various repeating and interlacing four leaf flower designs surrounding spaces with the lettering LV, the wording Since 1854 and 1854 interspersed throughout.

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Oct 13, 2020
New Application Entered In Tram

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