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Wednesday, February 5, 2020
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Friday, January 31, 2020

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9 Planetarium projectors; apparatus and instruments for astronomy; cell phone straps; stands adapted for mobile phones; transmitting sets (telecommunication); transmitters (telecommunication); walkie-talkies; headphones; loudspeakers; portable media player; television apparatus; radios; digital audio and video recorders and players; personal digital assistants (PDAs); smartphones; covers for smartphones; USB flash drives; encoded magnetic cards; magnetically encoded credit cards; electronic pocket translators; electronic agendas; electronic notice boards; spectacles; virtual reality headsets; smart glasses; anti-glare glasses; spectacle lenses; spectacle frames; contact lenses; containers for contact lenses; spectacle cases; computers; computer peripherals; printers for use with computers; projection apparatus; computer game programmes; computer programs (downloadable software); recorded computer game programmes; electronic circuits; CD-ROM drives; compact discs (audio-video); phonograph records and sound recording discs; downloadable music files; downloadable image files; downloadable emoticons for mobile phones; downloadable ring tones for mobile phones; videotapes; video disks with recorded animated cartoons; animated cartoons; electronic publications, downloadable; cinematographic film, exposed; slides (photography); frames for photographic transparencies; apparatus to check franking; invoicing machines; mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; voting machines; fingerprint imager; fingerprint scanners; phototelegraphy apparatus; digital photo frames; selfie sticks (hand-held monopods); bathroom scales; dressmakers' measures; measuring apparatus; measuring instruments; navigational instruments; cables, electric; semi-conductors; chips (integrated circuits); magnets; switches, electric; video screens; remote control apparatus; optical fibres (light conducting filaments); heat regulating apparatus; lightning arresters; electrolysers; fire extinguishers; radiological apparatus for industrial purposes; alarms; buzzers; batteries, electric; battery chargers; decorative magnets; electronic collars to train animals; sports whistles; portable remote-controlled car retarders; lenses for astrophotography; sports helmets; protective sports helmet accessories that attach to the helmets, namely, mouth guards, ear pads, throat protectors, chin straps, face masks, jaw pads and eye shields
14 Key chains; charms for key chains; key holders of precious metals; jewellery boxes; earrings; badges of precious metal; ornamental pins; cuff links; necklaces (jewellery); bracelets (jewellery); medals; rings (jewellery); lockets (jewellery); jewellery; jewellery charms; shoe jewellery; amulets (jewellery); wristwatches; alarm clocks; wall clocks; clocks; alloys of precious metal; dowsing pendulum made of precious and semi-precious stones; figurines of precious metal; precious and semi-precious stones; commemorative shields; commemorative medals; commemorative coins; trophies made of precious metal alloys; trophies of precious metal; prize cups of precious metals
16 Paper bags; conical paper bags; bags (envelopes, pouches) of paper or plastics, for packaging; paper containers; food wrapping paper; paper take-out cartons for food; grocery bags of paper or plastic; decorations of paper for foodstuffs; towels of paper; printed matter; drawing paper; handkerchiefs of paper; paper; albums; cards; note books; notebook paper; pencils; pen caps; pencil lead holders; ballpoint pens; writing brushes; crayons; pencil sharpening machines, electric or non-electric; rubber erasers; sealing compounds for stationery purposes; bookmarkers; desk mats; drawing rulers; ink stones (ink reservoirs); stamp pads; stickers (stationery); ink sticks; boxes for pens; paperweights; Indian inks; credit cards without magnetic coding; writing cases (stationery); stamps (seals); business cards; name badge holders (office requisites); folders for papers; paper-clips; stationery; office requisites, except furniture; printed sheet music; calendars; magazines (periodicals); books; writing or drawing books; diaries; pamphlets; posters; photographs (printed); photograph stands; cardboard; figurines (statuettes) of papier mâché; modelling clay; gummed tape (stationery); drawing boards; typewriters, electric or non-electric; terrestrial globes; tailors' chalk; modelling materials; printed publications; passport holders; leather passport wallets; omikuji (sacred lots) (printed strips of paper used for fortune telling)
18 Handbags; beach bags; bags; rucksacks; suitcases; travelling bags; school bags; slings for carrying infants; key cases of leather or imitation leather; wallets; business card cases; card cases (notecases); bags (envelopes, pouches) of leather, for packaging; boxes of leather or leatherboard; coin purses; small purses; shopping bags; vanity cases, not fitted; beach umbrellas (beach parasols); umbrellas; animal skins; leather trimmings for furniture; leather twist; walking sticks; canes; leather leashes; clothing for domestic pets
20 Cushions; bolsters; pillows; mattresses; packaging containers of plastic; fans for personal use, non-electric; desks; hand-held mirrors (toilet mirrors); sleeping mats; furniture; folding chairs; garden furniture; clothes hangers; bath seats for babies; playpens for babies; infant walkers; signboards of wood or plastics; mirrors (looking glasses); umbrella stands; tool boxes, not of metal, empty; picture frames; nameplates, not of metal; inflatable publicity objects; figurines of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; split rings, not of metal, for keys; lacquer craftwork; decorations of plastic for foodstuffs; kennels for household pets; identification bracelets, not of metal; coffins; coathooks, not of metal; slatted indoor blinds
24 Fabric; washcloths; face towels of textile; handkerchiefs of textile; bed sheets; quilts; quilt covers; duvet covers; pillow towels; pillow cases; woolen blankets; lap blankets; ticks (mattress covers); table napkins of textile; cloth; banners of textile or plastic; furniture coverings of textile; wall hangings of textile; net curtains; curtains made of textile fabrics; curtains of plastic; shower curtains of textile or plastic; tablecloths, not of paper; tapestry (wall hangings), of textile; gummed cloth, other than for stationery purposes; felt; fitted toilet lid covers of fabric; marabouts (cloth); hada (greeting fabric); sleeping bags; shrouds
