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Monday, February 10, 2020
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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

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3 Aromatic substances for personal use; Aromatic perfumery products; Aftershaving preparations; Aftershave cologne; Aftershave balm; After-shave lotions; Aerosol hairspray; After shower creams; After shower gels; Aftershave gels; Aloe vera preparations for cosmetic purposes; Amber; Anti-ageing creams; Anti-cellulite preparations; Anti- perspirant soap; Anti-perspirants; Anti-perspirants for personal use; Anti- perspirants for use on the person; Anti-wrinkle cream; Aromatherapy oil; Aromatherapy preparations; Aromatic oil; Aromatic oils for the bath; Aromatic preparations for personal use; Aromatics; Aromatics for fragrances; Aromatics for perfumes; Babies' bath preparations; Babies' bath mousse; Babies' creams; Baby care products (Non-medicated-); Baby lotions; Baby oil; Baby shampoo; Baby shampoo mousse; Balms (Non-medicated-); Bar soap; Barrier creams; Barrier creams for protecting human skin; Barrier creams for the skin; Barrier lotions; Barrier preparations for the skin; Bath (Non-medicated preparations for the -); Bath additives (Non-medicated-); Bath beads; Bath concentrates (Non-medicated-); Bath creams (Non-medicated-); Bath crystals (Non- medicated-); Bath cubes (Non-medicated-); Bath essences (Non-medicated-); Bath foam preparations (Non-medicated-); Bath foams (Non-medicated-); Bath gels (Non-medicated-); Bath lotions (Non-medicated-); Bath oil concentrates (Non-medicated-); Bath oils (Non- medicated-); Bath powders (Non-medicated-); Bath preparations for toilet use; Bath preparations, not medicated; Bath products (Non-medicated-); Bath salts not for medical purposes; Bath shampoo; Bath soap; Baths (Cosmetic preparations for -); Beauty care preparations; Beauty care products; Beauty creams; Beauty face packs; Beauty gels; Beauty masks; Beauty milks; Beauty preparations; Beauty products; Body care preparations non- medicated; Body care products; Body cleansing foams; Body creams; Body deodorants; Body lotions; Body moisturisers; Body shampoos; Body soaps; Bubble bath; Conditioning creams; Cosmetic articles for personal use; Cosmetic bath products; Cosmetic creams; Cosmetic goods for care of the skin; Cosmetic preparations for cleansing the skin; Cosmetic preparations for use during or after a bath; Cosmetic preparations for use in the bath; Cosmetic preparations for use on the face; Cosmetic preparations for use on the skin; Cosmetic products for skin care; Cosmetic soaps; Cosmetics; Cosmetics for personal use; Cosmetics in the form of lotions; Cosmetics preparations for skin care; Cream perfumes; Creams (Cosmetic -); Creams (Non- medicated-) for body scrubs; Creams (Non-medicated-) for facial scrubs; Creams (Non- medicated-) for cleaning the skin; Creams (Non-medicated-) for hydrating the skin; Creams (Non-medicated-) for moisturising the skin; Creams (Non-medicated-) for personal care; Creams (Non-medicated-) for softening the skin; Creams (Non-medicated-) for soothing the skin; Creams (Non-medicated-) for the body; Creams (Non-medicated-) for the care of the body; Creams (Soap-) for use in washing; Crystals (Non-medicated-) for use in the bath; Cremes (Non-medicated-) for the skin; Deodorant soap; Essences (Ethereal-); Essences for skin care; Essential oils for cosmetic purposes; Essential oils for personal use; Essential oils for the care of the body; Essential oils for the care of the skin; Ethereal essences; Ethereal oils; Face soap; Facial care preparations (Non-medicated-); Facial cleansers; Facial lotions; Floating soaps; Foam bath; Foam bath preparations; Foaming bath gels; Foaming bath liquids; Foaming preparations for use in the bath; Foams for the bath; Foams for use in shaving; Foams for use in the shower; Fragrance preparations; Gel (Non- medicated-) for cleaning the skin; Gel sprays being styling aids; Gels (Non-medicated-) for cleansing the skin
16 Containers made of cardboard for beauty products
20 Containers made of wood for beauty products
21 Containers made of ceramic for beauty products
Color is not claimed as a feature of the mark.
The mark consists of A box surrounding the title case serif wording WINTER IN VENICE above the upper case sans serif wording PAMPER BEAUTIFUL.

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