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Tuesday, February 11, 2020
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Friday, February 7, 2020

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2 Chemical preparations for inhibiting corrosion; chemical preparations for use as corrosion inhibitors; rust preventatives
6 Steel strapping, strapping accessories, eg. seals/buckles; baskets of metal; bins of metal; boxes for storage purposes (metal); buckles of metal for connecting webbing and chain; cages of metal; collapsible containers of common metal; collars of metal; containers of metal for chemicals; containers of metal for transport purposes; containers of metal for transporting hazardous liquids; containers of metal for transporting non-hazardous liquids; metal containers for use with hazardous or dangerous substances; crates of metal; foldable containers of metal; hand railings of metal; handling pallets of metal; loading pallets of metal; lockable security containers made of metal; materials handling containers of metal; metal barricades for roads; metal barriers; metal drums; metal ladders; metal road signs; metal shelf brackets; metal shelving (other than furniture); metal signposts; metal skips; metal step ladders; metallic staples (other than stationery); mobile pallets made of metal; mobile platforms (scaffolding) of metal; mobile steps (ladders) of metal; mobile storage racks (structures) of metal; packaging containers of metal; packaging containers of paper, plastic and metal, metal predominating; packing (cushioning and stuffing) materials of metal; packing containers of metal; pallet racks of metal; pallet surrounds of metal; portable pallet racks of metal; portable shelters of metal; portable signs (non-luminous, non-mechanical) of metal; portable warning cones (non-luminous, non- mechanical) of metal; protective containers of metal for storing goods; racking (structures) of metal for storage and transport purposes; racks (structures) of metal; railway material of metal; ramps of metal; refuse skips of metal; relocatable metal storage racks (structures); relocatable metal storage units (other than furniture); relocatable non-metallic storage racks (structures); road humps (portable) of metal for slowing traffic; road signs of metal (non-mechanical, non-luminous); security containers of metal; shelf dividers of metal (other than parts of furniture); shelf supports of metal (other than parts of furniture); shelf units (structures) of metal; shelters (building structures) of metal; shelving frames of metal (other than furniture); shelving made of metal (other than furniture); shop display fittings of metal (other than furniture); shop fittings of metal; sign frames of metal; signboards of metal; signposts made of metal; signs, non-luminous and non-mechanical, of metal; soundproof cabinets (structures) of metal; speed humps of metal for slowing traffic; stackable containers of metal for the transport of materials; stackable trays of metal for the packaging of materials; stillages of metal; storage frames (structures) of metal; storage modules (structures) of metal; storage shelves (structures) of metal; storage units of metal (other than furniture); storing boxes of common metal; timber connectors of metal; tool boxes of metal (empty); traffic signs of metal (non-metallic, non-luminous and non-mechanical); transport containers of metal; transport pallets of metal; transportable structures of metal; vehicle ramps of metal; waste bins (skips) of metal for industrial use; wine racks (structures) of metal; wire cages (structures) of metal; work platforms (scaffolding) of metal; metal baskets, cages, crates, pallets, containers, collars, drums, bins, and cans; metal containers for storage or transport; packing and packaging containers of metal; metal boxes and protective containers for storage purposes; collapsible and foldable containers of metal; materials handling bins and containers of metal; containers of metal for chemicals and transporting hazardous and non-hazardous liquids; security containers of metal, including those which are lockable; metal handling and loading pallets; metal transport pallets; metal mobile pallets; metal stillages; metal pallet surrounds and frames; non-electric cables and wires of common metal; straps of metal for load handling; metal strapping and ties; metal straps for securing pallets, containers and cages; metal binding strips used on packaging; metal ropes; metal shackles; metal bracings; braces of metal for handling loads; bands of metal for tying-up purposes; strings of metal for handling loads; articles made of common metals for handling, lifting, restraining and transporting loads; metal stoppers for industrial packaging containers; metal ladders and step ladders; metal skips and refuse skips; metal dispenser containers; pallet racks of metal, including those which are portable; storage frames, modules and shelves (structures) of metal; mobile and relocatable metal storage racks (structures) of metal; metal storage units (other than furniture) including those which are relocatable; metal shelf dividers, supports and frames (other than parts of furniture); metal ramps; metal brackets; metal materials for building and construction; transportable buildings and structures of metal; sign frames and signboards of metal; metal traffic signs (non-luminous and non-mechanical); metal portable signs and warning cones (non-luminous, non-mechanical); safes; small items of metal hardware; chocking of metal; common metals and their alloys, ores; bolts (flat); bolts of metal; fixing bolts of metal; metal foil for wrapping purposes; metallic wraps; valves of metal, including breathing valves; accessories, parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods allowed in this class
20 Clips made of plastics; Corner protectors of plastics; Ladders made of plastics; Ladders of wood or plastics; Non-electric ducting made from plastics materials; Plastic edging materials for shelving; Plastic racks for tools; Plastic road cones; Shelves made of plastics materials; Shelves of combined metal, plastic or glass; Signboards of plastics; Signboards of wood or plastics; Step ladders made of plastics; Step stools made of plastics; Steps (ladders), made from plastic; Strips of plastic for protecting the edges of furniture; Tags made of plastics materials (other than stationery); Handling pallets, not of metal (including collars, dividers and surrounds); Loading pallets, not of metal; Mobile pallets made of non-metallic materials; Non-metal pallets for transportation; Non-metallic pallets; Wooden pallets (including collars, dividers and surrounds); Pallet racking; Transport pallets, not of metal; Non-metallic containers (other than for household or kitchen use); non-metallic containers for storage purposes, handling of goods, transport purposes or for use with hazardous substances (other than for household or kitchen use); protective containers of non-metallic materials for packing and storing goods; non-metallic tool storage containers; non-metallic transportable containers for gases; oil-drainage containers (non-metallic); bins, not of metal; collapsible bins, not of metal; plastic bins; fire resistant lockable containers; handling, transport and loading pallets, not of metal (including collars, dividers and surrounds); fibreglass handling, transport and loading pallets; handling, transport and loading pallets of composite materials; transport and container pallets, not of metal; non-metallic corner fittings for containers; non-metallic overcapping closures for containers; non-metallic corner protectors; plastic corner protectors; clips made of plastics; non-metallic shelves; spears (valves), not of metal for use with containers; non-metallic load restraining and supporting apparatus for use with transportable freight containers; valves, not of metal, other than parts of machines; packing cases made of wood; non-metallic containers for use with hazardous or dangerous substances (other than for household use); accessories, parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods allowed in this class

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