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Tuesday, February 11, 2020
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Thursday, February 6, 2020

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8 handheld car ice scraper; household and chef knives; cutlery; namely, forks, spoons, knives, telescoping forks, soup and spoon sets comprising spoons and soup bowls; flatware, namely, sushi knives; non-electric kitchen products, namely, non-electric food and vegetable slicers; Disposable plastic cutlery, namely, knives, forks, spoons; Hand tools, namely, hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, ratchet wrenches, socket sets, hand saws, hoes, rakes, shovels, spades, trowels, weeding forks; tool aprons; tool belts; cocktail stirring spoons; household utensils, not of precious metal, namely, non-electric peelers; household utensils of precious metal, namely, non-electric peelers
10 Cups for dispensing medicine; Spoons for administering medicine; Pill splitters for dispensing unit doses of medicine; Medicinal catheters; Dropper bottles for administering medication, sold empty; eye droppers; Medical devices, namely, dressing change trays, alternating pressure pumps, and pads, disposable bedside bags, single-use cold and hot compresses, adhesive tape removal pads, enternal gravity feeding apparatus, sharps containers, skin scrub trays, bio-hazard bags for storing medical waste, resting electrodes, I.V. start kits consisting essentially of catheters, catheter placement device, tape, tourniquet, iodine prep capsule, alcohol swab, gauze, sponges, ointments, adhesive bandages, and identification labels; and shaving preparation sets comprised essentially of disposable razor and shaving cream; surgical, medical and dental apparatus, instruments, appliances, and supplies, namely, needle holders, I.V. needle caps, surgical blade handles, and forceps; electrosurgical products for medical use, namely, electrosurgical generators, electrosurgical pencils, and medical electrodes; surgical shears and spreaders; endoscopic instruments; neurosurgery instruments, namely, retractors, saws, dissectors, and elevators; rectal, lacrimal, and disposable oximeter probes; medical and surgical scissors; medical instrument stringers and holders; surgical instrument identification tape and sheets; speculums; anesthesia masks; oxygen masks, oxygen tubing and bags, oxygen regulators, oxygen conservers and concentrators, and oximeters all for medical applications; respiratory regulators for artificial respiration, nasal aspirators; blood transfer and collection sets comprising blood collection tube holders, needles, gauges, and I.V. catheters; injection instruments with needles; bath guards for physical therapy and rehabilitation purposes; glucose monitoring systems comprising meter, case, test strips, control solutions, and lancing devices; opthalmoscopes; otoscopes; disposable pen lights for medical use; stethoscopes; vital signs monitors; nebulizers; medical patient alarms and monitoring devices for monitoring patient or resident movement; hand protectors to prevent tube removal or tampering; stretchers and belts therefor; intravenous feeding tubes; containers, brackets and cabinets for medical waste; medical bags adapted for and sold with medical and surgical instruments; plastic bags for transmitting medical specimens; medical bags sold empty; paper bags and envelopes for sterilizing medical instruments; sterilization trays and containers; silicone mats for sterilization trays; containers specifically adapted for the transport of medical waste; guards, trays and covers specifically adapted for medical instruments; sterile procedure kits composed of pouches and tubing for use in steam/gas sterilization; sterilization monitoring products for use in monitoring sterility of medical instruments; sterilization wrap for medical instruments; reusable medical electrodes; medical furniture, namely, overbed tables and footstools; supports for general medical use; canes for medical purposes; crutches; invalid walkers and lifts; patient examination and/or treatment tables; medical patient treatment chairs; medical chart holders; medical carts and accessories, namely, cups dispensers, magnetic flex lights, bin labels, medication cart cassettes; urine collector and specimen containers for medical use; I.V. stands for medical use; protective drapes for operating room and medical treatment and apparel for medical use; catheter trays; irrigation trays for medical use; dressing change trays for medical use; medical kits comprising