Trademark: 90227650
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Tuesday, October 13, 2020
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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

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1 Chemical products for use in the manufacture of medical preparations; Bacterial preparations other than for medical and veterinary use; Bacteriological preparations, other than for medical and veterinary use; Chemicals, namely, rheology modifiers for use in the field of coating materials; Industrial adhesives for use in coating and sealing; Chemical preparations to be applied to textiles, plastics and coatings to prevent damage from ultraviolet light; Waterproofing chemical compositions for articles of masonry, wood and other building and/or construction surfaces; Chemical preparations, namely, sprays, gels, glass protector, films, films with adhesive, and stickers, for use in preventing odors and microorganisms on touch surfaces; Chemical preparations to be applied to coatings to prevent damage from weather and elements; Adhesives for ceramic coating and ornamental paving; Acrylic polyols for the preparation of high performance industrial coatings; Chemical sealants used for buildings which penetrate through walls, floors and ceilings for fire prevention; Industrial chemicals
5 Antibacterial alcohol skin sanitizer gel; Antiseptic wipes; disposable sanitizing wipes; sanitizing wipes; disinfecting wipes; disinfectant wipes; antibacterial wipes; Disposable wipes impregnated with disinfecting chemicals or compounds therefor for use in hospitals, medical clinics and laboratories; Disposable wipes impregnated with disinfecting chemicals or compounds therefor for use on railings, countertops, toilet seats, door handles, tables, chairs and lift buttons; Rubbing alcohol; Alcohol for medicinal purposes; Alcohol for pharmaceutical purposes; Antibacterial handwashes; Antibacterial hand lotions; Tissues impregnated with antibacterial preparations; antibacterial cleaners; Antibacterial wipes; Antibacterial pharmaceuticals; Antibacterial spray; Antibacterial soap; Antivirals; Antiseptics; Antiseptic preparations; Antiseptic wipes; Disinfectants; Disinfectants for sanitary purposes; Disinfectants for hygiene purposes; Germicides
9 Cell phone covers; covers for smartphones; Flip covers for smart phones; Protective cases for cell phones; Protective covers for smartphones; Protective covers and cases for tablet computers; Protective covers for smartphones; Screen protectors comprised of tempered glass adapted for use with smartphones; Protective films adapted for computer screens; Protective films adapted for smartphones; Protective films adapted for tablet computer screens; Protective sports helmet accessories that attach to the helmets, namely, mouth guards, ear pads, throat protectors, chin straps, face masks, jaw pads and eye shields; Protective face masks for the prevention of accident or injury; Protective industrial face masks; Dust protective goggles and masks; Display screen filters adapted for use with computers, televisions, PC tablets, cellphones, excluding gaming apparatus; Motorcycle helmet face shields; Lenses for protective face shields; Protective face-shields for protective helmets; Workmen's protective face shields; Protective industrial face shields; Face shields for protection against fire; Bullet-resistant face shields; Lenses for protective face shields; safety goggles
17 Adhesive polymer film for use in commercial or industrial manufacturing; Adhesive plastic film for use in commercial or industrial manufacturing; Adhesive polymer film for use on touch surfaces; Polyvinylchloride film with an acrylic adhesive for the protection of glass and other fragile surface materials; Plastic film with various adhesives for the protection of touch surface and materials; Flexible plastic films for lamination; Flexible plastic films for touch surfaces; Plastic film for industrial and commercial packing use; Plastics films for industrial touch surfaces; Polyurethane film for use in sealing and insulating; Sealing and insulating materials; Cellulose acetate film used in the manufacture of self-adhesive protecting film for touch surface; Self-adhesive tapes, other than stationery and not for medical or household purposes; Protective acrylic spray coatings for insulating purposes; Adhesive packing tape for industrial or commercial use; Adhesive tape for industrial or commercial packing use; Double sided adhesive tapes, other than for stationery, household or medical use
The mark consists of an "N" overlaid over an "S" in stylized design to the left of a stylized wording "NANOSHIELD".

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