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Monday, February 10, 2020
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Thursday, February 6, 2020

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35 Business consultancy and management; Business consultancy and management in the fields of clinical research, clinical studies, and management of clinical data and approval applications; Marketing services; Marketing studies; Marketing analysis; Product marketing, negotiation and processing of commercial transactions, for others; Procuring of contracts for the purchase and sale of goods; Arranging of purchasing and selling contracts for others; Arranging and concluding of commercial transactions for others, including in the context of e-commerce; mediation of business and trade contacts, also via the internet; Arranging of contracts, for others, for the providing of services; Business brokerage and consultancy in the fields of selling goods and providing services; Promoting the sale of services (for others) by placing advertisements; Sample distribution; Consultancy and assistance in the fields of advertising, marketing and sales promotion; Data collection and processing; compilation and systematization of data; Professional business consultancy for health promoters for developing, establishing and conducting treatment programmes and testing of the aforesaid treatment programmes by means of studies; Business project management; Data management services and data entry; Services in the field of post-marketing monitoring, in particular planning, conducting, evaluation and reporting of studies for post-marketing monitoring; Personnel and job placement in relation to temporary jobs; Temporary personnel services; Organisation of business, market or consumer commissioned research; Office functions; Compilation of statistics; Outsourcing services (business assistance); Presentation of goods and services: Compilation and systematisation of information in databanks
36 Financial services in connection with the management of costs and expenses in connection with clinical studies; Financial consultancy, in particular with regard to medical procedures
38 Communications services for accessing a data-base; Rental of access time to a database server
41 Providing of training and entertainment; Services in the field of e-learning; Online training; Preparation, organisation and conducting of conferences, seminars, training courses, communications courses, workshops, in particular in the medical/scientific sector; Creation of seminar concepts and seminar recordings, printed matter, including in electronic form, including on the internet; Instruction via broadcast or television; Educational services in the fields of clinical studies, medical and scientific research; In-house training courses; Writing of texts; Publication of medical texts, reports and dossiers; Publication of statistics
42 Scientific services; Industrial analysis and research services; Preparation of scientific reports; Computer programming; Research and development of new products, for others; design and development of computer database programs; Development, updating and maintenance of software and database systems; Providing scientific research information and results from an online searchable database; Development, design, creation, programming, installation, implementation, updating, maintenance, repair and rental of software; Consultancy in connection with software; Technical services in relation to downloading software; Enabling temporary use of software; Product development; Scientific consultancy for health promoters for developing, establishing and conducting treatment programmes and testing of the aforesaid treatment programmes by means of studies; Technical supervision and inspection; Quality control; Process monitoring for quality assurance, Quality assurance consultancy; Preparation and conducting of quality audits, consultancy relating thereto; IT services; Development of medicines, pharmaceutically active foodstuffs and other health care goods; Conducting of medical and clinical studies and tests, consultancy and support, for others, in relation to the aforesaid activities; Scientific and industrial research; Medical research; Clinical research; Providing of expert reports in the field of scientific, industrial, medical and clinical research; Scientific consultancy for members of the health professions for developing, creating and conducting treatment programmes and testing of the aforesaid treatment programmes by means of studies; Conducting of medical and/or clinical studies, for others; Providing of evaluations of medical and/or clinical studies in the field of medical services; Technical surveying; Conducting of technical tests relating to medicines and medical products; Conducting of measurements in the field of biometry; Services in the field of pharmacovigilance and clinical safety and/or effectiveness; Conducting of medical, bacteriological and/or chemical analyses by means of a medical, bacteriological and/or chemical laboratory with regard to the treatment of individuals; Data storage
44 Providing of expert reports in the field of healthcare; Information relating to medicines and medical products, consultancy in relation to medicines and medical products; Providing of medical services; Providing of services for medical and hygienic care; Writing of medical texts, reports and dossiers
45 Services in the fields of approving and registering medicines and medical products; Filing of authorisation applications in the fields of medicines and medical products
The color(s) blue and black is/are claimed as a feature of the mark.
The mark consists of blue circular image intersecting a black horizontal line to the left of the letters AMS in black font above the wording ADVANCED MEDICAL SERVICES in black font.

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