combinations of medical instruments, namely, forceps, hemostats, curettes, speculae, clamps, scalpels, specimen tubes, and wound dressings; patient prep materials, namely, medical gloves, cotton-tipped applicators for medical use, wash basins for medical use, urinals for medical purposes, bedpans, medical specimen collectors, denture containers, and orthodontic pacifiers; medical hosiery, namely, elastic hose supporters, knee high hose and thigh high hose; elastic bandages and wraps; abdominal pads; padding for orthopedic casts; incontinence sheets and underpads used for bedding; disposable armboards; Hospital and surgical instruments -namely, syringes and needles; surgical scalpels and blades; suction absorbent cotton balls and sponges; stomach tubes; emesis basins and covers; latex bulbs; finger splints; nipple caps; plastic bandages; pelvic traction belts; clavicle straps and pads; enema kits comprising enema apparatus and enema preparations; respiratory equipment for infants; gauze packing strips; gauze tubing; cloth medical dressing; bed equipment for surgery; rubber bags for use in connection with respiratory equipment; blood pressure measuring equipment; sterilizers; sanitary urinals; stitch pincers; surgical scissors; blood lancets; suture removal kits; specimen containers; splints; intravenous arm boards; blood collectors; oral and rectal thermometers; percussion hammers for medical use; irrigation trays; stopcocks; observation tube glass; surgical instruments; needles and stylets; drainage bags; crutch tips; porous tapes; swabs; pan covers; face masks; surgical gloves; wrist restraints; X-ray detectable woven gauze sponges; Medical apparatus, namely, foam wedges and underpads for use with low-friction sheets for use in moving, positioning and transfer of patients to, from, or on a bed, stretcher, gurney or floor; elastic bandages; disposable endoscope transportation trays; floor mats used during operations and other medical procedures; bath safety products adapted for use by the physically disabled, namely, shower chair, shower stools, toilet safety frames, toile safety rails, transfer benches, raised toilet seats, shower rails and grab bars, bedside commodes; medical products, namely, cannulated screw system comprised of implantable screws and associated surgical instruments; medical braces for elbow, knee, supports for back, knee, ankle and wrist for medical use; compression bandages; Surgical and medical apparatus and instruments for use in general surgery; Medical apparatus and instruments for use in surgery; surgical gowns and garments; Hospital garments for hospital personnel, namely, medical wearing apparel, namely, scrubs shirts and medical gowns, scrub pants, uniforms, coats, lab coats, jackets; orthotic heel protectors with stretch panels that help prevent ulcers and foot drop; pneumatic compression pumps, sleeves, and tubing sets used to help reduce incidence of deep vein thrombosis; medical and surgical products, equipment and supplies, namely, patient apparel consisting of bibs, gowns, capes, drapes, slippers; examination table sheets; medical staff apparel consisting of shoe covers, head covers and masks; containers for medical waste; diagnostic equipment, namely, sphygmomanometers and replacement parts therefor, stethoscopes, blood glucose monitors, lancets, penlights for medical use, thermometers and thermometer sheaths, specula and cervical scrapers, ECG mounts, high frequency desiccators, medical electrodes, surgical cauteries, aspirators and compressors and filters, commodes, IV stands and armboards; operating room and examination room equipment, namely, lights, instrument tables and stands, medical patient treatment chairs, equipment covers, medical chart holders, surgical mirrors, medical and surgical examination table and counter paper; gloves for medical use; instruments for medical and surgical use, namely, clamps, forceps, nail nippers, needle holders, percussion hammers, probes and extractors, retractors, scalpel handles, scissors, specula, uterine sounds, ring cutters; medical and surgical kits and trays, namely, catheter trays, syringes, irrigation trays, dressing change trays, IV start kits, laceration trays, suture removal kits, tracheostomy trays, shroud kits; tongue depressors, medicine cups, denture cups; orthopedic patient aids, namely, support belts, canes, crutches, walkers and walker accessories; elastic stockings for medical purposes; bedpans; urinals; x-ray film and medical x-ray apparatus; medical sterilization pouches and dust covers; equipment drapes, sterile fields, surgical sponges; pillows for medical use; specimen collection containers
