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Monday, February 10, 2020
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Thursday, February 6, 2020

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7 Air compressors; Air compressors for vehicles; Car washing and vacuuming equipment, namely, machines for washing the exterior surface of an automobile vehicle and vacuuming the interior of such vehicle, where the equipment is manually-operated by the user; Vacuum cleaners
8 Egg slicers, non-electric; Electric and battery-powered hair clippers; Electric and battery-powered hair trimmers; Electric beard trimmers; Electric nasal hair trimmers; Electric pedicure sets; Electric shavers; Hand tools, namely, pliers sets; Hand tools, namely, scrapers; Hand tools, namely, socket sets; Hand-operated apple corers; Kitchen knives; Manicure sets; Nail clippers; Non-electric egg slicers; Non-electric food slicers; Non-electric fruit peelers; Scissors
9 Smart watches; Battery boxes; Battery testers; Broadband radios; Cell phone cases; Cellular telephone apparatuses; Devices for wireless radio transmission; Electronic devices used to locate lost objects employing radio frequency; Electronic kitchen timers; Electronic timers; Food safety monitoring devices, namely, thermometers; Magnifying glasses; Magnifying glasses that fit on the user's face in the manner of eyeglasses; Magnifying lenses; Meat thermometers; Portable radios; Radio frequency identification (RFID) credentials, namely, cards and tags, and readers for radio frequency identification credentials; Radio receivers; Radio sets; Radio transceivers; Radio transmitters; Radio transmitters and receivers for remote controls, radio controls; Radios; Radios for vehicles; Radios incorporating clocks; Remote control transmitter for radio-controlled devices; Remote controls for radios; Spectacle holders; Thermometers other than for medical use; Tire pressure gauges; Weather radios
11 Barbecue grills; Barbecues; Cooking grates adapted for barbecue grills; Cooking grids adapted for barbecue grills; Electric candles; Electric Chinese lanterns; Electric flashlights; Electric holiday lights; Electric lamps; Electric lanterns; Electric night lights; Electrically-heated mugs; Fitted covers for barbecue grills; Flood lights; Humidifiers; LED (light emitting diode) lighting fixtures; LED (light emitting diodes) lighting fixtures for use in display, commercial, industrial, residential, and architectural accent lighting applications; LED candles; LED flashlights; LED lamps; LED landscape lights; LED light strips for decorative purposes; LED lighting fixtures for indoor and outdoor lighting applications; LED lights for strings, flowers, branches and other ornamental decorations; Lighting fixtures with motion detection; Solar light fixtures, namely, indoor and outdoor solar powered lighting units and fixtures
14 Women's watches; Alarm clocks; Clocks; Clocks and watches; Desk clocks; Jewellery boxes; Jewellery cases; Key rings; Small clocks; Sports watches; Table clocks; Timepieces; Watch bands; Watch bands and straps; Watch bracelets; Watches; Watches and clocks; Wooden bead bracelets; Wristwatches
18 Card wallets; Textile shopping bags; Tote bags; Wallets; Wallets incorporating RFID blocking technology; Wallets with card compartments; All-purpose carrying bags for use by individuals; All-purpose sport bags for use by individuals; Business card holders in the nature of card cases; Business card holders in the nature of wallets; Business card holders in the nature of card cases; Business cases; Credit card cases and holders; Credit card holders; Credit card wallets; Crossbody bags; Tool bags, empty; Tool pouches, sold empty; Tote bags incorporating RFID blocking technology; Wallets
20 Bins of wood or plastic; Storage and organization systems comprising shelves, drawers, cupboards, baskets and clothes rods, sold as a unit; Bins, not of metal; Clips of plastic for sealing bags; Clips, not of metal, for sealing bags; Cushions; Jewelry organizer displays; Storage racks; Tool and tool accessory trays not made of metal sold empty and parts and fittings therefor
21 Atomizers for household use; Baking dishes; Baking mats; Barbecue mitts; Barbecue tongs; Bath accessories, namely, cup holders; Beakers, namely, wide-mouthed drinking cups for household use; Beverage glassware; Camera lens cleaning kits comprised of a brush and also including wipes and a liquid solution; Chopping boards for kitchen use; Citrus squeezers; Cleaning brushes for barbecue grills; Cleaning brushes for household use; Coin banks; Collapsible fabric storage container for domestic use; Collapsible storage containers for domestic use; Containers for household or kitchen use; Containers for household or kitchen use not of precious metal; Containers for household use, namely, glass bulbs; Cooking pots for use in microwave ovens; Cooking utensils, namely, barbecue branders; Cork screws; Cotton ball dispensers; Cotton ball jars; Cotton gloves for household purposes; Countertop holders for paper towels; Cruet sets for oil and vinegar; Dinnerware; Dish cloths; Dish covers; Dish drainers; Dish drying mats; Egg poachers; Egg separators, non electric, for household purposes; Flasks; Funnels; Funnels for kitchen use; General purpose storage bins for household use; Hand-operated brush used to exfoliate skin; Honey dippers; Household containers for foods; Household utensils, namely, graters; Household utensils, namely, kitchen tongs; Household utensils, namely, sieves; Household utensils, namely, skimmers; Household utensils, namely, spatulas; Household utensils, namely, strainers; Household utensils, namely, turners; Household utensils, namely, pot and pan scrapers, rolling pins, spatulas, turners, whisks and slotted spoons; Ice cube molds; Ice cube trays; Ice scoops; Insulated bags for food or beverage for domestic use; Insulated carriers for food and beverages; Insulated containers for beverage cans for domestic use; Insulated containers for food or beverage for domestic use; Jar openers; Kitchen containers; Kitchen ladles; Kitchen utensil, namely, non-metal flexible lid designed for draining or pressing liquids from a food can; Kitchen utensils, namely, pouring and straining spouts; Kitchen utensils, namely, splatter screens; Knife blocks; Knife boards; Knife rests; Laundry baskets; Laundry bins for domestic or household use; Laundry hampers for domestic or household use; Lazy susans; Lemon squeezers; Lunch bags not of paper; Meat tongs; Melon ballers; Non-stick barbecue grill cooking mats for use on grills; Pepper pots, sugar bowls and salt shakers; Pie servers; Pill boxes for personal use; Plastic storage containers for household or domestic use; Power-operated brush used to clean and exfoliate the skin; Ramekins; Salt and pepper shakers; Scoops for household purposes; Serving spoons; Serving tongs; Strainers for household purposes; Window cleaners in the nature of a combination squeegee and scrubber; Barbecue turners; Baskets for household purposes, not of metal; Baskets for waste paper littering for household purposes; Bottle cleaning brushes; Bottle openers, electric and non-electric; Bowls made of precious metal; Cooking funnels; Cups and mugs; Ice cream scoops; Pie funnels; Pot cleaning brushes
24 Fabric table runners; Kitchen towels; Table cloth of textile; Table cloths not of paper; Table runners not of paper; Table runners of plastic; Table runners of textile; Table runners, not of paper; Tablecloths of textiles; Tablecloths, not of paper; Textile tablecloths

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