Trademark: 90225136
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Tuesday, October 13, 2020
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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

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3 Cosmetics; Perfumes; Bath preparations, not for medical purposes; Beauty masks; Chemical cleaning preparations for household purposes; Cleaning preparations; Essential oils; Eyebrow pencils; Facial cleansers; Hair nourishers; Lip glosses; Lotions for cosmetic purposes; Make-up foundations; Make-up removing preparations; Make-up sets; Pressed face powder; Scouring solutions; Shaving soaps; Sunscreen preparations; Washing preparations and laundry bleach
5 Antiseptics; Insecticides; Alcohol for pharmaceutical purposes; Antibacterial handwashes; Bandages for dressings; Bath preparations for medical purposes; Cotton swabs for medical purposes; Depuratives for the body; Disinfectant soap; Disinfectants for chemical toilets; Disinfectants for hygiene purposes; Drug delivery agents in the form of dissolvable films, coatings for tablets that facilitate the delivery of pharmaceutical preparations; Eye patches for medical purposes; Food for babies; Natural dietary supplements; Reagent paper for medical purposes; Sterilising preparations; Surgical dressings
6 Advertisement columns of metal; Alloys of common metal; Bolts of metal; Boxes of common metal; Buckles of common metal; Buildings, transportable, of metal; Common metals, unwrought and semi-worked, for further manufacture; Door fittings of metal; Fittings of metal for furniture; Furniture fittings of metal; Laths of metal; Metal chains; Metal hardware, namely, springs; Metal spacer brackets; Pipe tubes of metal; Portable trade show display booth made primarily of metal; Reinforcing materials of metal for building; Sash fasteners of metal for windows; Staircases of metal; Wire of common metal
7 Bobbins for weaving looms; Carding machines; Components for machines and machine tools, grinding machines, material handling machines, food processing machines, chemistry processing machines and textile industry machines, namely, sand, chemical and reverse osmosis filters; Darning machines; Electric hand-held drills; Knitting machines; Lace making machines; Leather-working machines; Machines for processing plastics; Pedal drives for sewing machines; Rotary steam presses, portable, for fabrics; Sewing machines; Shears, electric; Sliders for knitting machines; Slides for knitting machines; Spinning frames; Stitching machines; Textile making-up machines; Textile tentering machines; Wheels being parts of machines; Yarn reeling machines; Yarn spinning machine
9 Cameras; Computers; Headphones; Apparatus for transmission of communication; Audio- and video-receivers; Battery chargers; Clothing for protection against accidents, irradiation and fire; Computer peripheral devices; Electronic chips for the manufacture of integrated circuits; Global positioning system (GPS) apparatus; Mobile telephones; Portable media players; Protective footwear for the prevention of accident or injury; Protective glasses; Protective industrial boots; Protective industrial footwear; Protective industrial shoes; Security surveillance robots; Shoes for protection against accidents and fire; Smart watches; Tablet computers; Tablet computer; Telecommunication apparatus in the nature of wireless receivers in the form of jewelry; Theft alarms; Video screens; Electric navigational instruments; Protective face masks for the prevention of accident or injury
10 Cannulae; Stents; Abdominal belts; Air cushions for medical purposes; Beds specially made for medical purposes; Body rehabilitation apparatus for medical purposes; Clothing especially for operating rooms; Cooling pads for first aid purposes; Gloves for medical purposes; Ice bags for medical purposes; Masks for use by medical personnel; Medical apparatus and instruments for use in surgery; Medical diagnostic apparatus, analytical apparatus for medical purposes and blood pressure measuring apparatus; Radiotherapy apparatus; Sanitary masks for medical wellness purposes; Sterile sheets, surgical; Surgical drapes; Suture materials; Therapeutic facial masks; Thermometers for medical purposes
21 Chopsticks; Car washing mitts; Cloths for cleaning; Coffee services in the nature of tableware; Cooking pot sets; Cooking pots; Dishers; Disposable table plates; Drinking bottles for sports; Drinking vessels; Gloves for household purposes; Kitchen mitts; Lunch boxes; Mixing spoons; Pads for cleaning; Scrubbing brushes; Swabs and sponges for cleaning medical instruments; Table napkin holders; Tea services in the nature of tableware; Watering cans; Christmas tree watering device in the nature of a funnel
22 Linters; Ropes; Tarpaulins; Tents; Bivouac sacks being shelters; Body bags; Down feathers; Eiderdown; Feathers for bedding; Flock for stuffing; Packaging bags of textile material; Raw fibrous textile; Raw silk; Rice straw bags (tawara); Sacks or bags for the transportation or storage of materials in bulk; Silk fibers; Synthetic fibers and filaments for use in the manufacture of fabrics, textiles, yarns, and carpets; Textile fibers; Wadding for filtering; Wadding not of rubber, paper or plastic for padding and stuffing; Wool; Woven fibers of nylon, cotton, basalt for textile use
24 Towels; Bath linen, except clothing; Bed covers; Bed linen; Blankets for household pets; Cotton fabrics; Fabrics for textile use; Gauze fabric; Household linen; Linen cloth; Mosquito nets; Non-woven textile fabrics; Sheet sets; Sleeping bags; Sleeping bags for camping; Textile substitute materials made from synthetic materials; Textile used as lining for clothing; Towels made of textile materials; Unfitted fabric furniture covers; spandex, cotton fabric for use as a textile in the manufacture of clothing, furniture upholstery
The mark consists of wording "KIEYYUEL" in stylized font. The upper half of letter "K" is designed with three diagonal lines.
The wording KIEYYUEL has no meaning in a foreign language.

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Oct 3, 2020
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