16 Adhesive labels; Adhesive packing tape for stationery or household use; Adhesive plastic film for wrapping and packaging; Bar code labels; Boxes, cartons, storage containers, and packaging containers made of paper or cardboard; Corrugated boxes; Envelopes; Gift boxes; Kraft paper; Labels of paper or cardboard; Mailing labels; Office requisites, namely, envelope sealing machines; Padded paper envelopes for mailing or packaging; Paper bags; Paper gift wrapping ribbons; Paper hang tags; Paper pouches for packaging; Plastic bags for packaging; Plastic sheets, films and bags for wrapping and packaging; Plastic bubble packs for wrapping or packaging; Price tags; Self-adhesive plastic sheets for lining shelves; Metallic gift wrapping paper; Stationery; Stationery being paper goods; Lined pads of paper, bound or unbound, writing paper; Document files; Folders; Binders; File dividers; Subject dividers; Plastic transparencies; Document holders; Suspension document files; Filing boxes and filing cases of cardboard for storage; Personal organisers; Calendars; Diaries; Address books; Notebooks; Notepads; Posters; Print engravings; Craft cardboard; Craft paper; Artists' writing implements; Writing implements; Drawing instruments; Paint brushes; Pens; Colouring pens; Correction pens; Felt pens; Fibre pens; Marker pens; Refills for pens; Crayons; Pastels crayon; Markers; Highlighting markers; Coloured liquids for use in children's crafts kit; Pencils; Pencil cases; Pencil sharpeners; Rubber erasers; Drawing rulers; Adhesives for stationery purposes; Ink for pens; Ink for stamps; Rubber stamps; Marking stamps; Easels; Modelling paste; Modelling clay; Moulds for modelling clay; Modelling wax for educational purposes; Modelling materials for use by children; Instruction guides for parents for developing and promoting children's creativity; Chalk; Arts and crafts paint kits; Printed children's colouring pads for use on the floor; All of the aforesaid goods sold separately or in kits; Table cloths being of paper; Tablemats being of paper; Napkins of paper; Paper bows for gift wrap; Paper ribbons, other than haberdashery or hair decorations; Wrapping paper; Paper gift tags and labels; Bags made from paper or general purpose plastic bags; Greeting cards; Paper clips; Elastic bands for stationery use; Staplers; Staples; Paper hole punches and perforators; Stationery racks, Letter racks and trays; Paper labels; Dry erase writing boards; Writing boards for use with crayons, pens, markers; Kits comprising stationery; Kits comprising colouring books; Paper products, namely, parchment paper, heat resistant paper, silicone treated paper; parchment paper cooking bags; Silicone coated paper for use in the food industry, not including parchment baking cups, namely, paper for lining pans, dishes, and other containers used in cooking, baking, preparing, and storing food; sheets used for non-stick baking, namely, coated paper; Paper based food packaging items, namely, paper bags, sheets, and containers; Baking pan liners made of paper, except for parchment baking cups; paper packaging and containers for food and beverages comprised of paper, waxed paper, and foil laminated paper formed into flat sheets, rolls and bags for use in containing food articles; paper for wrapping and packaging, namely, paper sheets, rolls and bags for wrapping and displaying meats and other food items; paper food wrappers for use with sandwiches, burgers and related goods; Toilet paper, toilet seat cover paper, paper towels; facial tissue; trash bags
20 electric motorized tie rack, portable lighted mirrors enhanced by electric lights and spa pillows; mesh door screens with magnetic connectors; Furniture; furniture, namely, multimedia storage cabinets, accent chests and accent cabinets, chairs, coffee tables, console tables, end tables, mirrors, sideboards and buffets, benches, bar stools, pub and bar tables, bed frames, bedroom sets comprising bedroom furniture, beds, bunk beds, daybeds, armoires, dressers and chests of drawers, headboards, and nightstands, dining sets comprising tables, chairs and benches, dining chairs, tables, sideboards, buffets, entertainment centers, television stands, bookcases, office furniture, computer desks, computer carts, namely, wheeled computer desks, desks, filing cabinets, storage cabinets, guest chairs, reception chairs, office chairs, chaise lounges, futons, rocking chairs, loveseats, ottomans, recliners, sectional sofas, sleeper sofas, and