25 Clothing; coats; sweaters; shirts; pajamas; underwear and underclothing; swimsuits; bathing caps; camisoles; tee-shirts; bath robes; outerclothing; kimonos; aprons (clothing); scarves; hosiery; wristbands; gloves (clothing); mittens; neckties; neckerchiefs; bandanas; ear muffs (clothing); headgear for wear; sock suspenders; suspenders; girdles; leather belts (clothing); footwear; sandals; boots; rain boots; boots for sports; sports shoes; football shoes; gymnastic shoes; running shoes (with metal nails); climbing shoes (with metal nails); Japanese style wooden clogs (geta); esparto shoes or sandals; masquerade costumes; full-body suit; sports singlets; sports jerseys; religious dresses; sashes for wear; shower caps; sleep masks; hairdressing capes; sweatbands; sports wristbands; sports sweatbands
27 Bath mats; matting; floor coverings; decorative wall hangings, not of textile; artificial turf; gymnastic mats; wallpaper; carpets
28 Games adapted for use with television receivers; games; toys for pets; playing cards; plush toys; toy musical instruments; toy masks; costume masks; play tents; apparatus for games; slot machines; arcade game machines; coin or non-coin operated pinball machines; home video game machines; portable games with liquid crystal displays; portable games and toys incorporating telecommunication functions; puzzles; soap bubbles (toys); kites; jianzi (shuttlecock); swimming pools (play articles); swimming rings; pool noodle toys; sports equipment; play balloons; toys; toy vehicles; toy model kits; toy figures; action figures; spinning tops; yo-yos; playset buildings; toy building blocks; toy gloves; kendo wooden swords; trading cards for games; dolls; doll houses; doll clothing; board games; conjuring apparatus; billiard balls; playing balls; skipping ropes; nets for sports; sports waist protectors; sports palm guards; sports leg guards; sports arm bracers; sports stomach protectors; sports belts; sports face guards; sports chest protectors; gloves for sports; butterfly nets; body-training apparatus; archery implements; hunting game calls; roller skates; skateboards; ornaments for Christmas trees, except illumination articles and confectionery; novelty toys for parties; toy fireworks; rods for fishing; twirling batons; camouflage screens (sports articles); scratch cards for playing lottery games; lottery tickets
30 Tea; coffee; cocoa; pies; bread; sandwiches; pizzas; hot dogs; ice cream cones; instant noodles; ramen (Japanese noodle-based dish); cereal preparations; packaged meals consisting primarily of rice, and also including meat, fish or vegetables; noodle-based prepared meals; tea-based beverages; sugar; confectionary; chocolate; honey; cereal-based snack food; starch for food; edible ices; cooking salt; vinegar; seasonings; curry sauces; curry powders; yeast; aromatic preparations for food; preparations for stiffening whipped cream; meat tenderizers for household purposes; gluten prepared as foodstuff
35 Advertising; publicity; radio advertising; television advertising; online advertising on a computer network; demonstration of goods; marketing research; organization of exhibitions for commercial or advertising purposes; organization of fashion shows for promotional purposes; rental of advertising space; sales promotion for others; promotion of goods and services through sponsorship of sports events; procurement services for others, namely, purchasing goods and services for other businesses; marketing; provision of an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of goods and services; media relations services; production of advertising films; business management of sports people; production of teleshopping programs; promoting the sale of goods and services of others by awarding purchase points for credit card use; commercial information and advice for consumers in the choice of products and services; retail or wholesale services for a wide variety of goods; on-line retail or wholesale services for a wide variety of goods; online retail services for downloadable digital music
41 Theatre productions; organization of shows (impresario services); arranging and conducting of concerts; production of shows; providing on-line music, not downloadable; providing films, not downloadable, via video-on-demand services; providing television programmes, not downloadable, via video-on-demand services; providing on-line videos, not downloadable; providing facilities for producing video, cinema and photography products; cinema presentations; presentation of live performances; presentation of variety shows; presentation of circus performances; theatrical shows provided at performance venues; presentation of musical performances; production of television programs; production of radio and television programmes; providing recreation facilities; amusement park and theme park services; providing waterpark services; entertainment services, namely, providing non-downloadable text and graphics presented to mobile communication devices via a global computer network and wireless networks; providing karaoke facilities; providing museum facilities (presentation, exhibitions); instruction services; education information; mobile library services and bookmobile services; on-line publication of electronic books and journals; film distribution; toy rental; games equipment rental; conducting guided tours; animal training; modelling for artists; organization of lotteries; rental of indoor aquaria; rental of lighting apparatus for movie sets or film studios; game services provided online from a computer network; virtual reality arcade services; entertainment services in the nature of escape room attractions
42 Meteorological information; industrial design; research and development of new products for others; computer programming; leasing of computer programs; providing temporary use of non-downloadable software applications for social networking, creating a virtual community, and transmission of audio, video, photographic images, text, graphics and data; technical research; quality control; surveying; chemistry services; biological research; material testing; construction drafting; dress designing; authenticating works of art; graphic arts design; cloud seeding; handwriting analysis (graphology); cartography services; weighing of goods for others
43 Agency services for the reservation of temporary accommodation; hotel services; restaurant services; café services; decorating of food; providing campground facilities; rental of tents; rental of meeting rooms; retirement home services; day-nursery (crèche) services; boarding for animals; rental of chairs, tables, table linen, glassware; rental of cooking apparatus; rental of drinking water dispensers; rental of lighting apparatus

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