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Tuesday, October 13, 2020
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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

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9 Hearing protection headsets, not for medical use, namely, headsets comprising single or double earmuffs with sound receiver or microphone or both and hearing protection communications systems for use with communication radios, intercom systems, or other communications network transceivers, said systems comprising headsets; chronograph for measuring velocity of firearm ballistics and projectiles from weapons and toy weapons; anemometer, cameras; video cameras; protective eyewear, namely, glasses for protecting the eyes while shooting; covers for optic scopes; electronic wind meters for the purpose of measuring wind speed
10 Ear plugs for hearing protection while shooting; ear plugs for noise reduction; hearing protectors without the ability to reproduce or transmit sound, namely, hearing protection headsets, range muffs in the nature of protective ear muffs worn at shooting ranges, and ear muffs for hearing protection
13 Support devices for firearms, namely, shooting rests; shooting bags for use as shooting rests; shooting bipods, shooting tripods; shooting accessories, namely, shooting benches in the nature of a portable table and stool combination, consisting of a non-metal flat surface and metal base, specially adapted for use with shooting of firearms; firearm attachments, namely, mounts for attaching accessories to a firearm; firearm attachments, namely, electric barrel cooler for cooling the barrel of a firearm; ammunition magazine holsters; holsters; straps and mounts for holsters; firearm slings; covers for firearms; apparatus for catching ejected brass pieces from firearms in the nature of nets and mesh bags; parts for ammunition magazines, namely, ammunition magazine couplers, ammunition magazine caps; bags specifically adapted to carry firearms, shooting accessories and ammunition
25 Gloves; hats
28 Targets, target stands
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