sofas; kitchen furniture, namely, ready to assemble mobile kitchen carts and kitchen islands; accent pillows, nesting tables, side tables; picture frames; wine racks; room dividers; works of art of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; coat racks; shelving, bathroom furniture, namely, cabinets, shelving, towel stands, bath stools, household décor made primarily of plastic, household décor made primarily of metal, household décor made primarily of wood, outdoor furniture, and outdoor household décor made primarily of plastic, outdoor household décor made primarily of metal, outdoor household décor made primarily of wood; Bed pillows; Benches; Bulletin boards; Chair pads; Coat racks; Container closures of plastic; Curtain rods; Cushions; Filing cabinets; Furniture; Hat racks; Mattress cushions; Mattress toppers; Mattresses; Mattresses and pillows; Mirror frames; Mirrors; Pedestals; Picture frames; Pillows; Shelves; Shelving; Shelving and component parts thereof, namely, shelves and brackets sold as a unit; Sleeping pads; Sleeping bag pads; Storage racks; Toy boxes and chests; Wardrobes; Air mattresses, not for medical purposes; Book stands; Camping mattresses; Closet accessories, namely, sliding clothes rails; Clothes hangers; Coat hangers; Compactable rolling shelving for filing and storage; Fitted plastic inserts for use as container liners; Hampers in the nature of baskets for transporting goods for commercial purposes; Hat stands; Indoor blinds; Luggage stands being furniture; Metal storage cabinets; Newspaper display stands; Non-modular containers, not of metal, for use in transportation and storage for commercial or industrial use; Non-metal storage boxes for general use; Packing containers of plastic material; Plastic containers and covers for the food industry; Plastic containers for commercial use, namely, for storing and dispensing bulk foods; Plastic storage containers for commercial or industrial use; Plastic inserts for use as container liners; Shelves for storage; Shower curtain rods; Storage and organization systems comprising shelves, drawers, cupboards, baskets and clothes rods, sold as a unit; Towel stands; Valet stands; Wearable travel pillow with a storage compartment; Wig trees, namely, nonmetal stands for wig display and storage; Wooden display stands; Work benches
21 Wine glasses, half wine glasses; meat claw, namely, household utensils for shredding meat; 5-piece wine bottle tools and accessory kit comprising cork screw, bottle opener, foil cutter, bottle pourer in the nature of pouring spouts and bottle collar in the nature of a wine drip collar specially adapted for use around the top of the wine bottles to stop drops; trays for domestic purposes, not of metal, namely, inflatable plastic condiment tray with ice chamber and glass silicone icy shot glass and serving trays, non-electric grilling skillet with foldable handle; large pop-up mesh screens for covering plates, namely, splatter screens; silicon oven mat set comprised of two silicon baking mats and bamboo bathroom set comprised of soap caddy, toothpaste and toothbrush holder; ice bucket with LED lights; plastic inflatable drink holder; non-stick heat resistant silicone baking mats; household BBQ mitts and gloves; garlic presses; salt and pepper shaker sets comprised of salt and pepper shakers; trays for domestic purposes in the nature of couch organizer trays; mugs; ceramic golf mug; kitchen ladles; mugs and bowls, soup and spoon sets comprising soup bowls and spoons and porcelain serving bowls; bamboo salad bowl set comprising bamboo salad bowls, bamboo salad serving bowls and bamboo serving utensils, chip and dip serving bowls; kitchen and cooking products and utensils, namely, ceramic kitchen utensil caddy and holder, sink caddy holders, kitchen spatula, kitchen tongs, pouring and straining spouts for household use; bath products, namely, body and back sponges and loofah sponges; drinking glasses and mugs, half beer glasses and six-piece craft beer glass set comprising beer glasses, bowls, saucers and dinnerware; dishes; plastic water bottles sold empty; Fondue sets comprising pots, mugs and forks without heat source; outdoor products, namely, acrylic birdfeeders, wine cork storage displays and holders shaped as a barrel, wine cork displays and holder shaped as a bottle; Insulated carrier for food or beverages; Drinking straws of paper; Beverage stirrers; Beverage glassware; Non-woven disposable textile wipes not impregnated with chemicals or compounds; Bowls; Cups; Plates; paper cups; paper plates; plastic