Trademark: 88773021
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Wednesday, January 29, 2020
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Friday, January 24, 2020

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3 Fragrances; Perfumes; Cosmetics; Non-medicated skin care preparations; Skin creams; Skin lotions, Skin moisturizers; Hair care preparations; Shampoos; hair Conditioners; non-medicated Soaps; Essential oils; Aftershave lotions; Antiperspirants and deodorants for personal use; Baby oil; Baby wipes; Bath gels; Bubble bath; Room fragrancing preparations; Lip balm; Non-medicated mouthwash; Nail care preparations; Nail polish; Talcum powder; Sun block preparations; Non-medicated sun care preparations; Toothpaste
5 Bandages for skin wounds; First aid kits; Baby food; Nutritional supplements, Vitamins for children
8 Knives, forks and spoons being tableware
9 DVDs, CDs, and audio and visual sound recordings featuring musical performances; musical sound recordings; Musical video recordings; Downloadable computer game software via a global computer network or wireless devices; Portable media players, and handheld computers for use in downloading music, ring tones and video games; Tablet computers, cellular phones, laptops, portable media players, handheld computers; Cases and covers for mobile phones, laptops, and tablet computers; Computer application software for mobile phones, handheld computers, and other digital electronic devices for use in downloading music, ring tones and video games; decorative magnets, eyewear, eyeglass cases; computer bags
10 Baby teething rings; Pacifiers for babies; Pacifier clips; Pacifier cloth for attachment to infant pacifiers; Baby bottles; Nipples for baby bottles; Disposable liners for baby bottles
12 Baby carriages, baby strollers; Children's car seats; Booster seats for use in vehicles; Push scooters; Electrically powered motor scooters
14 Jewelry; Precious metals and their alloys and goods of precious metals or coated therewith, namely, boxes, charms, key rings, figures, figurines, holiday ornaments, jewelry cases, key chains, ornamental pins; Watches; Clocks; Horological and chronometric instruments; Alarm clocks; Jewel cases of precious metal; jewelry chains; necktie fasteners; non-monetary coins; stopwatches; tie clips; tie pins; watch straps; watch cases being cases adapted for holding watches; watch cases being parts of watches; watch chains; Jewelry boxes
16 Books in the field of music, motion pictures, and musical performers; photographs; posters; baby books; stickers; print materials, namely, art prints, color prints, concert programs, calendars, post cards; gift bags; paper flags; trading cards other than for games; paper baby bibs; stationery; greeting cards; drawing pads; picture books; writing or drawing books; printed music books; coloring books; sticker books; story books; children's books; children's activity books; coasters made of paper; paper placemats; paper napkins; party ornaments of paper; paper party decorations; paper party bags; Pens, pencils, crayons; Arts and crafts paint kits; Arts and crafts paper kits; Arts and crafts clay kits
18 Bags, namely, tote bags, beach bags, handbags, diaper bags, baby carriers worn on the body, pouch baby carriers, overnight bags; duffle bags; travel bags; sports bags; all purpose carrying bags; backpacks, book bags, suitcases, luggage; leather cases, leather bags and wallets, leather purses, leather billfolds, leather key cases; umbrellas
20 Picture frames; leather key holders; baby bouncers, baby changing mats, baby changing tables, high chairs for babies, playpens for babies; cribs; rocking chairs; furniture; non-metal step stools; party ornaments of plastic; figurines and statuettes made of bone, plaster, plastic, wax, or wood; plastic name badges being decorative articles; plastic novelty license plates; plastic cake decorations; tables; toy boxes; umbrella stands; mirrors, non-Christmas ornaments made of bone, plaster, plastic, wax or wood
21 Mugs; beverage glassware; plastic water bottles sold empty; Dishes; Bowls; Cups; hair accessories, namely, hair combs; baby bathtubs; drinking cups for babies; plastic and vinyl placemats; lunch boxes; toothbrushes
24 Banners of cloth and nylon; cloth flags, nylon flags; towels; baby bedding, namely, bundle bags, swaddling blankets, crib bumpers, fitted crib sheets, crib skirts, crib blankets; baby blankets; Bed linen; household linen; bed blankets; comforters; bed Sheets; bath linen; towels; blanket throws; children's blankets; handkerchiefs; hooded towels; kitchen towels; pillowcases; quilts; silk blankets; table linen; table napkins of textile; textile place mats; table napkins of textile; throws; face cloths; window curtains; shower curtains
25 Clothing, namely, shirts, t-shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, jeans, slacks, belts, hats, caps, gloves, ear muffs, headwear, neckwear, sweaters, fleece pullovers, jogging suits, warm-up suits, coats, jackets, scarves, bodysuits, socks, pajamas, sleepwear, undergarments, bathing suits, bathrobes, beachwear, shorts, bandanas, Halloween costumes, gym shorts, ski wear, sun visors being headwear, suspenders, turtlenecks, and vests; footwear; athletic footwear; boots; sandals; flip flops; cloth bibs; costumes for use in children's dress up play
26 Hair accessories, namely, hair ties, hair scrunchies, barrettes, hair bands, hair bows, hair clips, hair pins, hair ribbons, ponytail holders; novelty button; hair accessories, namely, electric hair-curlers, other than hand implements
28 Playing cards; basketballs, baseballs, footballs, kick balls, rubber balls, beach balls, hand balls, tennis balls, racquet balls, soccer balls, and sport balls; dolls, baby multiple activity toys, baby rattles, baby swings; infant toys; bath toys; water toys; Inflatable pool toys; Plush toys; board games; Stuffed dolls and animals; Ride-on toys; Rideable toy vehicles; Paper party favors; party favors in the nature of small toys; toy action figures and accessories therefor; darts; puzzles; inflatable inner tubes for aquatic recreational use; Water wings; paper party hats
29 Shakes; dried fruit-based snacks; dairy-based powder for making dairy shakes
30 Granola snacks; Cereal-based snack foods; Snack cakes; Breakfast cereals; Cereal bars; Cakes; Cupcakes; Bread; Biscuits; Crackers
32 Fruit juices; Fruit juice beverages; Drinking water; Carbonated water; Non-alcoholic carbonated beverages
35 Product merchandising for others; online retail store services featuring music, musical recordings, motion pictures, clothing and clothing accessories, novelty items; Entertainment marketing services, namely, marketing, promotion and advertising for recording and performing artists; retail store services featuring clothing, headwear, footwear, toys, plush, games, activities, dolls, candy, bags, bedding, towels, blankets, figurines, sporting goods, electronics, videos, books, music, prints, frames, jewelry, watches, decorations, stationery, crafts, drink ware, tableware, personal care items, gift items and souvenirs and related accessories
41 Entertainment services, namely, providing online video games, dance events by a recording artist, multimedia production services; Entertainment services in the nature of live musical performances; production of motion picture films, fan clubs; Publishing of books, e-books, audio books, magazines, music and illustrations; record production; audio recording and production; Entertainment services by a musical artist and producer, namely, musical composition for others and production of musical sound recordings; production of television programs; entertainment services in the nature of ongoing television programs in the field of children's entertainment, fashion, music, dance and sports; providing information, news and commentary in the field of entertainment; production of sound and music video recordings; Providing a website featuring entertainment information, blogs and reviews in the fields of fashion, music, dance, sports, and children's entertainment activities
The name(s), portrait(s), and/or signature(s) shown in the mark identifies Aalam Tuck Khaled, whose consent(s) to register is made of record.

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