bowls; cutting boards; paper baking cups; Paper meal trays; serving platters; Mixing bowls, cookware, namely, pots, metal, glass and frying pans, skillets, roasting pans, metal grill pans, stock pots and colanders; bake ware, namely, cookie sheets, pie pans, baking pans, loaf pans, muffin pans, tube pans with fluted sides and cake pans; knife blocks; domestic non-electric appliances, namely, mixers; plastic container with lid for food or beverage; containers for food or beverage; Salt and pepper grinders; Disposable gloves for home and general use; cosmetic brushes; disposable cups; Decorative Christmas/holiday-theme articles made primarily of ceramics, porcelain or glass, namely, figurines, miniature villages and nativity sets; Coffee pod holders; General purpose storage bins for household use; Plastic household storage containers for food and beverage items; Household containers for foods; Beverage glassware; Bottle openers; Coasters, not of paper or textile and other than table linen; Cocktail shakers; Corkscrews; Cups and mugs; Flasks; Goblets; Ice buckets; Leather coasters; Napkin holders; Picnic baskets sold empty; Pitchers; Plastic coasters; Plates; Salt and pepper shakers; Napkin holders; Picnic baskets sold empty; Make-up brushes; Combs; Hair brushes; cosmetic skin care brushes; sponges for cosmetic use, namely, microdermabrasion sponges for cosmetic use and sponges for applying makeup; Make-up removing appliances; Interdental brushes for cleaning the teeth; Makeup brush holder; Placemats not of paper or textile used for holding makeup brushes; Fragrance oil burners; Hot air hair brushes; Electric hot combs; Cosmetic tool and supply kit, namely, a container having cosmetic applicator wands and sticks for applying cosmetics, cosmetic brushes, and sponges used for applying makeup; toothbrushes; Toothbrushes, electric; Toothpicks; bath accessories, namely, toilet tissue holders, cups, dispensers for facial tissues, soap dishes, soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, and trash cans; stemware; tea sets; cake servers; pie servers; cookie cutters; cookie jars; candlesticks; candle holders; napkin holders and napkin rings not of precious metal; planters for flowers and plants; vases; lunch boxes; figurines made of ceramic, china, crystal, earthenware, glass, porcelain, terra cotta; lunch bags not of paper; lunch kits comprising of lunch boxes and beverage containers sold as a unit; plastic storage containers for household and domestic use; thermal insulated containers for food or beverage; piggy banks; water bottles sold empty; pet feeding and drinking bowls; household storage containers for pet food; piggy banks made of precious metal; oven mitts; Atomizers for household use; Bakeware; Baking dishes; Bath products, namely, body sponges; Cleaning brushes for household use; Cleaning cloth; Cleaning cloths; Cleaning sponges; Clothes drying racks; Clothes racks, for drying; Cloths for cleaning; Dental floss; Dental floss dispensers; Dental floss picks; Dental flossers; Electric devices for attracting and killing insects; Feather-dusters; Feather dusters; Floss for dental purposes; Gloves for household purposes; Manual cosmetic cleaners, namely, non-woven fabric wipes and sponges; Metal sponges for household use; Microdermabrasion sponges for cosmetic use; Napkin dispensers for household use; Perfume burners; Rags for cleaning; Shower caddies; Sprinklers for watering flowers and plants; Strainers for household purpose; Toilet brush holders; Toilet brushes; Hair, nail and tooth brushes; Non-electric carpet sweepers; Trash containers for household use; Fitted vanity cases; Cotton gloves for household purposes; vinyl gloves for household purposes; gloves for household purposes; rubber household gloves; nitrile gloves for household purposes; latex gloves for household purposes; disposable nitrile gloves for household purposes; disposable latex gloves for household purposes; disposable gloves for household purposes; disposable plastic gloves for household purposes; household gloves for cleaning purposes; plastic containers for household use; polishing gloves; mitts for polishing shoes; barbecue mitts; car washing mitts; washing mitts; oven gloves; oven mitts; gardening gloves; hygienic gloves, namely, cotton gloves for household purposes for cleaning, disposable latex gloves for general use; household gloves for general use; household cotton gloves for general use; kitchen mitts; gloves for cleaning; potholders; gloves for events, namely, work gloves
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